MBA Salary

UCLA MBA Salary by Industry

UCLA Full-time MBA Salary By Industry

UCLA’s location advantage is clearly demonstrated in the latest industry placement, where 29.50% (the highest) were placed in Technology, followed by Consulting (20.4%). Finance was at the lower threshold compared to other top schools, with just 14.2% accepting the offer. The salary too correlated with the lower representation as Finance pulled in just $125,000 (...

Wharton MBA Salary by Industry

Wharton Full-time MBA Salary (By Industry)

Wharton Business School known as the quintessential Finance school maintained its reputation with 35.8% of the 2019 graduating class entering the Financial services industry. The latest placement trends in M7 schools might give the impression that investment banking (IB) is a dwindling sub-...

Harvard MBA salary by Industry

Harvard MBA class of 2019 couldn’t cross the $150,000 median base salary barrier despite an impressive $30,000 median signing bonus. Among the industries, Financial Services remained the most popular as one-third of the class opted for the $150,000 median base salary and a modest $22,500 signing bonus. Career enhancers contributed to the sustained interest in the industry, whereas Consulting beat the Technology industry’s dominance in...

Stanford Post MBA Salary by Industry

When the highest total median salary is close to half a million - $4,50,000 to be precise, Stanford MBA has rightly earned a reputation of attracting some of the most accomplished and driven candidates. Comparison with Harvard, although legitimate, the 2019 class has stood its ground with a median base salary of $150,000 and a signing bonus of $25,000, taking the total median salary to $175,000.

The return of Finance job function as the favorite after the 2008 financial crisis has finally reached full momentum when 32% of the class opted for the function. PE (Private Equity) Analyst earned the largest base salary ($200,000).Finance overtook Consulting to attract the highest median base for the Class of 2016.

Stanford MBA Salary by Industry 2017

The lowest median Salary by industry went to Consumer Packaged Goods, followed by Transportation and Logistics Services, Healthcare, Media/Entertainment, and Real...

Yale SOM MBA Salary by Industry

Despite known as a Finance school, Yale SOM (class of 2019) attracted most candidates (37.2%) to the consulting industry with an impressive $145,000 base salary. Only Investment Banking with 10.6% class representation could beat the base and total salary with $150,000 and $200,000 respectively. Another surprising entry to the $200,000 total median salary club is the E-Commerce industry with the highest bonus salary payment of $70,000...

Around 45% of the class chose Consulting as a job function with Finance and General Management taking the 2nd and 3rd spots. Finance ($175,000) was leading in the total median salary over Consulting ($163,500). 
Yale SOM MBA Salary by Industry 2017

Despite the proximity to New York and Connecticut, the dominant industry that attracted the most number of MBA candidates was consulting (30.8%), earning equal pay with Finance, partly credited to the base salary that is $15,000 higher than Finance. However, Finance industry...

Tepper MBA Salary by Industry

Conforming to Carnegie Mellon University’s reputation of attracting technology giants – Google, Adobe, Amazon.com, IBM, and Intel, the industry with the most offers for MBA candidates were in technology (33.5%), ahead of Consulting (27.5%) and Financial Services (17.4%). Consulting at $160,000 earned the candidates close to $20k extra than Technology

Tepper MBA Salary by Function...

Traditionally, the mean signing bonus is around the $25,000 to $30,000 range, but for Darden Full-time MBA, the bonus crossed $31,000, although the total mean base salary was below the $125,000 range seen in top 10 MBA programs. However, Consulting – the most preferred job function attracted offers with $134,770 base salary and total mean salary of $161,700. Finance, the second favorite attracted much lower base salary ($119,585) but attracted the best signing bonus ($41,863) for the class.

Among the Finance function, Investment Banking pulled in close to $50,000 in signing bonus a $126,960 mean base salary, taking the total compensation to $175,898. General Management and Marketing were the 3rd and 4th popular...

The largest industry placement was in Consulting (32.2%) and Technology (20.4%). Financial Services was the third choice but earned the 2nd highest median base salary ($125,000) behind consulting ($144,000).
Ross MBA Salary by Industry

The total median salary for Technology was an impressive ($148,000) but substantially less than the two top paying industries – Consulting ($171,000) and Finance ($172,500).

On job function, Consulting attracted the most (36.10%) candidates for Ross MBA. Finance was the 2nd choice and Marketing/Sales the third,...

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