McCombs MBA Salary Job Function & Industry (2017)

Although the number of professionals employed as Investment Bankers is low in Texas (mostly from the skill gap), the McCombs MBA program placed the 3rd largest group of students into Investment Banking, just behind Brand & Product Management (13%), and Consulting (23%).

McCombs MBA Salary by Function 2017

Technology is a clear winner in terms of the percentage (33%) of students joining the industry. Consulting with a total mean salary of $1,63,178 and the highest base salary ($135,614) had the most competition.

McCombs MBA Salary by Industry 2017

Financial Service was at third position pushed to prominence by Investment Banking and Corporate Finance.

Reference: McCombs MBA Employment Report

McCombs 2-Year Full-time MBA%Mean Base Salary Mean Signing Bonus Total Salary (Mean)
By Function99%$113,481$27,564$141,045
Investment Banking 10%$124,286$27,564*$1,51,850
Corporate Finance 10%$98,247$27,564*$1,25,811
Investment/Wealth Management6%$111,727$27,564*$1,39,291
Private Equity/Venture Capital 2%$94,000$27,564*$1,21,564
Other Finance 4%$106,563$27,564*$1,34,127
Brand & Product Management 13%$107,276$27,564*$1,34,840
Other Marketing 9%$103,063$27,564*$1,30,627
Operations & Logistics8%$106,294$27,564*$1,33,858
General Management6%$108,095 $27,564*$1,35,659
Business Development3%$119,857 $27,564*$1,47,421
Other Management5%$98,900 $27,564*$1,26,464
* Individual Mean Signing Bonus Not Available
McCombs 2-Year Full-time MBA%Mean Base Salary Mean Signing Bonus Total Salary (Mean)
By Industry100%$113,481$27,564$141,045
Financial Services14%$116,000$27,564*$1,43,564
Investment Management 6%$108,667$27,564*$1,36,231
Petroleum & Energy 5%$117,917$27,564*$1,45,481
Consumer Products5%$98,750$27,564*$1,26,314
Travel & Hospitality3%$94,167$27,564*$1,21,731
Real Estate 3%$104,375$27,564*$1,31,939
Education 2%$83,600$27,564*$1,11,164
Government 2%$90,000 $27,564*$1,17,564
Other 2%$111,667$27,564*$1,39,231
* Individual Mean Signing Bonus Not Available

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