Darden MBA Salary Job Function & Industry (2017)

Traditionally, the mean signing bonus is around the $25,000 to $30,000 range, but for Darden Full-time MBA, the bonus crossed $31,000, although the total mean base salary was below the $125,000 range seen in top 10 MBA programs. However, Consulting – the most preferred job function attracted offers with $134,770 base salary and total mean salary of $161,700. Finance, the second favorite attracted much lower base salary ($119,585) but attracted the best signing bonus ($41,863) for the class.

Among the Finance function, Investment Banking pulled in close to $50,000 in signing bonus a $126,960 mean base salary, taking the total compensation to $175,898. General Management and Marketing were the 3rd and 4th popular function.

Darden MBA Salary by Function
Darden MBA didn’t break the trend of following the Consulting and Financial Services industries, the former attracting 38% of the class while Investment Banking (18%) job offers was a sizable portion from the Financial Services (27%) sector.

Darden MBA Salary by Industry

On total mean salary, Consulting and Financial Services were on equal footing, both crossing $160,000. Technology was far behind at $144,194, but Virginia’s strength as the state with the largest density of technologist materialized in the post-MBA career path when 17% of the class chose the industry.

Reference: Darden MBA Employment Report

Darden MBA Salary% Mean Base Salary Mean Signing Bonus Total Mean Salary
By Function100%$122,806 $31,370$154,176
Corporate Finance9$110582$31683$142,265
Investment Banking15$126960$48938$175,898
Investment Management5$114321$29167$143,488
Other Financial Services2$113750N/AN/A
General Management20%$109685$24430$134,115
Business Development/ Strategic Planning6$112235$17917$130,152
Executive Development/ Leadership Program8$108571$29300$137871
Other General Management6$108438$22833$131,271
Darden MBA Salary%Mean Base SalaryMean Signing BonusTotal Mean Salary
By Industry100%$122,806 $31,370$154,176
Consumer Packaged Goods5%$102992$27727$130,719
Financial Services27%$121546$42223$163,769
Investment Banking18%$125938$48177$174,115
Investment Mgmt/Portfolio Management4%$120200$24167$144,367
Other Financial Services6%$108392$27433$135,825
Pharma/Biotech/Health Care3%$113571$26786$140,357
Real Estate2%$96375N/AN/A

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