MBA Essay Tips

Harvard MBA accepts the typical, the outstanding and the unusual. Applicants worrying that they are aiming too high, don't put 100% while crafting the essay.You don't have to search for the incredible quality to be considered worthy of Harvard MBA.

All our major career decisions are made in the teenage years when the pre-frontal cortex - the region of the brain that controls impulses, is not fully developed. So we jump into careers that looks good on paper or for the society and hope to acquire the lifestyle that we envy.

MBA in FranceAlthough the name France conjures up images of fashion, culture, cheese, wine and design, the fifth largest economy in the world is home to Renault, Airbus Industrie, Louis Vuitton, BNP Paribas, AXA, L’Oreal, Michelin, Areva, and Carrefour - some of the Global brands from France..

What you need now is a personal journey that helped you become who you are. We had clients who didn’t have any particular setbacks on first look, but digging deeper revealed skills that were only acquired because they escaped a personal setback.

Harvard believes in the cycle of thinking, doing, and reflecting. Some of the premises that you can use are Entrepreneurial experience, Leading a team in a non-profit initiative and Working with multicultural teams

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