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Although the disparity in wage gap among men and women MBAs is shrinking with improved training in negotiations, and greater involvement of the male partner in child rearing, no action is as consequential as a higher representation of women candidates in top MBA programs. Even though schools have virtue signaled their initiatives in splashes of news releases and LinkedIn posts, the truth lies in the numbers.

As long as Technology, Financial Services and Management Consulting are the top three sectors; flexible timing is a luxury that not many Management professionals would enjoy. A culture that respects the separation of work and leisure time is a logistical challenge that would only be bridged by the next generation when AI and Virtual reality can blur the line between face to face and virtual meetings.

Instead of randomly targeting schools with a higher percentage of women candidates, you can now target programs without compromising on the quality. To help you choose the best programs, we have broken down the top 25 MBA programs with their associated female representation in percentage.

The programs featured in the list include top MBA programs in the US, UK, China, India, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and Portugal
When the world was doubting UK's role in the Global Economy following Brexit, the FinTech investors was beyond optimistic in 2017 with the UK Financial Technology companies receiving over £1.8 billion in VC funds - a 153% year on year growth. The sub-sectors within FinTech to see the most traction was in Digital Banks, Foreign Exchange Providers, and Money Transfer operators that attracted 45% of all the investments in Fintech.

London was the focal point attracting 90% of the total investments in the sector.

To counter the insurgence of alternative banks, banks - 9 major ones, came together to bring data into the hands of the consumers through Open Banking – a PSD2 (The Payment Services Directive established by the EU to regulate payment services), implementation in the UK. The standard implemented through Open Banking Limited– a non-profit established to seamlessly integrate data access across banks will provide consumers with direct payment from banks instead of re-routing or authentication through a third-party.

The alternative banking services and cryptocurrency have challenged HSBC, Barclays, RBS, Santander, Bank of Ireland, Allied Irish Bank, Danske, Lloyds, and Nationwide. By reducing the cost of the transaction through FinTech, banks hope to retain the customer through the next decade.

Companies backed by French Private Equity firms realized a 5.4% growth in 2016, hitting revenue targets of €212 billion. Venture Capital funds were the most promising (36% growth) with Growth and leveraged buy-out funds - both performing at over 5% growth. The most promising sectors within Private Equity were in Energy, IT & Digital, Medical & Biotechnology, and telecom.

Hedge funds are not the stronghold of France. Among the top European investors, France-based fund managers only allocated 4% of their funds in the class against Europe’s average of 10.2%. Even the fund managers outperform the number of investors at 1.7: 1 – a phenomenon seen only in Luxembourg.

France top Hedge Funds

Société Générale and BNP Paribas have been successful in 2017, bringing in new customers from retail to investment banking. BNP has a 9.3% Return on equity while SocGen was second at 6.3%, making them two of the most profitable banks in Europe. The Sales & Trading team had a major role in the turnaround from the liquidity crunch in 2011.

For MBA candidates interested in Investment Management, France’s case is interesting. Six asset managers ...

In the summer of 2017, France opened the world to the largest startup eco-system – Station F. The aggressive positioning reflects France’s dissatisfaction with the tag as the third best Technology hub in Europe (behind UK and Germany). Jean-Michel Wilmotte, transformed the 1920s railway depot – la Halle Freyssinet, into a 34,000 sq.mtr massive start-up space with its own three layers – services, startup zone, and office spaces. Initiatives to copy Silicon Valley has been plenty, but this has been the first time, global tech players (Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon), Social Enterprise (Ashoka), universities (HEC Paris, and EDHEC Business School) and funds (Daphni and Kima Ventures), have all converged into one vision.

Although, the investment levels ($M) by country puts France still at third ($2.72B) behind UK ($7.1B), and Germany (3.3B), the number of deals closed by French Entrepreneurs is surprising even the dominant rival - UK. For instance, in 2017, France beat the UK to lead in the total deals closed (763).

Cambridge MBA Core CurriculumCambridge MBA is among the only top MBA program in the UK that offers concentrations for candidates and guide them in choosing themes for the electives. The core courses cover traditional subject matter: Finance, Economics, Operations and Organizational behavior, but the MBA team have also incorporated Digital Business to the core. In a way, all Businesses– mom and pop stores, multinational physical stores and businesses that are entirely online, should learn how to integrate technology at all the points of their interaction – customer service, sales, analytics and order fulfillment. The course dives into the value that Digital Businesses offer and shares the various methods of integrating technology into the Business Processes.

Finance, Strategy, Marketing, Digital Transformation, and Global Business are themes in Concentrations that give the functional expertise, while Energy & Environment, Healthcare Strategies, and Social Innovation are designed for candidates interested in the industry as a consultant.

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