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Q) I am Indian CA with GMAT 640. Post-trump Era has been hard on Indian immigrants. Should I target top MBA programs in the US? How should I approach the GMAT re-take?

Instead of randomly studying and re-taking the GMAT, approach the process methodologically:

1) Take a Full Mock GMAT test

2) Review the test for 1 hour

3) Note down all the topics where you have not scored

4) Categorize the mistake: carelessness, lack of knowledge and lack of practice

5) Lack of Knowledge

In this example, we look at the life story of a Technologist, who has found recognition as a leader and as a professional by exercising his superior listening skills. The pattern of listening to peer’s problems began at school and then in college through the candidate’s leadership role. The habit of finding the problem not obvious to the general crowd became an advantage when he found the ‘real reasons’ for the client’s frequent change requests. By calming the nerves of the Chief Technology officer and offering an insight on how they were ahead of the competition, the disruptive behavior of the client stopped.

In the narrative, the candidate is careful not to put the client in a negative light. Instead, he takes extra effort in imagining their worldview. This skill of recognizing problems beyond what is verbalized became an asset. The Employer promoted the client from Technology Consulting to a Project Consulting role. Although the two years in the role was satisfying, the applicant’s insatiable thirst to solve multi-industrial problems has not been met. NYU Stern MBA’s experiential learning in Consulting is pointed out as the major reason for choosing the program.

Essay 2:  Personal Expression
Please describe yourself to your MBA classmates. You may use almost any method to convey your message (e.g. words, illustrations). Feel free to be creative. If you submit a non-written piece for this essay (i.e., artwork or multimedia) or if you submit this essay via mail, please upload a brief description of your submission with your online application.

NYU Stern MBA Essay 2 (Tips): The resume covers your progress as a high achieving professional but the admission team values emotionally intelligent and impact-oriented Stern MBAs. The second question evaluates your personality from another dimension – creativity. How will you introduce yourself if you feel completely comfortable among your peers?

Although MBAs will vehemently dismiss the need for PHDs in a teaching Job, most professors in top Business Schools have a PHD. So if your goal is to be part of a prestigious institute like Harvard, Wharton or any other Ivey league schools, doing a PHD after Executive or Full-time MBA would be a good move. Mind you, if your goal is to be part of 2nd tier Business Schools, PHDs are not a requirement. If you are an MBA and have considerable number of years of experience and achievement to show, you will be valuable for top Business Schools. So understanding the teaching qualification of your target schools is necessary.

Your career goal will play a major factor in making this decision. Answer the following questions: Why you want to pursue a Ph.D?

After you have thought about your motivation, read about the following scenarios.

a) Teaching Jobs

In this example, the applicant shares how his passion for math sparked an interest in Finance and a career with Goldman Sachs. Although aware of the career path – short-term and long-term with the current role, the applicant cites a transformation that is happening in the industry as a major motivator to upgrade his skills.

By comparing the revolutionizing force of the internet in the mid-90s with the trifecta of AI, Blockchain, and automated processes, the applicant is making an argument of taking a break from the career and upgrading his skills on an emergency basis. The applicant then commends NYU Stern’s thought leadership in customizing the curriculum to incorporate FinTech as one of the 25 specializations.

In the concluding paragraphs, the applicant shares how emerging economies have yet to find a free-flow of deals despite innovation in fund-raising platforms. With the experiential learning modules, the applicant plans to develop hands-on experience necessary to understand the financial, cultural and governance issues in these economies. Through the skill enhancement, FinTech specialization and experiential learning, the applicant hopes to develop the know-how to handle funding projects in emerging economies.

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