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I began noticing a pattern in our conversation when the topic is outside kids. She goes into explaining the molecular level whenever the subject is about hardcore science or drug discovery. By the time she breaks down a reaction, I am thinking about the topic for my next email newsletter. Whenever I go into the intricacies of storytelling and planning transitions in an essay, I could see her eyes glaze over a pending task she has to do.

Even if it is the closest person in your life, knowing what to share, the pleasant clichés that don’t require straining the mind, and choosing to leave out unnecessary details, lead to interesting conversations.

Can you be completely original?

You can’t. In MBA application essays, just like in life, original narratives without pleasant clichés that the admission team expects could lead to suspicion about your character and whether the narrative is the work of fiction.  

Authenticity is built on clichés of human values – integrity, hard work, and critical thinking.

Clichés that remain Clichés

Narratives that spend an excessive amount of words – over a third on hard work and the immediate effect – growth in career and academic achievements, the easiest to capture in an essay, fail to balance critical thinking and integrity essential to move the admission team.

Pleasant Clichés that are hard to skip

Traditionally, when an applicant is joining a non-profit 6 months to 1-year before the application deadline, it is almost always a desperate attempt to bring last-minute credentials to the narrative. COVID, although, devastating for the real economy, has presented an incredible opportunity for applicants (2021 Entering class) to make a difference. The short-term engagement to support those who are disrupted and suffering would also help you stand out in an incredibly competitive 2021-22 MBA application pool.

Here are 7 Volunteering ideas that you can use to improve your profile. Don’t waste any time. Join the respective organizations, according to your passion and strengths. If you need my guidance and a customized plan, subscribe to F1GMAT’s Detailed Profile Evaluation service.

1) Event Organizer

Stanford MBA AdCom has debunked myths about MBA Admission, Recommendation letter and Interviews in their blog. Here is the summary:

Stanford MBA Admission Myth Debunked

1) Regular Updates: You will not receive regular updates about your MBA Application status. The statuses that would be visible to applicants are:

a) Submitted
b) Under Review

On the day of the decision, you will receive a link to the decision letter in ApplyYourself.

2) Full Time work experience: This does not include experience during or before your undergraduate degree. Include months of experience from completing your undergraduate degree until Sep 1, 2013.

3) Campus Visit: Visiting Campus does not increase your chance of admission other than helping you with your research. There are many International students who is admitted without any campus visits (You can bookmark Stanford MBA or Business School Research pages for your Research).

Stanford MBA Recommendation Letter Myths Debunked

Most of you might be too young to worry about the end of Finance schools during the 2008 financial meltdown. It truly happened. Wharton, Booth, Columbia – all the biggies struggled to place their Finance candidates.

In the immortal words of Matthew McConaughey from Wolf of Street, “Number one rule of Wall Street - Nobody... and I don't care if you're Warren Buffet or if you're Jimmy Buffet, nobody knows if a stock is gonna go up, down, sideways or in fking circles.”

Having started with a disclaimer, I will give both for and against perspective on the factors that influence opportunities in a post-COVID economy for MBA candidates and aspirants.

Post-MBA Industry IMPACT

For: A 3-month downturn

To help MBA applicants navigate an uncertain Round 3 admissions round resulting from COVID-19/coronavirus, we have created a live update page, highlighting top school’s responses.


Visa Suspension and Increase in Waitlist: Since the US government suspended all visa processing services for international citizens, Harvard has shared that they would increase the number of the waitlist for R2 candidates to attract the “talented leaders from around the world” and contribute towards the overall class experience and bring a difference in the world.  

Deferred Admission: In the worst case that visa is not processed within the R3 timeline, the admission team has assured that the applicants will be offered a deferred admission, joining with the next year’s class.

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