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How does the applicant’s performance compare to that of other well – qualified individuals in similar roles? Please provide specific examples (e.g, what are the applicant’s principal strengths?).

Name of the Applicant: Jon
Industry: Technology
Theme: Learn and Lead
Function: Technology Consultant
Organization Structure: Flat
Role: Team Lead (Second Year)
Company: X
Recommender: Senior Manager

Jon’s rise in the organization started with a familiar path – trainee, associate, senior associate, consultant and lead consultant. What impressed me about his journey is that he achieved the promotions in just two years, whereas a typical candidate takes four years to do so. He is street smart with a deep awareness of human motivations but what separates him from the rest of the candidates with similar experience is his insatiable desire to learn and lead.
Although the disparity in wage gap among men and women MBAs is shrinking with improved training in negotiations, and greater involvement of the male partner in child rearing, no action is as consequential as a higher representation of women candidates in top MBA programs. Even though schools have virtue signaled their initiatives in splashes of news releases and LinkedIn posts, the truth lies in the numbers.

As long as Technology, Financial Services and Management Consulting are the top three sectors; flexible timing is a luxury that not many Management professionals would enjoy. A culture that respects the separation of work and leisure time is a logistical challenge that would only be bridged by the next generation when AI and Virtual reality can blur the line between face to face and virtual meetings.

Instead of randomly targeting schools with a higher percentage of women candidates, you can now target programs without compromising on the quality. To help you choose the best programs, we have broken down the top 25 MBA programs with their associated female representation in percentage.

The programs featured in the list include top MBA programs in the US, UK, China, India, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and Portugal

GMAT Reading Comprehension Passage: Ecology(Plastic)

Although the wider US public hate to admit it, the ‘hippie’ culture eventually permeates the rural and urban Mindspace, be it opinion against the war, gay marriage or attitude towards mass incarceration.  San Francisco led the Ban on plastic in 2007, but it might come as a surprise to learn that the decision, although made with good intention, had an adverse effect on climate change. This seems counterintuitive as the negative effects of single-use plastic on marine life have been heavily documented. The birds that washed away dead to the shores of Australia in 1999 with hundreds of small plastics in its stomach is etched in the minds of BBC News audience. But the invisible effects of air, water and land pollution from creating viable alternatives to plastic had far more consequence on the lives of Marine life.

According to Denmark’s Ministry of Environment and Food, the paper bags that is considered the most logical alternative to single-use plastic should be used at least 43 times to have the utility as the plastic in terms of environmental impact and the second most popular alternative material – cotton cloth, should be used for 22,000 times or more than 60 years to have the same impact as creating a plastic bag. The evidence from Austin, Texas, is a setback to the simplistic solutions that focus on materials instead of educating and changing the behavior of consumers.

GMAT Reading Comprehension Passage: Politics (Market Share and Innovation)

Market Analyst: F’s entry into Mirrorless Camera began in 2015 with the release of XG1 Cameras. Unlike N and C, F was two years late, but the nostalgia of the 80s film camera revived the brand among 40+ year old. The executives at F found it comforting to gain 15% market share in the APS-C mirrorless camera market and the Founder’s son – Mr Nakomota, revived an old Japanese mantra of iteratively improving the camera after a thorough ground study.

However, with the introduction of Full Frame Mirrorless camera, the competitors began pushing the reasonably well off 40+ year old to models that offer better focusing, image stabilization and superior performance in low light. By stubbornly insisting that “We will never go full frame”, Mr Nakomota is taking a stand to avoid cannibalizing F’s existing APS-C cameras. A similar strategy had helped F outlive K which didn’t have any transitioning strategy for the 21st century when the world moved away from Film to Digital camera. In 2012, K filed for bankruptcy whereas F is gaining a loyal following due to their superior color science.

The honeymoon period might not last long as C and N are planning to introduce Full-frame mirrorless camera for the same price point as F’s mirrorless APS-C camera, enticing F’s user to make the switch for noiseless photos at low-light conditions.

GMAT Reading Comprehension Passage: Politics (Conservatives and Automation)

The rise of the democratic left in the US, under the masked promise of equality, has led to an inefficient government with unmanageable debt, clocking in at an astounding $16.1 trillion in 2018. The desire to protect the downtrodden has led to policies that pander to the imagined victim without any concrete policies for helping the real victims of globalization and automation – the blue collared workers, who don’t have the foundation to switch to a job that requires the greater application of niche knowledge.

Under such circumstances, the displaced populous of the American heartland would gravitate towards leaders that acknowledge their pain and take steps that protect existing jobs. Immigration becomes an easy target. Although the cost to taxpayers through illegal immigration is rising, the real impact is happening through automation.

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