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Most top 30 schools offer free money or what we all know as fellowship. The amount could range from $10,000 to $50,000 per year with top schools offering upwards of $45,000. Most accepted students would receive the $10,000+ annual fellowship fund with no strings attached. Before you go into the process of optimizing your pitch for ‘more’ fellowship or scholarship fund, here are some strategic insights you must have.

1) Relative Competitiveness

Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Columbia and MIT are equally competitive for all top applicants. Not just because of the quality of the class, the curriculum structure and the reputation among recruiters, they are also among the most generous schools when it comes to fellowship funds. However, if you are desperate to get out of the current job function/industry and pursue opportunities in the US, the UK or Europe, in a role that matches your aptitude, an MBA program in the 10 to 30 ranking might have become a feasible option. Understanding where your profile stands among the peers for the school would help you develop the strategy.

While ranking the top 10 MBA programs, we found out that half of the Full-time MBA program doesn’t offer immediate post-MBA salary data but instead uses a 3-year post-graduation data that might not give a clear value proposition for applicants who shortlist programs based on immediate value. We have mentioned the peculiarity of this practice in our table.

Top MBA Colleges in UK

Although the impact of Brexit on access to European talents has not yet been tabulated (Right now the UK ranks #6 for labor market efficiency), the United Kingdom has fallen one place to rank at #8 in the world for Global Competitiveness. The technological readiness, a vital competitive advantage for economies, in a 16-year period, puts the United Kingdom at #1, ahead of the United States, Germany, and Japan, although the debts acquired by the govt. to fund social programs is at an alarmingly high ratio (close to 90% of GDP).

Top MBA FeeThe cost of an MBA is a crucial factor in selecting a Business School. The Tuition Fee is just one aspect of the Cost. Other components of the expense are Health Insurance, Administrative Service, Books, Rent and Utilities, Food, Personal, Transportation, Computer Allowance, MBA Association Fee and other membership fee. On an average other components of the Total Fee will add an extra $30000 to $40000 to the Tuition Fee. Find out means to Finance your MBA before shortlisting your target Business Schools. If you want to dig deep into the total cost (Single, Married and Married with Children) for top 31 MBA programs in the US, read Ultimate Guide.

To overcome the Opioid abuse seen in patients with chronic pain, the scientists at Stanford University have come up with a solution of silencing the neurons in the brain that register pain. The study conducted on mice along the amygdala region that is similar to humans and responsible for controlling emotions, isolated the region associated with pain from the regions responsible for negative emotions and positive rewards. However, it is the negative manifestation of the pain that protects humans from danger and fatal injuries. 

Which of the following if true most strongly supports the scientist’s argument that the plan will work on humans.

a) Most of the chronic pain is .....

b) Opioid drugs help in pain but .....

c) The neurons responsible for eliciting pain...

d) Fear dulls pain and is essential ...

e) Circuits responsible for cognition...

5G technology would enable download speeds of 20 GB/second. The mammoth speed is primarily attributed to the millimeter wave spectrum that requires cellular towers every 500 feet for optimum functioning. However, scientists have raised health concerns about 5G service through the “International EMF Scientist Appeal” – a collective opinion of 215 scientists who have highlighted that the WHO have accepted the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) classification of ELF EMF (Extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field) as a Group 2B carcinogen.  Even though the frequency used in 5G service is 24 gigahertz and above - similar to carcinogens like X-ray, Ultraviolet and gamma radiation, millimeter wave spectrum is non-ionizing with health impact correlated to the duration of the exposure and not on the nature of the radiation.

What can be inferred from the passage above?

a) The IARC has...
b) An increase in ...
c) Ionizing radiations ...
d) The study from the International...

e) Millimeter wave spectrum is ..

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