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To overcome the Opioid abuse seen in patients with chronic pain, the scientists at Stanford University have come up with a solution of silencing the neurons in the brain that register pain. The study conducted on mice along the amygdala region that is similar to humans and responsible for controlling emotions, isolated the region associated with pain from the regions responsible for negative emotions and positive rewards. However, it is the negative manifestation of the pain that protects humans from danger and fatal injuries. 

Which of the following if true most strongly supports the scientist’s argument that the plan will work on humans.

a) Most of the chronic pain is .....

b) Opioid drugs help in pain but .....

c) The neurons responsible for eliciting pain...

d) Fear dulls pain and is essential ...

e) Circuits responsible for cognition...

5G technology would enable download speeds of 20 GB/second. The mammoth speed is primarily attributed to the millimeter wave spectrum that requires cellular towers every 500 feet for optimum functioning. However, scientists have raised health concerns about 5G service through the “International EMF Scientist Appeal” – a collective opinion of 215 scientists who have highlighted that the WHO have accepted the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) classification of ELF EMF (Extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field) as a Group 2B carcinogen.  Even though the frequency used in 5G service is 24 gigahertz and above - similar to carcinogens like X-ray, Ultraviolet and gamma radiation, millimeter wave spectrum is non-ionizing with health impact correlated to the duration of the exposure and not on the nature of the radiation.

What can be inferred from the passage above?

a) The IARC has...
b) An increase in ...
c) Ionizing radiations ...
d) The study from the International...

e) Millimeter wave spectrum is ..

SpaceX and Virgin Galactic’s entry into Space travel have brought in a slew of Billionaires into the sector. The lesser reliance on hardware and more on software development skills for operating and innovating in space technology is ideal for Seattle – a technology hub.
For the year 2015, the aerospace industry in the state generated $69.9 billion, a 7.9% annual growth rate since 2005. $51.6 billion from the revenue was generated from exports to other states. The core employment is in the aerospace industry (93,800), but the ancillary industries (flight training, equipment, and carbon-fiber manufacturing) contributed 136,100 in jobs, for the year 2015. The average salary of an aerospace employee, excluding health benefits, was $107,000 – higher than what some MBAs receive in top MBA programs. This is because; nearly 95% of all the commercial aircraft currently produced in North America comes from Washington.

The state’s legacy started from one name – Boeing.

The networking equipment, the personal computers, the microchips, and the new media explosion would not have happened if Stanford University were not financially struggling in 1950. It was not until Hewlett-Packard (HP) made the Stanford Industrial Park its headquarters in 1956 that competitors and prospective employees started taking the San Francisco and the San Jose area seriously.

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California switched hands between the Spanish, the Mexicans (from 1821 to 1848), and finally stood on their own as a state in 1850, following the 1846-48 Mexican–American War.

Harvard University by a big margin contributes the most for the state economy. In 2016, the student community, all of 34,202, that include undergraduates, professional, graduates and extension school participants, had a direct or indirect impact on the economy.The Puritans, settled in Boston, in the 1630s believed in the power of learning, not of worldly concepts but theological morals. For them, educating children, or at least giving them the capability to read the Bible was essential for a well-rounded life on Earth and thereafter. Respect for the government was proclaimed in the Bible. Literacy was a paramount virtue, and to fulfill the qualities of a responsible and religious citizen, the first formal school - the Boston Latin School was opened in 1635.

The 1647 Massachusetts School Laws led to the first publically funded schools in Massachusetts, with small tuition fee or support for the schoolmaster demanded in return from the children’s family. The Schools were a training ground for Harvard College (Founded in 1648) – the prestigious church-sponsored institution of the time.

massachusetts education trends

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