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Chicago Booth immerses you in a choice-rich environment. How have your interests, leadership experiences, and other passions influenced the choices in your life? (250 word minimum)

The second example is a narrative that demonstrates how Science became the foundation for the applicant’s economic promotion from low to middle-income family. The growth inspires the applicant to join Teach for America and take up the role of an 8th grade Science/Math teacher. The challenges of teaching complex concepts to children whose family is in disarray add another dimension to the daily struggles of a school teacher.

Each challenge, the solution, and the life lesson are summarized as a leadership lesson. As the concluding paragraph, the applicant also provides context on why she moved from Teaching to Consulting. Booth MBA is mentioned as a natural progression in her search for leadership IMPACT.

Chicago Booth immerses you in a choice-rich environment. How have your interests, leadership experiences, and other passions influenced the choices in your life? (250 word minimum)

In the first example on leadership experiences that influenced the choices in your life, we share the journey of a Technologist with an inspiring father – a restaurant owner, who immigrated from an Asian country. The work ethics, temperament, treating employees with respect, the struggle and the challenges of running a restaurant business in an information age is formed as the basis for his leadership development and the decision to pursue a Technology career. The circumstances that led to the establishment of a non-profit that feeds the hungry in NYC is transitioned intelligently through a narrative on restaurant food and wastage.

Sample Chicago Booth MBA Essay: Leadership experience that influenced the choices of your life(493 Words)(Father’s Restaurant Business and Leadership)

Starting at 5:00 am and planning for the day became a habit for my Father as he managed many moving parts – suppliers, finance, staff, and sales. The expectations to learn all the functions or at least know what it is like to be someone else trained me to think from other person’s point of view. While working for my first leadership role in developing a $30 million technology product, I worked with a team of differing temperament, skills, and motivations.

In the second example, we study the career of a Business Development/Marketing lead of a non-profit who had an impressive international experience – worked in 5 international cities. The transition from an intern to taking care of the organization’s entire Business development in five years is impressive in itself. However, the motivation for an MBA arose from a failure.

The non-profit had built partnerships with local Entrepreneurs in South Africa and their products dominated in two consumer goods categories. Since individual contribution funded the organization, roadblock hit when they began growing at an unprecedented rate. The Founders failed to raise funds from private entities. The failure was an aha moment for the applicant as she realized the gap in her knowledge in fundraising and scaling Business.
Essay 1# How will the Booth MBA help you achieve your immediate and long-term post-MBA career goals? (250-word minimum)

For the first example, we consider the fictitious profile of a Reservoir Engineer who wants to transition into a Consulting role. With Booth's extensive concentrations, Labs and Global Experiential learning programs, the applicant is planning to move into Consulting in the Energy industry and in the long-term establish her boutique Consulting company.

The journey to consider consulting as a post-MBA career happened when she helped her colleague from the M&A department double-check a Financial model. The gaps in date on oil exploration became an impetus to do a side project that evaluated underused assets in competing companies in the Energy sector (oil & gas + renewable).

Offering context is essential for your post-MBA goals question. The motivation to pursue a career is obvious to enhancers (from Finance) as an MBA is considered a required tool to hit the Analyst/Project Manager career milestone before turning 30.

In the first example, we share the journey of an applicant, who has a natural inclination to find bigger opportunities. Starting as a Technologist, his keen sense of observation and listening skills, helped him earn $5mn for the company. The transition from a Technologists to a Consultant encouraged the applicant to consider Management Consulting. Kellogg MBA becomes the obvious bridge. The first half of the essay narrates the events that transitioned him to Consulting. The second half goes through the specifics of the MBA course and how the majors, tracks, and global experiential learning will help him grow as a professional and a person.

Kellogg Sample Essay: Catalyst for Personal and Professional Growth

Essay #2: Pursuing an MBA is a catalyst for personal and professional growth. How have you grown in the past? How do you intend to grow at Kellogg? (450 words)

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