UC Irvine Merage MBA Salary Job Function & Industry (2017)

The Median Signing Bonus and base salaries are $10,000 and $25,000 short of what are offered in tier-1 schools, but for those who want to get into Technology or Consulting, Merage MBA is a viable alternative.

After Technology (32%), Consulting, and Consumer Products, were tied in the most preferred industry (17%) but only Technology, Consulting, and Financial services managed to cross $100,000 in base salary.

UC Irvine Merage MBA Salary by Industry

Despite the $100,000 base salary only 9% of the class received job offers from Investment Banks or companies in the Finance sector. Advertising, Real Estate, Non-Profit, Healthcare/Pharma and Manufacturing were the other industries that found favor with less than 10% of the class.

UC Irvine MBA Salary by Function

By job function, Marketing/Sales were an overwhelming favorite for Merage MBA class. 30% chose the function despite a $92,000 base salary. The second choice – Consulting was selected by 15% of the class while General Management & Operations/Logistics, sharing the third position was opted by 13% of the class, but managed to receive over $105,000 in median base salary.

Reference: Merage MBA Employment Report

UC Irvine Merage MBA Salary% Median Base Salary Median Signing Bonus Total Salary (Median)
By Industry100%$96,500 $10,000$106,500
Consulting 17%$100,000$10,000*$110,000
Consumer Products 17%$85,000$10,000*$95,000
Energy/Utilities 1%NA$10,000*NA
Financial Services 9%$100,000 $10,000*$110,000
Healthcare/ Biotech/ Pharma6%NA$10,000*NA
Manufacturing 6%$93,600 $10,000*$103,600
Non-Profit 2%NA$10,000*NA
Real Estate 6%$90,000 $10,000*$100,000
Technology 32%$105,000 $10,000*$115,000
* Individual Bonus Data Not Available
UC Irvine Merage MBA Salary% Median Base Salary Median Signing Bonus Total Salary (Median)
By Function100%$96,500 $10,000 $106,500
Consulting15% $100,000$10,000*$110,000
Finance / Accounting11%$87,500$10,000*$97,500
General Management13% $105,000$10,000*$115,000
Human Resources 4%NA$10,000*NA
Marketing / Sales 30%$92,000$10,000*$102,000
MIS/ Information Technology9%$95,000$10,000*$105,000
Operations / Logistics 13%$115,000$10,000*$125,000
Other 5%NA$10,000*NA
* Individual Bonus Data Not Available

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