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Most of you might be developing strategies to start the conversation on MBA recommendation letter with your supervisors. But like in our essay review service where we encourage the applicant to define the post-MBA goal first, the response from your supervisor would be much better if you have articulated a clear value from an MBA program.

1) Build a Narrative

Your supervisors would know that an MBA is essential for your career growth if you are from Finance. For the rest of the industries and functions, the role of an MBA in improving your career option doesn’t excite them unless you build a narrative about your interests and skills outside the required job function. Depending on how often you interact with your supervisor, most of you would rather keep the work and extra-curricular/private persona separate. Although this is a great idea to maintain sanity, while asking for a recommendation letter, the supervisor is responding to the one-dimensional ‘employee’ persona. Depending on your extraversion...
Categories : Recommendation Letter

Most schools reiterate the adage that if it is between the CEO who has barely worked with you or knows you, and a senior manager, who has seen your progress from a newbie to a seasoned professional, choose the latter.

The truth is not in black and white form.

Flat Organization

Most Businesses pride themselves in maintaining a flat organization. Recently, I worked with a client from a multi-billion-dollar company, where his current position was just three steps away from the Chairman of the company. That means the probability that the legendary Founder knows the client’s name and worked with him on at least a couple of initiatives is high. On probing further, it turned out to be true.

The Chairman/Founder was obsessed with a Pet project to change how we consume digital content. The client was entrusted with developing a feasibility plan for the project. The results were not pleasing. The market hadn’t caught onto the futuristic...
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In the 1946 classic movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, there is a poignant moment when Angel Clarence shares a characteristic of George Bailey – the protagonist, who gave up on his dreams to carry the burden of his family and society.

“George can’t resist helping others”

When during a moment of desperation, George decides to end his life, Clarence, the Angel, appears in human form and pretends to drown. Seeing another person in despair, George postpones his plan. Narrating his bad luck and wishing that he never existed, Bailey is shown an alternate universe where his kind action is absent and the cascading effect it has on his family, and the people of Bedford Falls.

Now you don’t have to be as righteous as the protagonist to earn a recommendation letter but if we must capture why Recommendation letter in one sentence, it is to:

“Evaluate how you have made the world better for your colleagues, supervisors, clients and the larger community”

Categories : Recommendation Letter

For creating memorable essays, we can help you build narratives. For Interviews, we have a few tricks that will make you a better conversationalist. But one part of the MBA Application where we expect the applicant to lead is the Recommendation Letter.

I have been approached a few times with the question "Shall I write my own recommendation letter?” It takes a 10-minute rant before applicants understand what I am trying to say.

Your voice is your own.

It is unique.

If you try to write your own recommendation letter, it always comes across in the way the phrases intermix, and how you frequently use your favorite words. Fake recommendation letter tends to be overly sympathetic and less objective about the applicant.

June - Best time for Meeting your Recommender

For a September or even a January Deadline, start shortlisting, and persuading the recommender by June.

If you have not already pursued your supervisor for the recommendation letter, here is a to-do list.


Categories : Recommendation Letter

First Time MBA Application Recommenders
Although recommendation letter comes fourth in the list of the most important MBA Application elements, guiding a first-time recommender can be tricky if the person is not 100% sold on the idea of completing this important task.

As we had mentioned in Selecting your recommenders, you can’t expect the time commitment from a first-time recommender if the person is not a well-wisher. The recommender should have worked on at least two projects and should be accessible through email or personal meeting.

Here are five tips while working with First Time Recommenders

1) Necessary Documents

In a professional relationship, the recommender might be aware of your contribution to each project, but they might have little information about your undergraduate degree and achievements. Share your resume (download resume guide), and personal...

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MBA Applicants who have worked with just one Employer find it hard to manage the recommendation letter writing process. The reason to persist with one employer is mostly from a deep appreciation of the environment and the diversity of the experience that the company offered. Rarely it is that the applicant didn't find other opportunities. So, the conversation can be a bit awkward when you state how you were looking at an MBA to move to management/consulting or to switch careers.

We have seen the otherwise jovial current supervisors turning into monsters while the otherwise nonchalant previous supervisors showing greater enthusiasm for your plans.

The Golden Rule
Get recommendation letter from the supervisor who shows greater enthusiasm for your plan.

She is most likely to write a good recommendation letter and meet the deadlines. Recommendation letters are not written in isolation. You have to set a strategy for your application based on your strengths and weaknesses. We develop strategies with our consulting service. Do subscribe here.

Once you know the historical acceptance rate of your target schools,...

Categories : Recommendation Letter

MBA Recommendation Letter Capturing WeaknessesWe have seen MBA Applicants struggle to list their weaknesses, partly embarrassed to reveal their shortcomings, and partly believing in a myth that MBA Admissions is about projecting your best self, without an ounce of negativity captured in the essays and recommendation letters. When we ask them - “What would the recommender say your real weaknesses were?” they give a blank stare. If you have filled the forms for the 360-degree reviews, you might have a fair idea about your strengths and weaknesses. Some are perceived weaknesses, some synthetic but many are real.

I received one when I was working in the Corporate sector – “Eager to work on new ideas but loses momentum when the implementation is at the 2nd or 3rd stage of the project”. My supervisor was sharp with the observation and partly right. But can I spin this weakness? Of course – I am the prototype guy – innovative, passionate about the Beta version, and likely to work on more ideas than anyone in the team. The constant flow of ideas and ability to translate them to prototypes was no small task. Not everyone can do it. But while applying for the MBA program, I felt like many of you - “Should I reveal my...

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