Broad MBA Salary Job Function & Industry (2017)

Michigan’s strength as a Manufacturing powerhouse is leveraged by Broad with close to 40% of the class choosing the industry. The base salary is $100,000. Consumer Products, another related sector was chosen by 17.2% of the class.

Broad MBA Salary By Industry

The big payday was in Consulting, attracting a median base salary of $130,000 – a compensation seen only in top 10 Business Schools in the US. Although only 10.9% of the class could get offers in the most sought after industry, Broad is a worthy training ground for candidates interested in entering Consulting. Technology, another stronghold of Michigan was the 2nd most popular industry but remained the only industry that fell below $100,000 in median base salary.

Broad MBA Salary by Function
Supply Chain Management clearly is Broad’s strength and one of the concentrations. 50% of the class chose the function even though the base salary was $100,000. Marketing/Sales another favorite attracted 15.6% of the class despite a $95,000 base salary.

Consulting, Finance/Accounting, and General Management each attracted 10% of the class with consulting receiving the best base salary ($130,000). The median signing bonus for the latest Broad Full-time MBA class was a modest $15,000.

Reference: Broad MBA Employment Report

Broad MBA Salary% Median Base Salary Median Signing Bonus Total Salary (Median)
By Industry100%$100,800 $15,000*$115,800
Consulting10.90%$130000 $15,000*$145,000
Consumer Products17.20%$102000 $15,000*$117,000
Manufacturing37.50%$100000 $15,000*$115,000
Healthcare6.20%NA $15,000*NA
Technology21.90%$95075 $15,000*$110,075
Other6.20%$100000 $15,000*$115,000
* Individual Bonus Data Not Available
Broad MBA Salary% Median Base Salary Median Signing Bonus Total Salary (Median)
By Function100%$100,800 $15,000*$115,800
Consulting9.40%$130000 $15,000*$145,000
Finance/ Accounting9.40%$100400 $15,000*$115,400
General Management9.40%$102000 $15,000*$117,000
Human Resources3.10%NA $15,000*NA
Marketing/ Sales15.60%$95000 $15,000*$110,000
Supply Chain Management50.00%$100000 $15,000*$115,000

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