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Texas MBAIn the final part of the interview with the Director of MBA Admissions, we find out how experiential learning at Texas MBA help career switchers.
Experiential Learning is a vital part of the learning experience at McCombs. How does the program help career switchers gain the leadership and consulting experiences needed to switch into consulting and General Management roles post-MBA?
At the Texas MBA Program, we have several opportunities for our students to put into practice what they are learning in the classroom.

One of the highlights of our program is the MBA+ Leadership Program. This program is available to all our students and is designed to help them discover, strengthen, and polish their leadership style, so they can step confidently into a new career path ready to create lasting impact. It's an optional program individually-tailored towards your Texas MBA degree, including personalized coaching, seminars featuring industry leaders and micro-consulting projects.

Director of MBA Admissions - Texas MBAIn the second part of the interview with the Director of MBA Admissions, we discuss the support Texas MBA offers to the military family.

McCombs is known for the strong support for applicants from the Military background. How does the program help them transition from Military responsibilities to post-MBA careers?

At the university level, our Student Veteran Services office is an amazing resource for our military applicants and students. We also have a very active community in Texas Veterans in Business, the student organization at the School.  The organization fosters camaraderie among MBA students who previously served, or continue to serve, in any nation’s armed forces.

Texas Veterans in Business focuses on drawing parallels between the principles learned in the military and the skills required to be successful in business. This organization maintains relationships with other ex-military MBAs at top business schools around the country and provides information to current or ex-military applicants.  On the career advancement side, our military students can take advantage of our one-...

Director of MBA Admissions - Texas MBAIn the first part of the interview, we ask Rodrigo Malta, the Director of MBA Admissions at The McCombs School of Business about the biggest misconception, the curriculum structure, and the record 20 concentrations that the MBA program offers.

1. What is the biggest misconception about Texas Full-time MBA?  
The misconception I hear is about the class size. There are a couple of items that I like to highlight for applicants considering the Texas Full-Time MBA Program at McCombs. The first is the fact that we are an intimate program at a large university. This allows our students to build a strong community with other students, faculty, and staff while taking advantage of the resources at a large, top-ranked research university. The second is the fact that we have a highly flexible MBA program that allows you to select from over 20 concentrations and tailor an MBA path that is right for you.
2. The Texas Full-Time MBA curriculum has an interesting mix of concentrations. Tell us the thought process behind the grouping.
We have over 20 concentrations for our Texas MBA students to explore at McCombs....

Although the number of professionals employed as Investment Bankers is low in Texas (mostly from the skill gap), the McCombs MBA program placed the 3rd largest group of students into Investment Banking, just behind Brand & Product Management (13%), and Consulting (23%).

McCombs MBA Salary by Function 2017

Technology is a clear winner in terms of the percentage (33%) of students joining the industry. Consulting with a total mean salary of $1,63,178 and the highest base salary ($135,614) had the most competition.

McCombs MBA Salary by Industry 2017

Financial Service was at third position pushed to prominence by Investment Banking and Corporate Finance.

Reference: McCombs MBA Employment Report

McCombs MBA EntrepreneurshipThe Texas MBA Program consistently ranks among the top 20 MBA Programs in the world, with the Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s 2012 biennial ranking placing the program at No.19 for the Best Business schools in US. The program has a strong track record in employer satisfaction, Quality of the Class and Leadership Skills. Austin Texas McComb School of Business is also known for its expertise in research and intellectual capital development.

Although not surprising to Texas MBA Students, The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business was ranked #5 in the Top 25 Graduate Entrepreneurial Colleges. The ranking was contributed by the role played by Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship in developing Entrepreneurial students.

For Full-time MBA Students, opportunity to learn about Entrepreneurship is offered as a concentration
. During the first year, students will have to complete the core curriculum mainly covering topics in Finance, Operations, Strategy and Marketing. In addition to gaining fundamental knowledge about Management, the program also put emphasis on ethical leadership. The electives allow students to tailor their program according to post-MBA goals.


MBA in Accounting Part 2If you have missed the first part of the Series - Top 4 MBA in Accounting, Click Here to Read: Top 4 MBA in Accounting: MBA vs Masters, Career Options, Job Responsibilities & Titles

2) University of Texas--Austin (McCombs)

The McCombs School of Business offers a Full-time MBA program with a concentration in Accounting. The concentration is offered by the renowned McCombs Department of Accounting. The program covers in details: Corporate financial reporting, making and analyzing corporate financial statements and financial reporting. It has 2 areas of focus - Investment Banking and Corporations.

The core curriculum
is the same as that of the general MBA program, covering Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Statistics, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Managerial Economics and Strategic Management. The flexible core has the option of a Responsibility and Integrity Requirement. The subjects offered as part of the concentration include Financial Accounting Standards and Analysis, Strategic Controls, Advanced...

Military MBAAn MBA for Military personnel provides opportunities to further enhance a military career or allow them to join one of the top post-MBA sectors. MBA programs tailored for Military are on the rise, and top schools are offering funding support for this esteemed group.  If you notice the recruitment trends in top Business Schools like Harvard, Stanford or Wharton, applicants with a military background tend to do extremely well. This can be attributed to the wide exposure that these applicants have received during the term of duty. The high stress work environment, goal setting and orientation, need for accuracy under extreme pressure, ability to take control of a hostile situation and continuous focus on disciplined execution have made military applicants a highly sought after group.

An MBA imparts Business fundamentals, problem solving, and managerial skills that perfectly complements on-duty experience.  Corporations are looking for a mix of strong work ethics and business knowledge.

In order to encourage military personnel to pursue education, the US government has started a host of financial aid schemes.

Post-9/11 GI Bill

Post-9/11 GI Bill offers financial...

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