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Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth is one of the few Business Schools that give applicants the opportunity to initiate the interview. In traditional MBA application process, students have only one option – to wait for the admission committee to send an interview invite.

1) How are the applicant-initiated interviews scheduled in Tuck?

The interviews are scheduled online on a first-come first-served basis. The demand for applicant-initiated interviews is high. It is recommended that you initiate an interview as soon as you have decided to apply to Tuck.

2) Why Tuck gives high importance to face to face interviews and campus visit?

Tuck School of Business evaluates a candidate’s leadership potential and interpersonal skills with face to face interviews. Although it is not mandatory to visit the campus, the Admission committee at Tuck strongly recommends it.

This is evident in an Interview with F1GMAT. Here is what the Senior Associate Director of Admissions at Tuck School of Business has to say when we asked about the defining characteristics that the admission committee is looking for in a Tuck MBA?

“Since we are a small program, we want people here who really want to be at Tuck and who appreciate what we stand for. They should be very strong academically, have interesting work experience,  be active in their community, and be...

Tuck stands out among the other competitors when it comes to Financial Aid for applicants from Military background. The school is part of the Yellow Ribbon Program (YRP)


  • Service in the military
  • At least 90 days service post 9/11 or
  • Discharged from service, post disability (after serving a minimum of 30 days)
  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Commitment towards the community


  • Any tuition & expenses above the annually allocated VA limit of $21,970.46, paid by the school and VA on a 50-50 basis
  • Maximum academic year funding: $18,000

Need and Merit-based Scholarships


  • Need and Merit based scholarships
  • U.S and International students
  • ...

Tuck Dartmouth MBA Application Deadlines for 2015-16 has been announced.

                                          Deadline                  Interview       Decision

Early Action round**            10/05/16                 10/31/16         12/16/16
November round**              11/02/16                
11/11/16          2/10/17
January round**                   1/04/17                  1/31/17           3/10/17
April round** ...

Tuck School of Business in partnership with Switzerland’s leading Business School IMD (International Institute for Management Development) will launch a new 4-week leadership development program during the spring of 2015. The program is targeted for experienced Managers with more than 10 years of experience, transitioning into Business leadership roles.

Course Structure

The four-week program will be divided into two modules with participants receiving Dual Certification from IMD and Tuck. The program includes two projects; one a personal leadership project where participants will be coached on developing their personal leadership through action plans and executive coaching. The second project will be related to the participants chosen field of expertise.

First Module: IMD, March 2015 (Understanding Role of the Business Leader)

Second Module: Tuck, April 20th to May 1st 2015 (On Leading Change)

Class Size: 30

Nationalities: 20

Average Age: 41

Total Work Experience: 10 Years Management + More than 15 years of Total Experience

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Tuck MBA Employment Report 2013Tuck MBA students have retained the median salary at $115,000 with the lowest salary dropping further by $9,000 at $56,000 compared to last year’s trend and highest salary reaching $175,000 a jump of $6,000. What most MBA applicants have asked us about the trends in Tuck MBA Employment report is the demand for Finance and Consulting jobs.

Job by Industry

30% of the job offers are in Financial Services, the majority of which are in Investment banking (14%) and a distant 2nd and 3rd are in Investment Management (7%) and Private Equity (2%). Incidentally, the lowest paying industry is Investment Banking with the low at $56,000 and the high at $130,000. 27% of Tuck MBAs looking for employment opted for consulting with the median salary at a healthy $135,000, the highs reaching $140,000 and the lows at a respectable $86,000. Technology and Consumer Goods/Retail were the third and fourth popular industries with 13% and 10% opting for them.

Job By Function

As expected 35% of the MBAs opted for consulting roles that paid a median salary of $132,500. The high...

Maxx AssociatesQ) I got a 610 in the GMAT and I was wondering which top schools would be willing to accept a student like me. A little back ground on me. Female from India, currently residing in Boston Massachusetts I have an engineering degree with a 3.6 GPA and I have 5 years experience.  Presently I am a Business Analyst  and I am also involved in many community services through work.
I have taken the GMAT twice and both the times I have scored 610 despite intense preparations. I would like to go to either Tuck or Harvard mainly because I like the Case Method approach.
Please advise if I should even bother to apply to these schools if not which other schools should I be looking into?

Maxx Duffy: Let's start with the good news:  You have a solid GPA in a difficult discipline and that is a plus.  You also have 5 years of professional experience which means you must have a wealth of projects, achievements, and perspectives to offer in a classroom environment.  I am also glad to hear that you have been active in community...

MIT Sloan Vs Tuck MBAAlthough many students might argue that MIT Sloan is at a different level when compared to Tuck, the following comparison will give you a clearer picture on which MBA program is best suited for you. The Comparison is based on Location, Ranking, Curriculum, Exchange Programs, Internships, Post MBA Salary, and  Career Service and Alumni Network.

1) Location

MIT Sloan is located in Cambridge, a city in Massachusetts, located in Greater Boston Area, in the United States. Cambridge is known for Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, two of the world’s most renowned institutions. During the 19th and 20th Century, Manufacturing sector was the largest employers in the City but from the inception of MIT and Harvard, the universities became the largest employer with the 2010 census indicating a combined employment of 20,000. It is the sixth largest city in the United States. Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth is located in Hanover, New Hampshire, in the United States. Hanover is a small town with a population of just 11,200, according to 2010 census.

2) Ranking

Except Economist, all other major publications that include US News...

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