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Q) The following is a collection of shared Booth moments.

Choose the moment that best resonates with you and tell us why.

Booth MBA Essay Tips

Booth’s MBA Application Essay for 2017-18 has maintained the same format as last year with a pictorial series of 6 moments as the prompt.

If you pay close attention, the admission team is asking – what aspect of Chicago Booth MBA experience do you like the most

#1. Modern Art

#2. Teamwork and Individual Ambition   

#3. Adventure   

#4. Diversity

#5. Classroom Experience   

#6. Harper Centre   

Booth Brand

Most MBA Admission Consultants will talk about the value of Booth brand from a pure entry criteria and post-MBA jobs point of view. GMAT Score of the incoming class, GPA, the diversity (% international, %women) and post-MBA Finance jobs doesn’t cover the impact of the Booth brand completely.

If you want...

Chicago Booth MBA Salary by Function

By job function, the largest percentage of the class (37.5%) was in Finance with the total median salary at $165,000. Consulting was the second most popular job function, taking in the highest salary - $170,000. Finance job function has other bonus and performance based incentives, which on adding up to the total salary is 30-50% higher than what consulting candidates are receiving.

Chicago Booth MBA Salary by Industry
Like job functions, Finance is the most popular industry (36%) for Booth MBA candidates, followed by Consulting (27.5%). Technology(16.7%) is slowly taking a bigger chunk of candidates from traditional sectors (Manufacturing, Media, and Consumer Products). The post-MBA salary has a direct correlation with the choice of the industry.

Reference: Chicago Booth MBA Employment Report

Booth Entrepreneurship has the largest number of participants compared to the 13 other concentrations offered in the full-time MBA program. The Entrepreneurial finance and private equity course provide financing goals from the Entrepreneur and the Venture Capitalist’s point of view.

After the Financing part is understood, students will learn to anticipate problems in new venture creation and learn to categorize businesses to qualitative models. Real cases, give entrepreneurial Booth MBA students the skills to balance resources (human and finance) with sales channels, and to position the start-up brand in a niche market.

Students will also develop execution plan in four function areas - sales, marketing, product development, and operations. Once the Finance, Strategy, and fundamentals of building a new venture are mastered, students will develop a Business Plan, and present them to leading Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists for feedback.
Finally, Booth MBAs will focus on improving shareholder value through innovation and commercializing technologies in sectors as broad as retail, healthcare, telecommunications, and consumer service. The courses and related activities are provided through the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and facilitate the application of Entrepreneurial concepts through conferences, competitions, and global collaborations.

Q) The following is a collection of shared Booth moments.

Choose the moment that best resonates with you and tell us why.

Booth MBA Essay Tips

Booth’s MBA Application Essay for 2016-17 has maintained the same format as last year with a pictorial series of 10 moments as the prompt.

If you pay close attention, the admission team is asking – what aspect of Chicago Booth MBA experience do you like the most

1.New Venture Challenge

2. Travel & Experience International Culture

3. LEAD (Leadership Effectiveness and Development)

4. Harper Center

5. Esteemed Professors

6. Global Social Impact Practicum

7. Booth Alumni...

GrubHub Chicago Booth Essay MomentsA recent study by the Financial Times shows that Booth stands at #4 in the world when it comes to the most Alumni as CEOs in Fortune 500 companies, behind Stanford(8), Insead(9) and Harvard (28). If you look at the Alumni who have climbed the CEO position in small and mid-sized Business, the number of Booth MBA CEOs is at 5,400, with their contribution distributed in companies as diverse as JPMorgan, Pfizer, Gillette, and Suzuki.

If you have an Entrepreneurial streak, it would be reassuring to know that Booth MBA Alumni have started some of the coolest brands: ZipCar (the car sharing company), GrubHub(Food Delivery Service), Bobtail Ice Cream(Homemade ice cream in classic & specialty flavors), Harpoon Brewery(best known for Harpoon IPA) and PrepMe (Online Educational platform for standardized tests -PSAT, SAT and ACT).

In top Business Schools, Entrepreneurship as a career is mostly chosen by less than 5% of the total class. Booth is no different in that regard. For the latest class, 3.3% or 19 Boothies continued in new venture creation or persisting with their Business.

The Admission team is not repeating itself with New Venture Challenge and Entrepreneurship in the essay...

booth mba regatta AlumniRegatta or a series of rowing and sailing events, hosted by London Business School, brings out the competitive spirit among top MBA alumni. Chicago Booth Alumni were also part of the 12th Global MBA Trophy. Although the school ranked second to last in the competition, the moment captures the can-do spirit of the Alumni. Instead of writing about the one event, focus instead on the school’s MBA alumni.

Booth Alumni has one of the widest geographical reaches with 49,000 alumni spread across 115 countries. Booth Alumni also found their mark in Govt. – Former Governor of New Jersey, Secretary of Financial Services and the Treasury for Hong Kong, City Administrative Officers and other esteemed public service officers around the world.
In the non-profit sector, Booth Alumni have used their Management skills to widen the reach and improve the effectiveness of the American Red Cross, Doctors of the World, the Asian Development Bank, Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Great Lakes Protection Fund.

All these achievements mean nothing if students could not reach out to the Alumni for opportunities. Fortunately, 39.8% of full-time job offers were the result of the relationship between students and Employers...

Chicago Booth ProfessorsIf you want specific examples of what makes Booth faculty different from other school faculties, who are mostly academicians with limited tenure in high profile roles, cite the examples of Raghuram Rajan, Luigi Zingales, Richard Thaler and Nicholas Epley.

Raghuram Rajan
Rajan, a rock star professor from Booth, rose to fame by predicting the 2008 Financial meltdown with the paper
“Has Financial Development Made the World Riskier? “ in 2005.

At that time, the popular belief was that the Economy was going through a boom. According to Rajan’s paper, it is easy to grow the company in the short-term with higher risk, but incentivizing professionals to attain growth at any cost will lead to long-term losses. A better approach that Raghuram suggested was to set up risk-adjusted growth targets. The paper describes how short-term profit targets incentivize investment bankers to herd together with the competition and employ similar strategies. What it does is that the difference in investment returns would...

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