SDA Bocconi School of Management

SDA Bocconi MBA Essay 2013SDA Bocconi School of Management application has 13 essay questions, excluding the Financial Independence question, which asks the applicants to describe how they are going to support themselves.

Let us look at the 13 Essay Questions and see some of the best practices.

Essay 1: Write down, in order of importance, all possible past or present community or cultural responsibilities.

As the essay suggests, the first responsibility that you are going to mention in the essay should be of the most importance. It should be relevant to MBA Application (highlight your leadership, communication and maturity) and should be something that you had spent considerable time.

The Bocconi team wants to know how you are going to contribute in the class with the experience in your local community.

Essay 2: What interests and occupations do you pursue in your free time?

Milan is known for Banking & Finance, Publishing & Media, Fashion & Design, Conferences & Exhibitions, Non-Profit, and Art.  Also, Bocconi has several students clubs in Wine Tasting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Golf, Luxury Arts, Management Consulting, Ski and...

SDA Bocconi MBASDA Bocconi continues to be the leading Business School in Italy and the only Italian School to be featured in all important International rankings (Financial Times, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The Economist, Forbes). SDA Bocconi School of Management was founded in 1971. With over 40 years of experience, Bocconi is a pioneer in Business Education both in Italy and in Europe. What differentiates Bocconi is their innovative approach to management education that has translated to a wide range of executive courses and masters programs for management students.

Location, Class Diversity & Network: SDA Bocconi is located in the heart of Milan – the intersection of industry, finance, arts, media and, above all, fashion. The location and strong network enable students to leverage the Bocconi brand to reach their post-MBA goals. SDA Bocconi further pushes this advantage with a global focus, diversity in class and gender diversity. The MBA Class brings some of the best minds from diverse backgrounds and exposes students to experiences from a wide range of industries. This is ensured by the school’s focus not to allow any industry to dominate the...

Bocconi vs MIP MBAWe had written about top MBA in Italy but MBA applicants planning to complete their MBA from Italy have requested us to compare SDA Bocconi with MIP Milano. In this first part of the Bocconi vs MIP MBA series; we will look at three key comparative factors: course structure, exchange programs, & ranking. In the second part, we will look at post-MBA statistics and class profile.

Course Structure

MIP Milan International MBA is a 14-Month Full-time MBA program with 11-month of classroom and 3-month of project experience. The program commences in May and concludes in June, the following year. A day in the classroom is divided into two three-hour sessions – one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Although there is no scheduled daily after-class time, students are required to stay back for the speaker series or activities according to the curriculum.

Bocconi, on the other hand, is a 15-month Full-time MBA program with classes starting in October and concluding in December, the following year. A typical day in the classroom is divided into three hours in the morning and six hours in the evening. The 4.5...

SDA Bocconi School of Management Executive MBA has gained 7 places in the Financial Times Executive MBA ranking, and is now 59th in the world and  28th in Europe and also the school has risen seven places in the 2013 Executive Education rankings, and it’s now 18th in the world and 10th in Europe.

The SDA Bocconi Global Executive MBA is a combination of face-to-face modules and distance learning experience integrated in a 20-Month EMBA program. Participants are required to complete 10 modules every month – equivalent to 61 Face to Face Full-time Days. The modules are divided to deliver 8  in one week and the remaining through 9-day modules.  

International Business School Partnership: Four Modules are conducted in one of the international Partner schools - UCLA Anderson School of...

SDA Bocconi MBA DeadlinesThe application deadlines for the SDA Bocconi FT MBA 2013-14 has been announced. Here are the important dates:
Application Deadlines
Application Review Start Date: September 2013
Application Deadline: 30 April 2014
Application Review End Date: July 2014

Course Schedule
Pre-courses: September 2014
Program Start: Oct 2014
Program End: Nov 2015
Graduation Cermony:
December 2015
1) Application review begins in...

SDA Bocconi Executive Education RankingSDA Bocconi School of Management Executive MBA has risen eight places in the 2013 Financial Times Executive Education Ranking, and is now 15th in the world and 10th in Europe. Thanks to the positive feedback of participants and companies, SDA Bocconi School of Management was able to make the jump in the Executive Education ranking.

The rankings measure the quality of Open and Custom Programs offered by Business Schools from all over the world using a combination of parameters that are put together from data provided by participants, companies and schools themselves. The final ranking achieved is determined by the average score (not the average place) obtained in each of the two rankings, for open and custom programs. These programs are designed by the schools to meet the companies’ needs for management-level training.

 “In an increasingly competitive scenario, we are very pleased to continue with the positive trend...

SDA Bocconi MBA ScholarshipsSDA Bocconi has included two new scholarships and tuition waivers that add to the 26 Scholarship programs for international and local students. The first scholarship is sponsored by UCINA – the Italian Marine Industry Association, and The Boston Consulting Group offers the second, while merit-based total and partial tuition waivers are offered by the School courtesy the contribution from Bocconi Alumni Association (BAA), in association with private companies, consultancy firms and other organizations.

In order to be considered for a scholarship or a tuition waiver, candidates must have sent their application to the 2013/14 MBA Program, meet the criteria set out for each scholarship or waiver, and have sent their Scholarship or Tuition Waiver Application Form (one for each scholarship/tuition waiver), together with a copy of their résumé, by the deadline indicated.

To view the complete list of scholarships and tuition waivers available and to find out more about how SDA Bocconi can help students fund their course, please click on the following link:...

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