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Haas vs Ross MBAThe 24-month General Management MBA program offered at Haas School of Business is built on leadership as the foundational skills. The school is also among the few top Business Schools with defining guiding principles – Student Always, Confidence without Attitude, Question the Status Quo and Beyond Yourself.

On the other end, Ross 2-year Full-time MBA program at University of Michigan's Ross School of Business is among the few schools that believe in hands-on learning over traditional lectures and case study. The global initiative, especially through the MAP (Multidisciplinary Action Projects), is exemplary in the depth of the experience that an experiential learning module should provide.

Class Profile

Ross leads in accepting more women applicants – in percentage and numbers while on International front, Haas accepts a larger percentage from other countries. The entry level for Haas is much higher with the average GMAT for the latest class at 725 – close to 10 points higher and undergraduate GPA averaging at 3.71 – 0.2 points higher than Ross.


Prompt 2: I turned an idea into action when I

Ross MBA Essay Tips:
The admission team wants to know whether you are a sensing or an intuitive candidate. The personality traits were popularized by the Myers-Briggs Personality tests.

A sensing personality
uses their five senses to gather information and looks at the facts before making any decisions. They are logically driven. Experience with a similar problem in the past often acts as a roadmap for future decisions. Managing resources and people require a sensing personality.

An intuitive personality is pattern and meaning driven. They look at the possibilities instead of spending too much time on past events or problems. Instead of details, the candidate is interested in abstract ideas. Innovation is often led by intuitive personality.

Another trait that is measured is your teamwork skills.

Remember that there are no right or wrong answers to the question. The admission team wants to know whether you are a sensing or an intuitive applicant. Also, do you depend on the team or do you take the initiative before approaching the team? Both create value in Management Consulting (most popular post-MBA job function at Ross).

Sample MBA Essay: Technologist (Idea to Action)

I turned an...

Ross MBA Essay Prompt 1 (Group 1): I want people to know that I

Tips: This revelation question should surprise the admission team. Ideally, include an aspect of your personality that is an antithesis to your profession traits or nationality or gender. For Finance and Technology professionals, include creativity as the theme of the questions. For humanities, including analytical skills while for Consulting and Marketing professionals – a logical or creative mind both works.

Sample MBA Essay: Finance Professional who was a former member of a rock band (100 Words)

I want people to know that I had a four-year stint as the guitarist for the Canadian rock band – “Brutus” before pursuing my full-time career as a Finance professional. There is an amazing similarity between the two professions. Salesmanship and stage presence are the obvious qualities. You can’t make the audience rock to your tunes with a fake attitude. Your act has to grab their attention. While selling financial products and services, many cut corners for a higher commission, but eventually your brand will be tarnished. I learned to play for the interest of the client– a life-lesson I picked from the lead singer of the band.

More ...

The largest industry placement was in Consulting (32.2%) and Technology (20.4%). Financial Services was the third choice but earned the 2nd highest median base salary ($125,000) behind consulting ($144,000).
Ross MBA Salary by Industry

The total median salary for Technology was an impressive ($148,000) but substantially less than the two top paying industries – Consulting ($171,000) and Finance ($172,500).

On job function, Consulting attracted the most (36.10%) candidates for Ross MBA. Finance was the 2nd choice and Marketing/Sales the third, each attracting a fifth of the class. On compensation, Consulting led the base salary ($140,000) and total median salary ($165,000) despite Finance  attracting a median signing bonus of $40,000.

Ross MBA Salary by Function

Overall, the total median salary by job function is one of the highest among top 10 MBA programs, ranging from $135,500 to $165,000. 

Ross MBA Employment...

Michigan’s Ross School of Business has announced the MBA Application Deadlines for the class of 2019 (Entering 2017)

Round 1

Applications due Oct. 3, 2016
Decisions released on Dec 16, 2016

Round 2

Applications due Jan. 2, 2017
Decisions released on March 17, 2017

Round 3

Applications due March 20, 2017
released on May 12, 2017

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Learn how to turn your essay into an interesting narrative that the Admission team will read with curiosity...

Michigan’s Ross School of Business has released the essay questions for the MBA Class of 2018 (Entering 2016). The word count has remained at 400 words each.

The question covers both aspects of your personality - professional and personal. The Ross MBA team has discontinued the optional essay question that allowed applicants to address weaknesses of their application, not covered in the mandatory essay questions.

Applicants are required to answer two essays.

Ross MBA Essay 1: What are you most proud of and why? How does it shape who you are today? (400 words)

Ross MBA Essay 2:
What is your desired career path and why? (400 words)

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Ross MBA Essay TipsRoss MBA Essays for fall 2015 has been released. The number of questions has come down from three mandatory questions that include three sub-questions to two questions and one optional essay.

Ross MBA Essay Tips Fall 2015

1. What are you most proud of professionally and why? What did you learn from that experience? (400 words)

With just 400 words, and the second part of the question asking, “What did you learn from that experience”, it is clear that you have to focus on one experience that is worthy to be mentioned in an MBA Application. There is a wide misconception among MBA Applicants that professional achievements should be something spectacular. Sure, you cannot write about trivial achievements but an experience that is close to your heart is worth writing.

Any professional experience where you cannot communicate the work you put, the small failures you faced, and the lessons learned are trivial professional achievements.


Before you go into the events, and circumstances, offer context on the professional environment – colleagues, team size, hierarchy in the organization/team, and your role. You don’t have to explain...

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