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London Business School MBA Application Deadlines for 2018-19 have been announced.

Stage    Application deadline    Interview decision sent on        Interviews                     Admission decision

1             13 Sep 2019                 10th October 2018                mid-oct to early Nov     20th Nov 2018
2             03 January 2020            06th February  2020              mid-feb to early Mar     31st Mar 2020
3             05 Mar 2020                 07 Apr 2020                         mid-apr to early May     21 May 2020
4      ...

In this example, we look at the fictitious profile of a Medical Doctor, who wants to be at the helm of real-change – Investment. A multi-faceted individual, who found impact in every engagement he participated as a Medical Doctor to Strategist, is finally seeking one of the most ambitious career transitions – to switch from someone serving the patients to leading investments in a value-based healthcare system.

The first paragraph starts with a narrative of the applicant as a child when he kept organizing the building blocks on size, hinting that even as a child, his passion was in reimagining existing systems. The lines on his involvement to 'improve' systems in school, college and professionally, affirms this behavior. Once the applicant summarizes his passion, a specific example of how his initiative improved patient care for the critically ill is offered.

The second paragraph dives into this initiative and how the applicant's innovation became the standard operating procedure for Emergency care in the UK. The applicant then transitions into his search for a larger impact by connecting with a Partner of a leading consulting company in London on improving Healthcare systems. The interaction becomes a basis for a 10-month consulting engagement - the first for a Medical Doctor. NHS funding cut  - the austerity measure, is cited as an example to demonstrate that government-funded...

In this example, we look at the fictitious profile of a Program Manager, who has five years serving in a US-based international aid organization that serves in resolving issues in global hunger, disease-control, extremism, and climate change. The impetus to change the career path from Government to Technology happened in 2017 while serving as the primary point of contact for a technology firm that was integrating technology in the organization’s fund allocation, beneficiary tracking, and project implementation.

The first paragraph starts with the Ivory Coast conflict in 2010 that killed 3000 people. After offering context on the political upheaval, the applicant transitions into the moment when Z - the international aid organization is called for help. As the Program Manager for the organization, the campaign that she initiated and the communication channels she opened, started the peace-making process.

The second paragraph starts with her core achievement. By organizing social events and tuning the collective imagination of the citizens towards what is possible in a stable political environment, she cites her role in ending the 6-month violence. The next line summarizes her skills. With an overview of her success in the public sector, she shares a caveat. The delay in implementations from inefficient fund allocation, technology integration, and project approval had human costs. The 2017...

The most competitive scholarship with the largest number of awards was the London Business School Fund Scholarships that offered up to £78,500 (Full Tuition Fee). The scholarship chooses candidates for academic excellence (3.5+ GPA and GMAT 700+), professional achievements (top 10 percentile) and potential to be an all-around contributor at London Business School.

London Business School offers over 30 scholarships on financial need, merit, nationality, and industry.


LBS leads when it comes to merit-based scholarships. For the latest class, 13 scholarships were awarded, and the amount ranged from £20,000 to Full tuition fee.

Two of the most awarded amount was half the tuition fee for the first year (£19,625) and £20,000.

The most competitive scholarship with the largest number of awards was the London Business School Fund Scholarships that offered up to £78,500 (Full Tuition Fee). The scholarship chooses candidates for academic excellence (3.5+ GPA and GMAT 700+), professional achievements (top 10 percentile) and potential to be an all-around contributor at London Business School.

SARI Foundation Trust Scholarship is the only other scholarship where the entire...

The first paragraph captures the trend in the hospitality industry that has kept them behind by over two decades. The candidate then describes the numerous strategies the team has adopted to improve the value offered to the guests, from monitoring the spending pattern to notifying the various department on the guest presence, in such a way that the responsibility is clearly defined.

The candidate then cites an MBA information session held in London where her role was to offer an excellent user experience for the admission and marketing team. The talk on London and the Future of Financing are pointed out as the triggering event for her interest in pursuing a post-graduate degree.

The next half of the essay provides details of the skills that the candidate has acquired in the industry and plans to develop through the LBS MBA core curriculum, the Global Experiential learning modules, and the Summer Consulting program.

At the end of the essay, the candidate mentions the short-term and long-term goals, giving the MBA Admission team enough context on whether the targets are achievable based on previous successes. The need to embrace...

In the first example, we look at the career profile of a Technologist who had worked closely with Investment Banks (IB) while implementing a FinTech solution.

The narrative starts with the background, then quickly contrasts the regulatory mechanism between banks and platforms. Then, the candidate shares his concerns on how Robo-advisors have taken over retail banking, and it is only a matter of time before automation would start putting pressure on the high commission that IB charges. By citing the $15 Goldman Sach investment in Kensho, generic observation is translated to a specific data point.

The opener of the second half of the essay is an honest acceptance that without an MBA, a technologist like the candidate would not be taken seriously. Without dwelling too much into the reality of how expertise is evaluated, the candidate quotes the curriculum structure of the LBS MBA program. A statistic highlighting London's FinTech dominance over the American counterparts, especially Silicon Valley is quoted as the transition to the next paragraph.

The final paragraph states how serving in the non-profit sector is essential to developing a thorough understanding of the...

LBS MBA Essay TipsLondon Business School has published the MBA Application Essays for the Class of 2020. This year, there are two essay questions with 500 and 300-word limits. The essays cover post-MBA plans; specific area of LBS MBA program that interest the candidates; the value that applicants will add to the school, and other information that candidates would like to share with the admissions team. For Sample Essays, Curriculum Analysis and 200+ pages of Essay Writing and Review Tips, read LBS MBA Essay Guide.

LBS MBA Essays for Class of 2020 (Entering 2018)

Q1. What are your post-MBA goals and how will your prior experience and the London Business School programme contribute towards these? (500 words)

Most applicants have three career goals – change in career, advancement in career, or explore career options through the MBA program. Before applying to LBS, applicants should have one of the two career paths – change in career or advancement in career. The reality is that most candidates experience...

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