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Application Deadlines for Yale SOM for the 2019 Entering class has been announced. Final Deadline is on Apr 16th 2019

     Application Deadlines        Admissions Decision

1.   Sep 10, 2019                      Dec 04, 2019
2.   Jan 7, 2020                        Apr 24, 2020
3.   Apr 14, 2020                      May 19, 2020

Essay Tips: Download 8 Sample Yale SOM MBA Essays

Yale SOM - How to Apply

Applicants seldom are part of transformational times. The Early 2000 and post-2008 applicants experienced the uncertainty and shift in the attitude of the market. However, for the past two years, we have seen a definitive change in the attitude of our clients. It might be generational or perhaps an idealistic call to take part in a transforming world.

Narratives where you were part of the history or contributed towards pioneering a new policy, change in culture, or technology is application gold.

Not many have the experience or the insight to measure their contribution at a functional, organizational, and societal level. Not many works in such industries.

In this example, the applicant, who is working for the Oil and Gas industry has a rare perspective on where the world is heading. The narrative starts with the declining oil reserve in the North Sea and switches quickly to the reluctance of the industry leaders to make the transition to the inevitable.

The subsequent narrative flows from a...

Sometimes the cause could lead the applicants to a journey that was never anticipated.

Climate change, declining compliance with vaccination, the negative influence of social media on democracy, prescription drug addiction, air pollution, access to drinking water, the threat of war, and market forces that weaken government institutions are all problems that affect all of us.
Applicants who take on such a problem has the advantage of narrative recall. In this example, the applicant’ journey from a Philanthropy Consultant to IMPACT investor is chartered with an experience in 2017. The problem facing coastal dwellers is the backdrop for this narrative.

Yale SOM MBA Essay prompt: Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made. (500 words)

Commitment could be in the form of reaffirming a personal value or a professional mission. In this case, the applicant’s vision to build a fund for the 200 million underprivileged communities inhabiting coastal areas is fueling the desire to learn about IMPACT investing.

In 2017, during my third engagement...

This is one of the most unusual questions we have seen in MBA Application. The first obvious question that comes to an applicant's mind - should I include a personal or a professional experience for this essay?

Essay prompt: Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made. (500 words)

Personal Commitment can vary from the relationship with a partner to pursuing a skill – music, stand-up, acting or pro-sports. If you have a substantial list of achievements to show, include a personal commitment to your skill, provided the recommendation letters, transcripts, and resume will help the admission team understand your career path. The trajectory and peak in your career should be obvious. If there is a hint of confusion on whether your pre-MBA journey is enough to achieve your post-MBA goals, use the essay to capture your professional experience.

Let us look at the MBA Application elements for Yale SOM. For 2019-20, the application includes a Video Essay, two recommendation letters, and one essay. The Video Essay is designed to test your ability to think on the feet. The recommendation letter...

Essay prompt: Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made. (500 words)

For Start-up Entrepreneurs, commitment is synonymous with their survival. Unlike job functions, grit is a quality that differentiates would be Entrepreneurs from the ‘successful’ ones. Anecdotal evidence is required to offer scope. With less than 3% of MBA candidates from top MBA programs pursuing their Entrepreneurial career post-MBA, Yale SOM fares much better at 5.9%. You would still be in the minority, but in MBA Application, the career path can stand out for its uniqueness.

Although the Entrepreneurship Program at Yale is a recent initiative (2014), the curriculum is structured to help a wide range of aspiring Entrepreneurs gain specialized knowledge in Social Enterprises, Healthcare and Life Science, and Real Estate. The Foundation of Entrepreneurial knowledge is offered by covering programming (technology), communication, raising funds (Venture Capital & PE Investments), investing (impact, start-up) and by managing change (market, people & technology).


Essay prompt: Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made. (500 words)

For the first profile example, we will use the story of a Product Development Manager who is assigned the role to build partnerships with retailers and develop an offline strategy to compete with Korea’s leading phone manufacturer that had a monopoly over the Indian market.

With over 20 million Indians, every year, crossing the low-middle income family to the aspirational class, the per month disposable income began matching the $150-$300 mobile phones that the Korean technology company offered as an introductory product.

Once the brand loyalty was built, high value but affordable products in the $350 to $400 price range becomes the customer’s choice. For 7 years, Apple and Chinese brands tried hard to disrupt the deep connection that customers have developed with the Korean brand.


Essay prompt: Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made. (500 words)

For technologists, the commitment to quality and a willingness to learn the latest developments in technology is necessary to stay competitive and offer the best solution for clients. When industries are evolving at a breakneck pace, Employers value candidates who can learn on the fly.

Technologists fit the role perfectly, but few applicants take the effort to differentiate and highlight this unique attribute in their MBA Application.

The applicant used continuous learning as his biggest commitment and shares scenarios where what he learned became irrelevant. He also cites the example of doctors who motivate him to continue learning. 

“While working for a start-up, the CEO would casually come to me during the tea-break and assign projects on the fly. Often, the conversation would end with statements like, ‘Learn Technology X by next Friday.’ Until I moved to a Fortune 500 company, I never realized the enormity of the task that was...

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