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The Deadlines for Insead MBA September 2020  has been announced

INSEAD MBA September 2020 Intake

                   Deadline             Interview decision          Final decision
1st Round    18th Sep 2019         18th Oct 2019             22 Nov 2019
2nd Round   6th Nov 2019          6th Dec 2019               24 Jan 2020
3rd Round    15th Jan 2020           14 Feb 2020              20 Mar 2020
4th Round    26th Feb 2020           27th Mar 2020           30 Apr 2020


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In the second example, we describe the journey of a Management Consultant, who felt his soul leaving his body while performing for a 200-strong audience at Second city – the improvisational theatre group.

The next week, the performance and the training to listen before leading, found real-world application when the client was sharing a trend. Instead of interrupting, he listened and allowed the CEO to complete the thoughts. The patience paid off as his previous engagement idea of starting a hybrid store for the Toy brand received greenlight during the meeting. The habit of listening and completely being ‘present’ in the meetings helped his Employer build a lifelong partnership with the brand.

The applicant concludes on the value Improv has offered for him, in the form of conflict resolution, team building, and confidence in facing uncertainty. From a culture where failure is looked down up, the applicant with the experience at the Improv, could take risks without worrying about failure and manage the stress that comes with the uncertainty of the consulting solutions.

Sample INSEAD MBA Essay: Extra-Curricular and How enriched you are (298 Words) (Improv Acting)

When I hopped like a Rabbit, in front of 200 laughing audience, my identity as the Management Consultant for...

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INSEAD MBA Essay 3: Describe all types of extra-professional activities in which you have been or are still involved for a significant amount of time (clubs, sports, music, arts, politics, etc). How are you enriched by these activities? (approximately 300 words) *

The prompt clearly mentions to include all types of extra-professional activities where you are involved for a significant amount of time. In our experience, most candidates have 1-3 activities they are passionate about. Unless the event required months of training – triathlon, a performance in front of a large audience or similar initiatives that requires discipline, and hours of practice, avoid using ‘one’ event as the core of the narrative. Ideally, the extra-professional activity should be publicly verifiable (Google Search/Instagram and Twitter feeds) or through a few lines in the recommendation letter connecting the extra-curricular to the professional responsibilities in the form of a leadership trait. Don’t force the connection if there is none.

The first example is from an applicant - a vlogger and a writer, who cites an American friend as an inspiration in starting trekking through the remotest trails in North India. The experience of isolating oneself and connecting with the vastness of nature acted as the trigger for many of...

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INSEAD MBA Essay: Describe the achievement of which you are most proud and explain why. In addition, describe a situation where you failed. How did these experiences impact your relationships with others? Comment on what you learned (approximately 400 words). *

In the second fictitious example, we take you through the journey of an international relations officer working for the South Korean electronics giant in Latin America. The biggest achievement narrative starts with her core responsibility as a negotiator interfacing between the employer's representatives and the South American government officials. By sharing a glimpse into the challenges of balancing the interests of each stakeholder without jeopardizing the primary objective of the negotiation, the applicant connects the impact her work had in expanding the annual revenue of the Korean giant and in generating over 60,000 jobs in the technology industry.  

The highs of the achievement are shifted to a narrative on the lows of a failure. A specific example of the applicant misreading a negotiation table is shared as a failure. An additional development in South Korea puts a final nail to the applicant’s chance of reviving the deal.

On how the two events – achievement and failure impacted the relationship with others, the applicant has an interesting philosophical perspective.


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Just like with achievements where you can quantify the impact in money saved, time saved, revenue earned, increase in responsibility, and brand reach, failures could also affect the five pillars.

After a failure, typically the management decreases the responsibility by assigning the candidate to low-stake projects. The demotion is perhaps the most discouraging after-effect of failure. In an entrepreneurial environment, the leadership is tolerant and assigns the candidate to a similar project with oversight to demonstrate that as a culture, they are not afraid of failing.

1) Reaction to Failure

Candidates react in two ways to failure. One group finds the event as feedback on their effectiveness in a job function. The event triggers the search for an alternative career in a different function or industry.  In MBA Application essays, you can use this narrative but be careful, as explaining career switching cues takes more than 250 words, which you should allocate for the INSEAD MBA failure section of the question.

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The INSEAD GEMBA is a 17 Weeks Global Executive MBA program with 12 weeks of on-campus and 4-5 weeks off-campus assignments, spread over 14-17 months. The primary goal of the program is to develop leadership skills that are necessary to lead in a senior managerial/leadership role.

Key Advantages

1) Complete the INSEAD GEMBA in one of the three campuses – Europe, Asia or Middle East.

2) Be part of a diverse and International class, represented by over 39 nationalities, 32 sectors, and 22% Female.

3) Emphasis on owning the learning process with Case Based Lectures, Presentations, Videos, Active Class Participation.

4) Opportunity for participants to continue the learning process by returning to campus to take the elective courses that they have missed

Course Details

1) Course Duration: 14-17 Months ( Actual Class – 17 Weeks)

2) Three Campus Sections – Europe, Asia and Middle East

3) Class Size: 235 participants

4) Average Experience: 13 Years

5) Average Age: 36 Years

6) Students can chose one of the INSEAD GEMBA sections – Europe GEMBA section, Asia GEMBA or Middle-...

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INSEAD has one of the most comprehensive lists of scholarships categorized on Merit, Need, a mix of merit and need, professional background, post-MBA commitment, and nationality.

July 2019 (Graduating)

Starts                   Deadline             Decision
23 Oct 2017       6 Nov 2017        8 Dec 2017
15 Jan 2018       29 Jan 2018      14 Mar 2018
5 Mar 2018        19 Mar 2018      13 Apr 2018

December 2019 (Graduating)

Starts                  Deadline                    Decision

23 Apr 2017       7 May 2017             8 June 2017
11 June 2018  ...

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