Tepper School of Business

Tepper MBA Salary by Industry

Conforming to Carnegie Mellon University’s reputation of attracting technology giants – Google, Adobe, Amazon.com, IBM, and Intel, the industry with the most offers for MBA candidates were in technology (33.5%), ahead of Consulting (27.5%) and Financial Services (17.4%). Consulting at $160,000 earned the candidates close to $20k extra than Technology

Tepper MBA Salary by Function
By function, consulting led the maximum accepted offers at 33%, with a total salary of $160,000 ahead of Finance ($135,000) and Marketing ($134,000). Do note that the school did not publish individual bonus for industries and job functions, hence the total median salary might vary, especially for Finance where the bonus is traditionally 30-40% higher than other industries or job functions.

Reference: Tepper MBA Employment Report

Tepper MBA Essay TipsTepper School of Business has released the essays for 2014-15 MBA admission season. There are two essay questions with 300-word limit each, which comes to roughly 2/3rd of a page for each question.

Essay 1: Describe a defining moment in your life, and explain how it shaped you as a person. (Maximum 300 words)

AdCom wants to know the foundation of your value system.

Did individuals or events influence it?

Most applicants will have moments of epiphany through life events, both negative and positive. It can be death of a close friend; standing up for what is right and achieving something greater that what was anticipated, or overcoming an impossible challenge.

What changed after that event?

Did it change how you looked at life and outcomes?

Did it build resolve in every action you took?

Did it change how you looked at challenges?

List at list 10 important moments in life, and pick the one that can be easily articulated in 150 words, supported by how it...

Tepper School of Business has released the essays for 2014-15 MBA admission season. There are two essay questions with 300-word limit each, which comes to roughly 2/3rd of a page.

Tepper MBA Essay Questions

Essay 1: Describe a defining moment in your life, and explain how it shaped you as a person
(Max 300 words)

Essay 2:
Based on your research and interactions
with the Tepper community, please share why you are a good fit with the
Tepper MBA program.
(Maximum 300 words)

Learn how to answer the two essay questions

Haas vs Tepper MBABoth Haas and Tepper are among the top Business Schools in the US. Haas School of Business is located in Berkeley, California – in the University of California, Berkeley campus - one of the 14 colleges and schools that are part of the Campus. Tepper School of Business is located in Carnegie Mellon University’s campus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Berkeley’s economy is primarily driven by the educational sector. According to recent employment statistics, the University of California, Berkeley was the top Employer, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory was at a distant second.

Pittsburgh offers a much diverse opportunity. Although initially known for Steel trade, the city has transitioned to a hub for technology companies, with over 1600 high tech companies contributing towards the economy. Healthcare and Financial Services companies are the other two popular sectors.


Haas School of Business has a clear advantage over Tepper. When you consider the average rank of MBA programs from US News, BusinessWeek, Financial Times and The Economist, Haas has an average rank of 10 while Tepper ranks at 20.


Operations Management (OM) is the science of streamlining the design as well as management of processes, products, supply chains and services. It deals with the process of producing goods, and delivering services. OM ensures the efficient utilization of resources, be it within the organization or outside. It also delivers goods and services promptly to fulfill client needs.

What are the applications of Operations Management?

Operations Management can be applied at various levels, based on the location and size of a manufacturing plant to the structure and delivery of a service or a telecom network, and could even include designing technology supply chains. Besides the overall perspective, this management stream also deals with tactical and technical details such as plant layout, project management techniques, technology & equipment selection, and replacement of older methods or machinery. The operations management team also determines production schedules, manage inventories, control quality and manage material flow. A plant's equipment management and maintenance policies are also set by them.

What are the responsibilities of Operations Management...

The Tepper School, which has over 20 years of experience in distance learning MBA programs, has recently launched its new FlexMBA program. It blends online and onsite formats to offer high flexibility but offers the same rigor of the Full-time and Part-time MBA programs. The program is a unique mix of bi-monthly campus visits and self-paced learning with interactive lectures.   

The 32-month FlexMBA program gives students the chance to give their careers a jump-start without disrupting their earnings, or leaving their jobs. The format also allows professionals anywhere in North America to participate in the program. The program will admit two classes of 20-30 students each, and the weekend interactive sessions allow close bonding between peers, as well as with the professors. What's more, students will even interact with each other during the high-definition interactive video online classes. They are held in real time, once a week to facilitate interaction and peer learning. This hi-tech classroom will allow questions to the professor, discussions with classmates, group tasks, and annotation of each other’s work.

This long-distance interactive mode has two advantages. First students can apply what they have learned, immediately in the workplace. Second, this helps collaboration in the global workplace with companies...

Tepper School of Business has released the deadlines for the 2011-12 MBA programs.

Round 1
October 24, 2011    Decision By: December 19, 2011
Round 2 January 3, 2012      Decision By: March 16, 2012
Round 3 March 5, 2012          Decision By: April 30, 2012
Round 4 April 23, 2012          Decision By: May 25, 2012
Round 5 June 1, 2012            Decision By: Rolling

P.S: April 23 2011 Deadline is reserved for US Citizens and Permanent Citizens
International Applicants for the FT MBA Program must apply by March 5, 2012


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