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In this example, we look at an engineer, who has worked in a transformative phase of the automotive industry and realized that the change in expectations of customers, who are exposed to Tesla’s software updates schedules and iterative improvements, would soon lead the incumbents out of business if they don’t redesign the supply chain.

In the current role as an Automobile Engineer, he has a wide-ranging experience in evaluating project requirements, finding the feasibility of implementing a feature, prototyping the new components, testing the design and components in multiple conditions, and negotiating with suppliers for the optimum design-price ratio. The technical, interpersonal, negotiation, and cross-functional communication skills all came in handy for his success to date. But for the disruption happening in the automotive industry where connectedness, electric, autonomous, and iterative software updates become an integral part of the product, a multi-functional exposure to all the building blocks of management is essential for him to transition from an Engineer to a Product Management role.

Sample NYU Stern Goals Essay (500 Words)(Product Management)

What are your short and long-term career goals?
How will the MBA help you achieve them? (500 Words Maximum)


NYU Stern MBA Application Deadlines for the year 2019-20 has been announced.

                    1st Round          2nd Round         3rd Round        4th Round

Deadlines      Oct 15, 2019       Nov 15, 2019    Jan 15, 2020     Mar 15, 2020

Notification    Jan 1, 2020        Feb 1, 2020      Apr 1, 2020       Jun 1, 2020

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In this example, we look at the life story of a Technologist, who has found recognition as a leader and as a professional by exercising his superior listening skills. The pattern of listening to peer’s problems began at school and then in college through the candidate’s leadership role. The habit of finding the problem not obvious to the general crowd became an advantage when he found the ‘real reasons’ for the client’s frequent change requests. By calming the nerves of the Chief Technology officer and offering an insight on how they were ahead of the competition, the disruptive behavior of the client stopped.

In the narrative, the candidate is careful not to put the client in a negative light. Instead, he takes extra effort in imagining their worldview. This skill of recognizing problems beyond what is verbalized became an asset. The Employer promoted the client from Technology Consulting to a Project Consulting role. Although the two years in the role was satisfying, the applicant’s insatiable thirst to solve multi-industrial problems has not been met. NYU Stern MBA’s experiential learning in Consulting is pointed out as the major reason for choosing the program.


In this example, the applicant shares how his passion for math sparked an interest in Finance and a career with Goldman Sachs. Although aware of the career path – short-term and long-term with the current role, the applicant cites a transformation that is happening in the industry as a major motivator to upgrade his skills.

By comparing the revolutionizing force of the internet in the mid-90s with the trifecta of AI, Blockchain, and automated processes, the applicant is making an argument of taking a break from the career and upgrading his skills on an emergency basis. The applicant then commends NYU Stern’s thought leadership in customizing the curriculum to incorporate FinTech as one of the 25 specializations.

In the concluding paragraphs, the applicant shares how emerging economies have yet to find a free-flow of deals despite innovation in fund-raising platforms. With the experiential learning modules, the applicant plans to develop hands-on experience necessary to understand the financial, cultural and governance issues in these economies. Through the skill enhancement, FinTech specialization and experiential learning, the...

Q) I want to enter Technology post-MBA. Which program in the US is best to enter the industry?How good is NYU Stern’s Tech MBA?

NYU Stern’s Tech MBA is part of the two one-year MBA programs that the team announced in 2017.  Until the first batch of Tech MBA finds opportunities, the verdict on the program’s effectiveness is still out.

One way to look beyond the employment report is to analyze three influencers: New York as a post-MBA location for Technology, the curriculum’s effectiveness, and NYU Stern Full-time MBA’s history in Technology recruitment.

New York as a Post-MBA Location for Technology

The cliché that you should be close to the opportunity is a cliché because there is truth to the statement. Now with new means to raise capital (cryptocurrency and ICO), Entrepreneurs entering technology can work from anywhere but Silicon Valley’s thriving technology eco-system and the fact that from the top 10 Technology Companies in the world, 7 are from California, the influence becomes apparent.

Silicon Alley

Many Venture Capitalists mocked Silicon Alley as a cheap imitation of Silicon Valley. But the latest Census of Employment and Wages in New York shows that the vast majority of employments (86%) are in the Silicon Alley...

True to its reputation, NYU Stern attracted the most offers in the Financial Services industry (35.3%) with Investment Banking (28.2%) the most popular sub-group in the industry. Consulting was the second most popular industry (28.5%) while for the third position it is a close race between Consumer Packaged Goods and Technology/Telecommunication, both attracting 8-9% of the class. Candidates followed the post-MBA salary, as is evident from the total salary where Consulting ($166,904) and Financial Services ($166,707) fetched the best pay. As expected, the lowest paid industry was non-profit ($92,500 – total salary). However, other industries crossed the $100,000 total salary but surprisingly the median base salary for Media/Entertainment was $95,000 despite New York’s stronghold as a media hub. The transition from traditional to social media is evident from the lower demand and compensation in the media industry.

NYU Stern MBA Salary by Industry

Finance was the most popular job function with a total salary of $161,767 with a large percentage opting for Investment Banking that attracted over $172,000 in total salary.


Essay 1: Professional Aspirations (750 word maximum, double-spaced, 12-point font)

Why pursue an MBA (or dual degree) at this point in your life?
What actions have you taken to determine that Stern is the best fit for your MBA experience?
What do you see yourself doing professionally upon graduation?

Stern MBA Essay Tips

Approaching Stern MBA essay is little different from how you approach Stanford or Wharton essays. NYU Stern is among a handful of schools where grades take precedence over the whole experience. If you have referred the ‘Study Abroad Courses’ section, you might have learned that the courses taken during the exchange has no contribution towards your grade.

Stern also has strict guidelines on maintaining the 35-40-25% ratio for grades or what is known as the NYU Stern grading curve. According to the guideline professors are required to give A and A- grade to only 35% of the class – the top percentile, B and B- to 40% of the class – the majority and C and lower to 25% of the class.

NYU Stern Grading System
Career Stagnation

98% of the applicant will cite this reason for pursuing an MBA, and rightly so. It is...

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