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When the cost of a Full-time MBA program is comparatively lower, it would also mean the post-MBA salary would follow the same pattern. The base salary is a respectable $115,000 but when it comes down to choosing between top MBA programs, do not go by cost. Use net present value as we have demonstrated in our research guide.

If you can manage to reduce the borrowing cost, bet on the post-MBA salary and diversity of career choices. UCLA Anderson is heavily biased towards Technology, Consulting, and Finance – a pattern we have seen in other programs based in California.

UCLA MBA Salary by Industry

Candidates entering the Financial Services sector led the earnings chart with $172,000 total median salary, primarily attributed by a $47,500 signing bonus. Consulting leads with a mean base salary of $135,000, ahead of Financial Services ($125,000) and Technology ($117,000).


UCLA Anderson MBA WaitlistUCLA Anderson is one of the top Business Schools in the US.  Depending on the application cycle (Round 1, Round 2), the competition during the year, and the application volume in competing schools (USC Marshall and Haas), there is a high likelihood that you will be waitlisted if:

a) You don't have the required professional work experience (4-5 years)

b) You score below the class median (GMAT, GPA)

c) Your Quant score is below par (Remember MBA programs are quant heavy. You have to demonstrate excellence with your GMAT scores or your undergraduate quant courses)

d)  You are from Arts/Creative arts background with limited Quant courses (also your GMAT Quant scores are not competitive)

e) Your profile doesn't stand out (limited community service, and leadership experience)

f) Your past successes are mediocre compared to the competing profiles with similar background (undergraduate degree, nationality, or years of experience)

The UCLA Anderson MBA Admission team has shared the waitlist guidelines for...

Round    Application deadline      Interview       Decision released
1             22 October '14                by invitation     28 January '15
2             07 January '15                by invitation     02 April '15
3             15 April '15                     by invitation      03 June '15

Round 1 and 2 are equal in competitiveness. However, Round 3 is more competitive. Early Round applicants will have greater number of available fellowships.


Essay Question for 2014-15 UCLA MBA has been released.

Required Essay Question

UCLA Anderson is distinguished by three defining principles: Share Success, Think Fearlessly, Drive Change. What principles have defined your life and pre-MBA career? How do you believe that UCLA Anderson's principles, and the environment they create will help you attain your post-MBA career goals? (750 words maximum)

OPTIONAL ESSAY: The following essay is optional. No preference is given in the evaluation process to applicants who submit an optional essay. Please note that we only accept written essays.

Are there any extenuating circumstances in your profile about which the Admissions Committee should be aware? (250 words maximum)

RE-APPLICANTS - ONE REQUIRED ESSAY: Reapplicants who applied for the class entering in fall 2013 or 2014 are required to complete the following essay:

Please describe your career progress since you last applied and ways in which you have enhanced your candidacy. Include updates on short-term and long-term career goals, as well as your continued interest in UCLA Anderson. (750...

UCLA MBA Essay TipsUCLA Anderson has released the essays for 2014-15 admissions season. There is only one mandatory question this year. In this UCLA Essay Tips and Strategies article, we will cover the key characteristics that the AdCom is looking in an applicant. We will also give you specific tips on answering this mandatory question.

Essay: UCLA Anderson is distinguished by three defining principles: Share Success, Think Fearlessly, Drive Change. What principles have defined your life and pre-MBA career? How do you believe that UCLA Anderson's principles, and the environment they create will help you attain your post-MBA career goals? (750 words maximum)

Before going into how you would articulate your principles, understand what UCLA’s three defining principles mean:

a) Share Success

Although most successful management professionals profess about giving back, many don’t follow through. For Business Schools, picking candidates who have a sense of community is...

Part Time MBA 2This is the second part of the series – Best Part Time MBA programs. If you have missed the first part, read Best Part Time MBA Programs - Part 1 (Kellogg & NYU Stern)

3) University of Chicago (Booth)

Booth offers working professionals a flexible, Part-time MBA program that has a unique international edge. The International MBA Degree (IMBA) adds onto the typical Booth MBA, with five international business courses, one term studied in a foreign country, and proficiency in a language other than English. The International Business Exchange Program (IBEP) allows students to study one academic quarter at one of 21 countries, chosen from 33 partner schools.

Course Duration: The course can be completed in 2.5 – 5 years, and has two schedule options, weekend and weekday. Students from one stream can take classes in the other, and can even attend Full-time MBA courses....

UCLA MBA is a two year MBA program with a difference. Unlike other Business Schools where you have to mandatorily complete the core courses, Anderson allows students to customize the core curriculum according to their post-MBA goals.

UCLA MBA program focus is on four key elements: Leadership and Communication Skills, Building strong Business fundamentals, developing expertise in a chosen area and effective experiential learning.

Leadership and Communication Skills: The focus on leadership development is evident with the initial self-assessment where UCLA MBA students are asked to assess their leadership strengths and weaknesses. Once the students have a clear idea on where they stand, a comprehensive plan is created to overcome the weaknesses. Communication is also given equal importance with the Management Communications Course, which spans over two quarters.

Business Fundamentals: The customized core curriculum allows UCLA MBA students to complete the essential courses according to their post-MBA goals. Students are guided to choose core courses based on their internship plan. If the student is interested in consulting/marketing, core...

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