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In the second example, we look at the example of a candidate who was part of a four-nationality team for an online flight booking giant. With a universal customer booking form that worked for customers of all nationalities, the unique problem of ‘Dutch’ customers habitually using nicknames, became an identification nightmare for the airport authorities. The narrative demonstrates how the team’s diverse cultural exposure helped them find a permanent solution for a pressing problem.

Sample Cambridge MBA Essay – Teamwork and lessons learned (191 words) (Value of Cultural Diversity)

Working with the Dutch Travel website - <x>, our team of four – one Indian, one American, one Dutch and one south African, faced an unusual problem. Despite a universal flight booking form that works in all countries, a large section of Dutch customers was not entering correct and complete information in the flight booking form, leading to the non-identification of the customer at Gate.

I and my friend from the US responded by ...

The problem didn’t subside. ...

In the first example, we narrate the example of a candidate who is leading a dysfunctional high-performing team. As the third team lead to manage the complex dynamics and motivation of the team, the candidate felt the pressure to get things right. Through informal listening sessions, the candidate’s first attempt at leadership began. Understanding the ambition and creative aspirations helped the candidate turn around the team from warring factions to a cohesive team motivated to help the smartphone giant regain its lost glory.

Sample Cambridge MBA Essay – Teamwork and lessons learned (198 words) (Matching Responsibilities with Ambition and Purpose)

A diligent leader who brought two warring factions into a cohesive team was replaced by a person, who couldn’t find harmony between the nuanced preferences of the team and the client expectations. As the third attempt at leading the team, I took the role as the project lead for the advertising team – the first time in my career. The team’s tendency for dynamic flaring made me nervous but <x’s> ambition to regain the market share in the global smartphone market from 1% to the highs of 40%..


In this example, we cite the example of a consultant working for the government of India to decode the high open defecation. Applying complex data models, the candidate and his team came up with a formula that involved attacking the problem in three areas – infrastructure, awareness, and project allocation. The extensive study and analysis led to the recommendation to prioritize an infrastructure-driven solution. However, the candidate failed to decode the complexity of Indian culture and their deeply held beliefs. The lessons learned is an interesting perspective for solutions that is increasingly reliant on data and not enough on creativity, cultures, and beliefs.

Sample Cambridge MBA Essay - Learned from your most spectacular failure? (194 words) (Reducing Open Defecation and the complexity of cultural beliefs)

2014 was a challenging year for the India government with open defecation as high as 65% - highest in the world. Corruption in constructing toilets was rampant. The government of India called on us to offer a solution. I led the data modeling, where past failures were built into the analysis. Our solution prioritized the construction of toilets and developing an open-bid system for contractors as a solution to reduce corruption. The approach led to a 26% decrease in open defecation....

If you have analyzed the curriculum of the top 50 MBA programs like how we have done, Strategy has slowly become an integral part of the core curriculum. Ten years back, the electives were filled with Strategy courses while core focused exclusively on Finance, Accounting, and Operations. Cambridge MBA also has embraced the demand to build a strong foundation in strategy. Any narrative that showcases your awareness that Strategy is equally important as functional knowledge, leadership, and communication would help you align with the goals essay.

Be careful not to reveal failures that show carelessness or poor perception of market dynamics.

In this example, we cite the example of a marketer who was entrusted with increasing the sign up of their tax planning software with intuitive design, clear value proposition, and easy to read statements on privacy. What started as an excellent tweaking exercise is pushed to its limit with the pressure from the CEO to increase cash flow. The applicant cleverly takes ownership of the ‘spectacular failure.’

Sample Cambridge MBA Essay - Learned from your most spectacular failure? (200 words) (Marketing)...

In this example, we witness the journey of a growth marketer who found tremendous success early in his career by helping a start-up achieve its first growth milestone ($100M revenue). The experience of contributing both on the creative and analytic side of marketing is cited to demonstrate the candidate’s unique skill and mindset. The only doubt in his impressive career is sprinkled into the narrative while meeting the product manager. Unlike the marketing team that is called ‘after’ the product is developed, the product management team knows the pulse of the customer’s changing demands and preferences. More importantly, the interactions and motivations are authentic, unlike marketing, where the goal is to create desire with creativity. The process felt artificial for the candidate’s multi-faceted interests and skillset.

Cambridge MBA’s curriculum is quoted in a unique way to demonstrate how the candidate plans to achieve his short-term and long-term goals.

Sample Cambridge MBA Essay 3: Goals (500 Words) (Technology)

Starting my career in a 10-member start-up as a growth marketer and enabling them to achieve their first $100M revenue targets was the biggest learning curve in my career. I...

In this example, we look at the challenges faced by a candidate who is a Sales representative serving the crucial oncology market. The narrative starts with the exciting developments in the market with specific of the growth in the industry and the pipeline of products in drug development that would revolutionize the treatment of cancer. The candidate also shares the consequence of not reaching to the right stakeholders.

After quickly narrating the growth from a sales representative to the regional head of sales, the candidate postulates how her interest, culminating from the interactions with decision-makers and extensive research on the market, has transitioned from Sales to Consulting.

She believes that with a role in consulting, her contribution would be more impactful. By citing the relevant Cambridge MBA curriculum and experiences, the candidate affirms her belief that an MBA is necessary for her short-term and long-term goals.

Sample Cambridge MBA Essay 2: Goals (447 Words) (Sales to Consulting)

Starting my career as an Oncology sales representative...

In this example, the applicant shares how he was first introduced to the energy sector with a machine learning project. The engagement drew the candidate to the complex energy infrastructure systems where distribution was synonymous with inefficiency. Through contribution to the IEEE Austin team, the candidate was instrumental in introducing a standard for Internet of Things (IoT) protocols that integrated smart metering, grids, and appliances with the potential benefit replicated in the implementation of smart cities. Excited at the prospect of witnessing technology as a change-enabler, the candidate quickly realized the value of ‘finance’ and ‘understanding regulation,’ in scaling the project. The collaboration with a consultant for an investment firm is the impetus for the idea to switch from technology to investment management.

Cambridge’s unique concentration-based 1-year MBA program, world-class research, and the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance is a combination that persuaded the candidate to apply for the program.

Sample Cambridge MBA Essay 1: Goals (477 Words) (Technology to Finance)

Having worked with an energy giant in developing a machine...

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