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Stanford GSB MBA Application Deadlines for the Class of 2022(Entering Fall 2020) has been announced.There are three rounds of deadlines spread across September, January and April.

Application Deadlines for Class of 2022 (Entering Fall 2020)

                   Deadline           Decision         
Round 1    12 Sep 2019     12 Dec 2019
Round 2    09 Jan 2020...

Some motivations to switching from one job function to another could happen in the midst of a high-stakes project.

For this Sample Essay, we use a profile of a Private Equity Analyst who found her interest in operations while wandering into a Coffee shop.

First Section:
In this example, the applicant was stuck at Heathrow Airport waiting for a transit flight. To kill time, she began browsing through the luxury and souvenir shop. At the end of the hunt, as a reward, she entered a coffee shop. Immediately, her attention was caught on the operational efficiency of the barista and the server. Noticing an efficiency gap, the applicant does a mental calculation of the loss the coffee chain is accumulating from a seemingly insignificant operational glitch.

Second Section:
The excessive attention on operations became an epiphany for the applicant’s transitioning interest. Although the applicant is in the middle of a high-stake Private Equity (PE) project, her interest lied in operations. A follow-up discussion with the CEO leads to a decision to pursue an MBA and make the transition.

Third Section:
Stanford’s General Management focus and leadership development in the core are quoted as the reasons for selecting the program. The applicant then cites the face to face client meetings as instrumental in questioning her assumptions on the Financial models that...

The fictitious technology applicant from Zimbabwe takes us to the desperation of a country where cash is everything. The hyperinflation that decimated the lives of Zimbabweans is the backstory when the applicant was seeking fund for gaining admission to MIT.

The moment of hopelessness is a moment of reflection for the applicant on the value he holds most dear – freedom.

Following the lengthy negotiation with money changers, he witnesses the student from his non-profit, selling oranges on the street. Demand for US dollars in the middle to the high-income family has a devastatingly negative impact on the impoverished class.

Watching the life of a bright student squandered in the street prompts the applicant to dream of a cryptocurrency that works for the most vulnerable in the society. The idea was in development by a South African entrepreneur <z>, who found a new form of cryptocurrency that has no cost but is driven by incentivized marketing that works on the principles of the network effect.

The last couple of paragraphs is a journey of betrayal, self-doubt and a search to fight and claim back Zimbabwe’s lost glory with the help of Stanford.

Sample Essay A: What matters most to you, and why? (748 Words)(Freedom and Commitment)

When a nation...

The fictitious applicant working in FinTech starts with a narrative on his childhood at the heartland of India in a remote village where the culture embraced tradition and looked down on risk-taking. Amidst the hostile attitude towards businessperson, his father established a thriving trading business. The constant interaction with customers from the port cities brought in the value of exploring, learning, and optimizing.

The family was embracing the newfound value when at the age of 6, the applicant experienced an epileptic seizure that prompted the Doctors in issuing a stern warning against any sudden change in the environment. Ignoring the warnings, his father moved the family to Mumbai – the commercial capital of India for a life that the applicant had not experienced before.

The applicant contrasts the experience of a village and a city life. He credits the school - <z> for giving him the diversity of experience. The applicant experienced an absurd range of conversations with friends from all socio-economic background. That experience is cited as the foundation for his multi-cultural view and sensitivity to understand the problems of peers from all economic status.

This familiarity is hinted as the reason for him to hold on to the class monitor role from grade 4th to grade 8th. The applicant shares the burden of maintaining the image of a 'leader.’ The act of asking...

It is not easy to answer "What matters most to you, and why" for Stanford MBA Essays. You have to think holistically and organize your life events to answer this question.

Essay A requires a more in-depth analysis of your personality. Most of you might not have done that and self-reflection can lead to a biased interpretation of your life. That is why we have demonstrated how to use the Big Five Model. We are never one personality type but taking the test we have covered in the Essay Guide will give you plenty of starting points to write the "What Matters most to you" essay.

Additionally, we have included a 740-word Sample Essay.

Essay B
connects your motivation and personality type (captured in Essay A) to ideal post-MBA career. With Stanford MBA's Curriculum, Experiential Learning and Entrepreneurial eco-system, no goals are far-off. Read our Curriculum Analysis. We are providing numerous perspectives on how each course will be valuable for your career. Quote them but rephrase the analysis.

What you can expect from the Stanford MBA Essay Guide

1) The Essay Guide will also help you brainstorm events and achievements that are relevant for Stanford GSB MBA Admission
2) The Guide will also analyze the qualities that Stanford Business School is seeking and help you present...

Essay B: Why Stanford? (400 Words)

When 16% of the latest graduating MBA class is planning to start a new Business, but more affirmatively, not actively searching for a job where the compensation is as high as $300,000, you have to realize that it is not just the idea that is driving this group towards Entrepreneurship.

Since the 1930s, Stanford Entrepreneurs have founded companies that generated revenues of $2.7 trillion annually while creating 5.4 million jobs. 55% of the entrepreneurs chose Stanford because of its entrepreneurial environment.

Google, Hewlett-Packard, and Cisco Systems are among the 39,900 companies that originated from Stanford. If we combine them as a country, it will be the #10 economy in the world.

Read our analysis of Stanford MBA Curriculum for Entrepreneurship (Stanford Ignite, Stanford Entrepreneurship Network, Stanford Venture Studio, StartX, Stanford Technology...

Essay B: Why Stanford?

Why Stanford Essay Section 1: You have to explain the tradeoff in the number of years to gain leadership experience vs. the 2-year MBA, and preferably quote the example of one of the Alumni, who made the transition, with the Stanford MBA program.

Why Stanford Essay Section 2: Go to the specifics by quoting Stanford MBA core courses. Mention one of the courses: Leadership Labs, Managing Groups and Teams and Strategic Leadership - and explain how it will help you acquire a new life skill.

Why Stanford Essay Section 3: Cover the experiential learning program in Stanford MBA. Explain how you will leverage the Global Management Immersion Experience (GMIX) experience to work in one of the industries as diverse as energy, international development, finance, healthcare, consumer products, media and entertainment, technology, and telecommunications, and broaden your understanding of how government, non-profits, and corporates operate.

Why Stanford Essay Section 4: Conclude by explaining your interest in Stanford GSB Clubs. Highlight one hobby-based...

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