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Most top 30 schools offer free money or what we all know as fellowship. The amount could range from $10,000 to $50,000 per year with top schools offering upwards of $45,000. Most accepted students would receive the $10,000+ annual fellowship fund with no strings attached. Before you go into the process of optimizing your pitch for ‘more’ fellowship or scholarship fund, here are some strategic insights you must have.

1) Relative Competitiveness

Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Columbia and MIT are equally competitive for all top applicants. Not just because of the quality of the class, the curriculum structure and the reputation among recruiters, they are also among the most generous schools when it comes to fellowship funds. However, if you are desperate to get out of the current job function/industry and pursue opportunities in the US, the UK or Europe, in a role that matches your aptitude, an MBA program in the 10 to 30 ranking might have become a feasible option. Understanding where your profile stands among the peers for the school would help you develop the strategy.

Response Time: A big hint is how the...
Categories : Fellowships, Scholarships

Scholarship vs Fellowship MBA
In the broadest definition, fellowship is handed out for research, while scholarship is awarded to cover the tuition fee in an educational institution. But for Business Schools, especially MBA programs the definition is different. The confusion arises because the difference is not consistent across schools. However, both fellowship, and scholarships are tax free, and are used to cover the tuition fee, partially or completely.

Here are the major difference between Fellowship and Scholarship

a) More than Money

Fellowship not only offers financial support based on the need of the candidate, it also opens up doors to mentors, alumni, and other leaders in Business. Scholarship on the other hand focuses on covering the tuition fee based on need and academic profile.

b) Selection Criteria

The criteria for Scholarship are need and merit based, and not based on nationality, background or future commitment of the candidate. Individuals, corporation, or associations induct fellowships, and the criteria are designed according to the goals of each entity. Some corporate fellowship requires candidates to work in a...

Stanford MBA Africa Fellowship ProgramAfrica is often not targeted by top Business Schools when it comes to MBA Admissions. But Stanford Graduate School of Business fellowship program, started in 2013, shows that the trend is changing. Schools have now realized that the next wave of growth will be in Africa, and the region requires trained management professionals. To meet this need, and to encourage management students to work in this region and contribute towards the economic and social development of this region, Stanford GSB has announced The Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship Program.

Amount: US$140,000

No of Awards: 8

Requirement: Within 2 Years of graduating from Stanford GSB, Students should work in Africa for 2 Years

For Details, visit Stanford GSB Africa Fellowship Page

Columbia Business School's Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship Program supports students who want to dedicate their summer internships for social or environmental causes. It was started in 1989 and enjoys wide support among the Columbia community. These fellowships may be in the US or at an international location.  Fellows assist organizations with their highly valued skills and their contributions may include marketing & product strategies, start-up business plans, strategic planning, financial analysis, performance evaluation and operational improvements.

Eligible Organizations could be nonprofits, for-profit social ventures, NGOs, public sector organizations or even a social VC firm. The company must have a well-defined environmental or social purpose. The company is expected to contribute a portion of the student's pay, as they gain top class MBA talent that they otherwise would not have afforded. The school raises funds during the fellowship fundraising week from faculty, alumni and other supporters. Potential and past fellows are also expected to volunteer, during the week to help raise funds.

Students are considered eligible if they have finished at least one term of the core MBA program. 1st and 2nd year students can both apply, but priority is given to freshers. The program supports full-time internships that last 6 to 10 weeks. Students get a...

Stanford GSB provides fellowships and loans based on financial need. However, for candidates who need loan on a non-need basis to cover their expenses, Stanford team will arrange private lenders.

The MBA Admissions team advises against part-time jobs during Stanford MBA program. Here is what they had to say:

“Due to the rigorous nature of the MBA curriculum, you should not rely on part-time work to defray the cost of the program. The GSB does not offer college work-study. Rarely, research and/or teaching assistantships are offered to MBA students”


1) Stanford GSB Fellowships

Eligibility: All Nationalities

Criteria: Demonstrate Need

How Need is calculated?

Need = Budget - assets+income+contribution from parents, friends, employers and outside fellowships

The Financial Aid Office also performs analysis of all assets both liquid and non-liquid, when determining the eligibility.

Please note that the loans are not considered when evaluating the fellowship need.

How to Apply: No separate application required but you...

SKOLKOVO MBAMoscow School of Management SKOLKOVO has announced a 40000 Euro fellowship for Women candidates joining the SKOLKOVO MBA programme in 2012-13. With the core aim to develop Businesswomen, the Women’s association in partnership with Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO is looking for ambitious Leaders/Entrepreneurs, who can bring to life new, outstanding, dynamic projects in the sphere of commercial, social or private-state entrepreneurship.

No of Scholarship(s): 1

Amount: Euro 40000


1) Women between the age of 21-35
2) Pass the SKOLKOVO MBA entrance examinations and should be admitted to SKOLKOVO MBA 2012-13 One year program.
3) Citizens from any country can take part in the contest. There are no restrictions on nationality, region or citizenship.
4) Graduate degree
5) 2-3 year managerial experience (or experience similar to entrepreneurial activity)
6) Good Knowledge of English

Merit-based scholarships and assistantships

No of Awards: More than half of the students receive merit-aid
Amount: $5,000 to full tuition.
Note: No additional application is necessary.

  • Academic performance
  • GMAT scores
  • Professional experience
  • Application strength

Dean’s Fellowships


  • Work experience
  • GMAT
  • Performance during their undergraduate program
  • Leadership potential
  • ...

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