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Darden MBA CurriculumDarden First Year MBA Program covers core courses in Management Communication, Global Economies and Markets, Financial Management and Policies, Accounting for Managers, Marketing, Operations Management, Leading Organizations, Decision Analysis, Business Ethics, and strategic thinking and Action. The core courses are mandatory and required by all MBA students. This builds the Foundation for the electives and internships. Interestingly, the courses are developed from real cases that allow students to form Business and decision making skills.

Darden has made Case Study Method an integral part of teaching MBA students. During the two-year course duration, more than 500 real-life Business Problems are discussed and solutions developed. The purpose behind case study method is to provide limited information about a problem, and let students make decisions under the guidance of faculty members. This exercise develops and strengthens leadership and communication skills. Making decisions with limited information and uncertainty is a skill that most C-Level executives develop over time. Students will get a sneak peek into making such decisions. Like in any team, students cannot dictate their decisions. They have to...

Most European Full-time MBA programs are 10-15 months in duration. You have to have a clear understanding on what to expect before joining the MBA program. On an average you would be investing Euro 30000 per year for a European MBA program, excluding the living cost. It is essential that you research thoroughly about the curriculum.

The Full-time MBA curriculum are structured around four learning methodologies:

1) Simultaneous Learning: Curriculum designed for simultaneous learning has an early emphasis on internships and practical learning.  One good example is the Hilary Term in Oxford Said MBA program.

The Hilary Term in Oxford Said MBA program has an interesting structure.  After 18 Weeks of theory, the 19th Week introduces students to the Entrepreneurship project, followed by project assessment.

During the Entrepreneurship project, students have to develop a complete business plan in one week and present it during assessment to a panel of venture capitalists. All the dependent activities like Patents, Cash Flow projections and strategy should be ready before the assessment.

2) Theory Focussed Learning: These MBA program focus on providing an in-depth knowledge about various...

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