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Post MBA Job Trends

France's Management Consulting industry is on a four-year winning streak with double-digit growth in revenue (11.2%) for the year 2017-18. Strategy - the favorite for most MBA candidates, was the most popular niche serving clients in Financial Services, Public Administration, Energy, and Industry, with Financial Services growing its market share from 30 to 32%.
France's Management Consulting industry is on a four-year winning streak with double-digit growth in revenue (11.2%) for the year 2017-18. Strategy - the favorite for most MBA candidates, was the most popular niche serving clients in Financial Services, Public Administration, Energy, and Industry, with Financial Services growing its market share from 30 to 32%.

top managmeent consulting companies in France

The industry continues to be the most sought after by candidates from France’s top MBA programs. For instance, INSEAD specializes in placing close to half of the candidates (49%) to Management Consulting while HEC Paris attracts offers that encourage 21% of the class to choose the industry.  

The opportunities in MC is independent of the GDP...

Even though before the 70s crisis, France was looking at Nuclear Energy as an alternative to Oil & Gas, the event accelerated the adoption of Nuclear Energy as the primary source despite the majority of the Uranium exported from Canada and Niger.

France Annual GDP Growth Rate LatestFrance – the fifth largest economy in the world had a cyclic dip and growth in the past 17 years. More recently with the Global Financial crisis, France endured at a much better rate (-2.9%) over its European counterparts - Germany and UK where the economies shrunk by 5.6% and 4.3% respectively. Although France is a hybrid economy with Socialist values, the 1983 economic crisis pushed the government to large-scale privatization, which continued for over two decades leading the govt. to sell stakes in global brands that include Air France and Renault.


When President Macron is on a global messaging tour of 'Make Earth Green again', a statistic that shed into the realities of France's energy independence becomes clear - 75% of the electricity produced in the country is from Nuclear.

The move away from Oil & Gas started in full-force after the...

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Post-MBA Best Salary 2015GMAC has released the 2015 Alumni Perspective Survey report that took into consideration survey results from 12,000 Business School Alumni for participants graduating from 1959 to 2014. Careers were categorized into Entry level, Mid-level, Senior level, Executive level, C-suite, Self-employed, and Retired.

Career Advancement for Alumni - 10 years, 20 Years, 30 Years and over 40 Years after graduation follows a similar trajectory with:

a) 11% of the class reaching C-Level position after 20 Years of Graduation

b) 43% of the class reaching Senior Level position within 10 Years

c) 21% of the class reaching Executive level position in 10 Years

d) Majority of the recent graduates (51%) entered mid-level position, over the past 7 years.

Best Post-MBA Region

90% of the alumni were satisfied with their increased earning potential, and 79% of them believe that their salary is competitive. Regions with the best earning potential arranged in increasing order include:

1) Central and South Asia ($30,000 to $50,000)

2) Latin America ($30,000 to $100,000)

3) Africa/Middle East ($70,000 to $190,000)...

LBS MBA Employment Trend
London Business School has published the 2012 MBA employment report. There are some interesting findings. Here is the summary of the major trends in LBS MBA Employment:

1) 92% of MBAs found employment within three months of graduation
2) Corporate Sector attracted the most students – 35% of the class
3) 53% of Students chose to work abroad
4) Major Recruiters from China have for the first time visited London Business School for recruitment
5) Post-MBA Median Base Salary for the class of 2012 was $110,000

About the Employment Report

The 2012 LBS MBA Employment report is based on data collected from 400 students with an average age of 28 years with 5 years of average work experience, represented predominantly (31%) by European students excluding UK, followed by Asia(20%) and North America(14%). UK students represented 11% of the class.

The largest representation of the pre-MBA class is from the corporate sector (41%) followed by Finance (30%) and Consulting 29%.

Post-MBA Employment Sectors

The largest section of the class (35%) of the class chose corporate sector, followed by Consulting (33%) and...

ISB MBA Placement trends
Indian School of Business (ISB) published the 2014 placement report for the PGP program. Placement for the Class of 2014 has shown a positive trend, after a small slump in 2013. The stabilization of the economy, and student’s willingness to consider sectors beyond the traditional – consulting, banking and IT, has influenced this trend.

Here is the summary of the report:

1) 1.15 offers per student in 2014 against 1.07 offers per student in 2013. The number of offers has increased by 7.9%, and the offers per student increased by .08.

2) Mid-80% of the ISB Class earned an Average Domestic Salary of Rs 1815964 in 2014 against 2013’s Rs 1741081, a 4.3% hike.

3) Industry wise, IT sector, Consulting & Pharma offered the most job offers with 28%, 20%, & 9% of all offers, respectively.

4) Unlike last year when consulting was leading the placements, this year IT/ITES industry has made a resurgence with 28% of all offers.

5) The drop in consulting offers can be attributed to the slide in the companies recruiting from ISB. Compared to 423 companies registered in 2013, only 350 companies, a 17% drop.


ISB PGP Placement ReportISB (Indian School of Business) has published the placement report for 2013. We have seen some interesting placement trends over the years. Here is the summary of the report:

1)1.07 offers per student in 2013 against 1.09 offers per student in 2012. Although the number of offers has increased by 29%, the offer per student has dropped this year.

2) Average Domestic Salary in 2013 was INR 1741081 against INR 1792715 in 2012.

3) Industry wise, IT sector, & Banking offered the most job offers with 37% & 9% of all offers, respectively.
4) Consulting continues to take up a large chunk of offers at 21% in 2013. However, there has been a 9% drop in the total percentage of offers in this industry, compared to 2012.

Post-PGP Industry Trends

Banking sector has shown great interest in ISB PGP students with 75 offers (9% of all offers). This is a 5% growth compared to 2012. ISB PGP students have attracted a large section of companies from IT Sector over the past 5 years. From 20% of all offers in 2009, the total offers have increased to 37% in 2013.

Post-PGP Job Function Trends

Top MBA DestinationsHappiness is not a long-term goal for most MBA aspirants. It is not part of the narrative in application essays. Most cite reaching an executive level as one of the long-term goals. The daily responsibilities of overseeing the company’s growth, handling competition, and developing strategies to gain market share are part of the responsibilities that make the position attractive.

Unfortunately, the truth is that looking at long-term goals with a narrow scope is detrimental in what can be achieved with an MBA. The location post-MBA is crucial. With a global job market, MBAs are not looking to settle down in host countries post-MBA; they are looking for a higher standard of living, social consciousness, and the right environment to raise a family.

Happiness should be a factor for Business School ranking, and an MBA should not be evaluated just from an ROI point of view. Interestingly, the latest World Happiness Report highlights some of the factors that are important for MBAs before they consider post-MBA job locations to settle down.

Six factors that influence happiness of a country are...

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