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It is that time of the year when click bait articles try to induce fear in the minds of MBA Applicants about the decline of MBA and the infeasibility of post-MBA jobs in the US due to visa rule changes and change in global demand. The fear mongering is furthest from the truth. In fact, the most consistent demand for our consulting and editing services has been for top MBA programs in the US (Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Wharton, Columbia, Kellogg, Booth and Stern).

Rarely does Canadian Schools – despite the supportive visa rules trump US schools when it comes to demand or interest. And for many valid reasons.

1) Distribution of Business Schools

If you choose the top 100 MBA programs in the world 55 to 70% of them are distributed in the US with a rising number of world-class schools emerging from China. The UK is the only other country that is considered the second option for most competent applicants. Naturally, International applicants have little choice but to target top MBA programs in the US...
Categories : MBA in USA, Top MBA

UPenn's Wharton School vs. Columbia Business SchoolAlthough Wharton has a slight advantage over Columbia in terms of history and reputation, the demand from our readers to do a detailed analysis allowed us to dig deeper into 8 comparison factors: location, ranking, cost, funding, incoming class, curriculum, experiential learning, and post-MBA opportunities.


Columbia Business School is located in Manhattan, New York City(NYC). The City is number 1 in the US and the world in terms of GMP and attracts professional in Banking & Finance, real estate, advertising, media, and retail.

Wharton School is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Although Philadelphia is 4th in the US, and 8th in the world, in terms of cities by GDP, the newly evolving service and IT industry will soon replace the Financial industry as a leading contributor. Choice of location depends on your post-MBA industry and...

Q) I have 5 years of experience in Technology as a Software Engineers. For the past couple of years, I was part of a healthcare project. My role switched from Technology to a Techno-functional role to now more as a subject matter expert. Initially, it was a challenge to get used to the new lexicon, but I am enjoying my new role and feel an MBA will help me make a complete transition in the industry as a Consultant. After initial research, I shortlisted MIT Sloan for the brand and the numerous hands-on experience offered in the Healthcare industry. Is an MBA from MIT Sloan a good idea for my post-MBA goal?

It is refreshing to see applicants researching based on their passion and not just post-MBA salary. I would recommend everyone to study up on their post-MBA industry, before even shortlisting their top 5 MBA programs.

60% of the questions that we get in our free MBA Admissions consulting session, start with, “my GMAT is x my GPA is y, what are my chances for z MBA program’. So thank you for the thoughtful question.

As a subject matter...

Q) I want to enter Technology post-MBA. Which program in the US is best to enter the industry?How good is NYU Stern’s Tech MBA?

NYU Stern’s Tech MBA is part of the two one-year MBA programs that the team announced in 2017.  Until the first batch of Tech MBA finds opportunities, the verdict on the program’s effectiveness is still out.

One way to look beyond the employment report is to analyze three influencers: New York as a post-MBA location for Technology, the curriculum’s effectiveness, and NYU Stern Full-time MBA’s history in Technology recruitment.

New York as a Post-MBA Location for Technology

The cliché that you should be close to the opportunity is a cliché because there is truth to the statement. Now with new means to raise capital (cryptocurrency and ICO), Entrepreneurs entering technology can work from anywhere but Silicon Valley’s thriving technology eco-system and the fact that from the top 10 Technology Companies in the world, 7 are from California, the influence becomes apparent.

Silicon Alley

Many Venture Capitalists mocked Silicon Alley as a cheap imitation of Silicon Valley. But the latest Census of Employment and Wages in New York shows that the vast majority of employments (86%) are in the Silicon Alley...

When did ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) become popular?

Before you ask whether a specialization MBA or Master's in Machine Learning is important, understand where it all began. Over 140 AI companies have been acquired since 2011 with the momentum on Mergers & Acquisitions peaking in 2016 resulting in 40 acquisitions, among which Google, Yahoo, Intel, Apple, and Salesforce, lead the pack.

Google with 11 acquisitions is leveraging technology to improve the search experience, new media technology, targeted advertising, and digital assistants for the Android OS.

The next wave of innovation is only restricted to tech giants as mid-sized companies and Businesses have yet to find value from AI to solve real-world problems.

California AI 2017 Snapshot

The real value of AI would be in FinTech

The authenticity of the founding story, the security risks, and the mass adoption of Bitcoin may be up for debate, but the technology behind the FinTech revolution – BlockChain as an alternative to the current cumbersome payment settlements is closer to reality. 15% of...

Haas vs Ross MBAThe 24-month General Management MBA program offered at Haas School of Business is built on leadership as the foundational skills. The school is also among the few top Business Schools with defining guiding principles – Student Always, Confidence without Attitude, Question the Status Quo and Beyond Yourself.

On the other end, Ross 2-year Full-time MBA program at University of Michigan's Ross School of Business is among the few schools that believe in hands-on learning over traditional lectures and case study. The global initiative, especially through the MAP (Multidisciplinary Action Projects), is exemplary in the depth of the experience that an experiential learning module should provide.

Class Profile

Ross leads in accepting more women applicants – in percentage and numbers while on International front, Haas accepts a larger percentage from other countries. The entry level for Haas is much higher with the average GMAT for the latest class at 725 – close to 10 points higher and undergraduate GPA averaging at 3.71 – 0.2 points higher than Ross.


Finance and Consulting were the two favorite industries before the 2008 crisis. Following the meltdown, recruiters from Technology began poaching MBA candidates from Finance background. The emergence of FinTech helped companies find talents in the intersection of the two industries. As applicants, it comes down to who offers the best base salary and guaranteed compensation. The total guaranteed compensation determines your ROI while the incoming class and the brand reputation among recruiters influence the number of offers.

Post-MBA Salary

Industry (Harvard MBA)

Harvard MBA program is known for the high median base salary. The latest class received $135,000 with 66% of them earning a median signing bonus of $25,000.

Consulting, Consumer Products, Investment Banking, and Consumer Electronics were particularly generous in offering signing bonus with the majority of candidates receiving guaranteed compensation in the range of $25,000 to $50,000.

Venture Capital/Leverage Buy Out/Private Equity
- the most popular sub-industry in Finance only offered 37% of its candidates a signing bonus. However, the Base Salary of $152,000 beats the Consulting median Base Salary, encouraging 41% of applicants to choose Financial Services...

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