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Masters in Cyber Security Olin Business SchoolSt. Louis School of Engineering & Applied Science, in partnership with Olin Business School, is launching a Master’s degree in Cyber Security Management for Fall 2013. The course is designed to offer professionals in Cyber Security and System Administrators with the skills to identify address and fix security issues in the workplace. The course will be administered by the Henry Edwin Sever Institute. It is designed for Chief Information Security Officers, CTOs, Cyber Security Experts, and senior system administrators.

The partnership with Olin Business School
would provide participants with insights on managing processes for security and in understanding the importance of intellectual property, and data for Businesses around the world.

Participants have to complete 36 units of graduate-level credits
from the Engineering School and Olin Business School. The applicants should have an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. Students will analyze and discuss various executive level case studies, and will be responsible for the management of an Information Security System that involve tasks such as planning, creating, testing and supporting the system....

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The 22-Month Olin Full-time MBA focuses on developing critical thinking and leadership skills. The biggest differentiating factor for Olin Full-time MBA is the number of elective courses offered to students. Nearly two-thirds of the courses (66 credit hours) offered are from electives. This allows MBA students to plan their curriculum according to their post-MBA goals.

The Core Courses include Financial Accounting, Strategic Cost Analysis, Financial Management, Strategic Management, Introduction to Management and Strategy, Critical Thinking and Impactful Communication, Fundamentals of Statistics, Managerial Economics, Managerial Statistics, Marketing Management, Foundations for Leadership Effectiveness, Leadership Development Workshop and Operations Management.

Olin Full-time MBA also provides access to Centre for Experiential Learning (CEL) that bring together students with entrepreneurs, non-profits and corporations, allowing students to provide consulting services for organizations. Students are also given the opportunity to work on The Taylor Community Consulting program that involves spending six weeks helping organizations reach their short-term goals. MBA students also explore challenges and opportunities in...

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Full-time MBA Application Deadlines for Olin Business School has been announced for the year 2011-12

                    Deadline           Notification on or before                               
Round 1      Oct 1, 2011          Dec 1, 2011
Round 2      Nov 15, 2011       Jan 15, 2012
Round 3      Jan  4, 2012        Mar 31, 2012
Round 4      Feb 15, 2012       Apr 15, 2012
Round 5      Apr 1, 2012         Jun 1, 2012
Round 6     Rolling Admissions after April 1, 2012

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