GMAT 800 - Toughest GMAT Questions

  • A newborn kangaroo, or joey, is born after a short gestation period of only 39 days. At this stage, the joey’s hind limbs are not well developed, but its forelimbs are well developed, so that it can can climb from the cloaca into its mother’s pouch for further development. The recent discovery that ancient marsupial lions were also born with only their forelimbs developed supports the hypothesis that newborn marsupial lions must also have needed to climb into their mothers’ pouches.

    The argument in this passage relies on which of the following assumptions?

    [A] All animals that are born after a short gestation period are born with some parts of their bodies underdeveloped.
    [B] Well developed...

  • Jay: "#IfObamaLoses trended on twitter for 4 hours on Oct 28th 2012. Therefore, Obama is likely to lose the election”

    Which statement weakens the argument presented by Jay?

    a) #IfObamaLoses was fourth in the twitter trending list

    b) #IfObamaLoses was trending when most of the American twitter users were asleep, hence the twitter trend represents a small minority of active users in the US.

    c) #IfObamaLoses was started by a news channel that is speculated to be the mouthpiece for the republican party

    d) #IfObamaLoses was started as a joke by a well-known democratic supporter

    e) #IfObamaLoses was used predominantly by the 18...

  • In the Business program at a university, all candidates for the MBA in International Business who entered the program after 1990 took a seminar on Microeconomics, and all candidates for the MBA in International Business who entered the program after 1994 took a seminar on Applied Economics.

    If a student in the Business program described above took a seminar on Microeconomics but did not take a seminar on Applied Economics, which of the following must be true?

    (A) The student entered the Business program prior to 1995.
    (B) The student entered the Business program after...

  • A leading board member of AutoSnip Co., makers of an automated home haircutting system, recently stated that the company was in terrible shape and headed for a disastrous year. His concern was that, since the introduction of the AutoSnip III last year, calls to the customer service line have nearly doubled, indicating that people are very unhappy with the new product. Although it's true that it is the job of responsible board members to raise issues of concern, in this case the board member's analysis of the situation is mistaken. The customer service line handles not only complaints but also sales, and the majority of the new calls have...

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