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The CBS MBA Admission Test is a computer-based test which assesses your skills in verbal critical reasoning and numerical critical reasoning.

• The numerical section consists of 21 multiple choice questions to be completed within 21 minutes.

• The verbal section consists of 30 multiple choice questions to be completed within 15 minutes

Numerical Critical Reasoning measures the ability to make correct decisions or inferences from numerical data. The tasks set and data presented are highly relevant to a range of high level management jobs.

You were allowed to use a calculator which further increased the relevance, and puts the emphasis clearly on understanding and evaluation rather than computation.

Verbal Critical Reasoning measures the ability to evaluate the logic of various kinds of arguments. The tasks set and the logic covered are designed to be relevant managerial work. The test consists of a series of passages followed by a number of questions. You are required to decide whether a statement made in...

"Two things that I find interesting in CBS Full-time MBA program are Leadership Discovery Process and A-board"

CBS MBA JapanF1GMAT: Tell us a little bit about yourself

Masami(CBS FT MBA): I am a 30 years old Japanese living in Copenhagen since 2007 and have been married to a wonderful Danish woman since 2010. I had been working in Denmark in a subsidiary of a Japanese electric manufacturing company as MD before the MBA program started.

I am experienced in managing a middle sized manufacturing company where employees from approximately 10 different nationalities work. I was actively involved with the management of human resource, supply chain, quality assurance and production control.

Currently, I am taking a one year full-time MBA program...

What are some of the unique courses offered in CBS Full-time MBA program? How will these courses help future managers?

Lee Milligan(MBA Admissions Manager):

Leadership Discovery Process:
Exercising Leadership engages one’s whole being. During the MBA, you will take a journey of personal and professional development with numerous opportunities to explore what leadership is and to develop your capacity to exercise it effectively and responsibly.

The objectives of the leadership discovery process is to develop an understanding of yourself, learn your true leadership style, and appreciate the differences in others and to enhance your ability to work with others in high-performing teams

CBS Full-time MBA Students will explore the following topics on Leadership

1) Psychology of motivation

lee MilliganF1GMAT: How do you go about finding the right MBA Program?  

Lee Milligan: The answer can be found in one word “research”.  You will be investing a huge amount in an MBA program; financially, time-wise and career-wise.  It is therefore vital for you to do as much personal research as possible to make the right choice for you.  In the MBA industry this is often know as the correct “fit”. 

1. Read all you can.  This includes brochures, websites,...

To be eligible for the Copenhagen(CBS) Full Time MBA program applicants should meet the following Entry Criteria:

1) The applicant should hold at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
2) At least two years of relevant, post-university, full-time professional work experience
3) Strong English proficiency
4) Good 
GMAT (minimum 550) or CBS Full Time MBA Admission Test scores
5) Two personal recommendations
6) A personal interview with...

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) offers a limited number of scholarships for exceptional candidates joining the full-time MBA. The two scholarships offered include:

CBS Scholarships

Amount: Worth up to 50% of the Tuition Fee.
Deadline: Decided in May of each year for those signed up for the program.
Criteria: Based on work experience, personality “fit” into the program, academic background, test score and financial situation.
Deadlines: April 30th
More Details: E-Mail to info.mba@cbs.dk

Talentia Scholarship Program

No of Scholarships: 100
Criteria: Graduates of Andalusian universities
All Scholarship awardees should promise to return to...

F1GMAT: What are some of the advantages of having Copenhagen Business School in the heart of Denmark?

lee MilliganLee Milligan(Copenhagen Business School): Copenhagen is annually ranked as one of the World’s top 3 Liveable Cities by the renowned lifestyle magazine.  Denmark also has one of the world’s most competitive economies, with reputed internationally orientated Danish companies companies such as Carlsberg, Vestas, Maersk, Novo Nordisk, Leo Pharma and many multinational companies.  Combine this with the fact that Copenhagen is internationally diverse, extremely safe, clean, diverse, open-minded, a centre for innovation and design and you have a great reasons to be here. 

On top of this the city is manageable with bicycles...

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