Rotman MBA - Career Mobility Trends, Flexible Internships & Visa Rules

Rotman MBA Interview with Admission TeamRead the First Part of the Interview with Nikki Da Silva, where we discuss self-development labs and Rotman Full-time MBA Curriculum

In the second part of the Interview Series, Nikki shares the opportunities for career switchers, post-MBA mobility trends and a unique feature of Rotman Full-time MBA – Flexible Internships.

What percentage of the MBA Class successfully switched job functions? How can career switchers get maximum value out of Rotman MBA Curriculum?

Job switch can be defined beyond simply a functional switch as many of our MBAs identify a goal of switching industry and/or geography, and sometimes all three. Broadly, more than 95% of our class identifies as career switchers.  When drilling down to function, typically more than 70% of the class successfully switches functions (the recent historical range is 67%-77%).
There are a number of things career switchers should do to maximize their program experience.  Start the Career Foundations modules online before the Program even begins, join Student Clubs that aligns with their career goals, connect with alumni and Faculty to build your network deliberately and leverage the advantage of ‘face time’ that our downtown campus offers by doing this in person and out of the Rotman building.

The most significant opportunity for career switchers is actually the very fabric of our Program - the newly launched Flexible Internship structure.  This was implemented to maximize access to internship opportunities as our data revealed that students in high-quality internships were 3X more likely to land full-time roles.  All students have an opportunity work in either the summer, or the fall, or the winter term of the second year, which provides career switchers with more than one cycle to target internships in their area of interest.  We have seen hundreds of fall/winter internship positions posted, and we are only mid-way through the cycle.

What percentage of international MBA candidates received job offers in Canada?

80% of our class was employed at three months’ post-graduation last year (trending at a similar rate), and over 95% of our class stays in Canada in the short-term. We have isolated and evaluated differences by citizenship and found no statistically significant difference between Canadians and International students.  

How easy is it for students to switch from study to work visa in Canada?

As a Rotman student entering Canada in our Program with an internship requirement, the study permit includes full-time work eligibility for one internship term, plus the ability to work up to 20 hours per week on a part-time basis.  A related fact – the spouses/partners of the student are also eligible for work permits!

Upon graduation, Canada’s progressive immigration policies include a 3-year post-graduate work permit for graduates of 2-year MBA Programs like Rotman’s, and this definitely decreases anxiety for Rotman students about post-MBA career options.

Do Employers participate equally in the Flexible Internships or do they have a preference for the Summer term?

When we designed the Flexible Internship strategy, we expected 70% of placement would remain in the summer and by mid-June that is actually exactly how placement has been working.  We are experiencing tremendous interest in Fall and Winter opportunities from a wide range of industries including Capital Markets, Real Estate, Risk, Marketing and Internal Strategy to name a few.

Are there any partnerships with Employers from Consulting or Finance for the experiential learning modules?

Yes.  Partnerships with employers are a core part of our Program delivery.  There are a number of examples as we partner with McKinsey on Orientation programming, Scotiabank on a Risk Competition, and BCG on Global Consulting Projects.

Rotman's OnBoard Program, and our Capstone core project includes partnerships with different organizations every year. Past projects have included partnerships with Bank of Montreal, Cancer Care Ontario, Cineplex, and P&G.  

Is Rotman MBA good for aspiring Entrepreneurs?

Yes. Our student club community is the best barometer of interest, and the Rotman Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Association (REVCA) is the space where the network of Rotman entrepreneurs aggregates.  Many of our aspiring entrepreneurs also are engaged in Rotman’s Creative Destruction Lab course offerings.  The year-long CDL, the experiential module has replaced traditional case study method. Students work alongside the G7 and ML7 Fellows and Founders and learn how to evaluate, finance, and manage every stage of the venture's growth in the lab. They contribute by developing financial models, and strategies for sales and marketing.   

Beyond Rotman, Toronto has a vibrant and rapidly growing start-up ecosystem.  The Business School, University of Toronto, and the MaRS district only a few blocks away are partners in many respects and represent a small slice of the resources and energy for entrepreneurs in the city.   

Does Rotman MBA have International study tours and projects?

Absolutely. We offer career treks, projects, study tours (China, India, Latin America, the Middle East), internships and exchange terms (23 partner universities in 16 countries). In North America, we rank in the top 3 for diversity by virtue of the exposure to such a wide range of experiences and perspectives from the students in our Program.  

Rotman Faculty is renowned for their research expertise. How does it impact the learning experience at Rotman?

There are many different ways that our faculty’s thought leadership impacts the learning experience at Rotman.  These cutting edge ideas are incorporated into classroom learning via discussions and new cases (sometimes entirely new elective courses).  The insights from leading research often live in the various research centres and institutes (Behavioural Economics in Action at Rotman, DesignWorks, Institute for Gender and the Economy, etc.) where students may partner with faculty on independent studies or group consulting projects, or even work directly in centres during internships.

Beyond the classroom, our student clubs partner with our faculty to benefit from their research and insights often driving new events, case competitions and speakers coming.    

What are some of the other post-MBA opportunities?

Our Employment and Salary report shows the firms that actually hired at Rotman this past cycle and provides a complete picture of the caliber and variety of opportunities available.

We see grads taking incredible jobs in Retail, Technology, Energy, and Government and also in the thriving start-up ecosystem here in Toronto.  A quick review of this report will showcase firms like Amazon, Idea Couture, Estee Lauder Companies, Toronto Raptors, and Tesla to name a few!  

Flexible Internships
Rotman MBA Career Report

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