GMAT Reading Comprehension Strategies

The following Strategies in GMAT Reading Comprehension will influence the test taker's ability to cross 700

Aggressively read the whole text of the passage.

2. Read the passage within 3 minutes.

If you miss the main idea of the passage, you will certainly miss some of the questions.

3. Speed reading is crucial but it should not be at the expense of correctness.

4. Make brief notes on your noteboard

Do not write down facts, it will slow you down. Authors use facts to make a point.

7. Focus on the point that the author is trying to make.

Quick Tip: For questions related to facts in the passage, go back to the paragraph, read the facts along with two lines above and below the facts.

9.  Write a few words for each paragraph like:

a) Main Idea of the entire passage
b) Structure of passage
c) Summary of each passage

10. Tone or attitude question in GMAT Reading comprehension is usually respectful and moderate. The passages are collected from academics and magazines, therefore even criticisms are always balanced and moderate. Articles that has minorities or ethnic groups as its subject will always have a tone that is positive or empathic.

11. Look out for transition words in a passage

Continuity Words

In the same way

Conclusion Words

In summary
In conclusion

Contradiction or Contrast Words

Even though
In spite of
On the one hand…on the other hand

These words will give you a fair idea on the transition of author's thoughts.

12. Do not depend on your memory for answering the question. Go back to the text to answer questions that refer paragraphs or lines in a passage

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Essential GMAT Reading Comprehension Guide

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4. Collect and Interpret Facts

5. Speed up Summary Creation

6. Remember Information

7. Question the Author   

8. Learn to answer GMAT Reading Comprehension Title question   

9. Learn to Solve GMAT Reading Comprehension Main Idea Question   

10.Learn to Solve GMAT Reading comprehension inference question   

11. Learn to Solve GMAT Reading Comprehension Detail Questions   

12. Learn to Organize passage in GMAT Reading Comprehension   

13. Learn to Identify style/tone or attitude of the author

14. Learn to Improve GMAT Reading Comprehension Score

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Mastering GMAT Critical Reasoning

After you read F1GMAT’s Mastering GMAT Critical Reasoning Guide, you will:

1) Learn to eliminate out of scope answer choices

2) Learn to spot logical fallacies

3) Learn to read questions by focusing on the holy trinity – premise, assumption, and conclusion.

4) Learn to disregard filler information

5) Complete GMAT CR Questions in less than 1 minute and 40 seconds

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