Reading comprehension organization of passage

GMAT RC Organization PassageGMAT Reading comprehension organization of passage questions looks like

"Which of the following best describes the organization of the passage?"

"Which of the following best describes the organization of the first paragraph of the passage?"

"One function of the third paragraph is to...."

Follow these strategies to solve GMAT Organization of Passage Question

1) Read the paragraphs focusing on the structure of the thoughts

2) Note down the structure in paper

3) Eliminate and Select

<Start of Passage>

Barter, a method of exchanging goods and services, directly between individuals and Businesses, was prevalent from pre-historic times. The exchange was not limited to two entities, a Barter exchange system allowed a third party or broker to list the value of Goods/services, providing a better exchange rates for all participants.

During early 1,100 B.C, Chinese merchants began creating miniatures of tools/weapons as a convenient way of transacting. Although Chinese introduced the first recognizable currency coins, in 600 B.C., Lydia's King Alyattes officially minted the first coins. It requires complex calculations to evaluate the value of each transaction in a Barter System thus allowing merchants to save taxes. However, Barter system had its disadvantages.

The first disadvantage was that there was no common measuring unit for all goods and service. Since a market or exchange had diverse goods, the comparison of value was limited to....


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