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Time Management MBA AdmissionsTime management takes center stage during MBA Admissions when you are managing work, relationship, GMAT Prep schedule and planning for the next stage (essays, recommendation letter). Probably this topic is one of the most discussed topics in Management and general public discourse. We have prepared 5 Ideas of tweaking your behavior in conventional and some unconventional manner. Do remember, there is no one fit rule for all. You are free to choose and test ideas that are effective for you.

1) Planning for the Hour

A common tweak in your behavior – “planning for the hour” involve setting aside 30 minutes at the end of every day and planning for the next day on an hourly basis. The template looks like:

5:30 – 6:00 (Morning Routine)
6:00 – 6:30 (Gym)

7:00 to 7:45 (GMAT Probability – 10 Questions OG)

13:30 to 14:00 (GMAT Distance & Speed – 5 Questions)

Review GMAT Quant Notes

19:00 to 20:00 (GMAT Critical Reasoning – 5 Inference...

Categories : MBA Admission Tips

Personal Audit Worksheet MBA AdmissionsBefore you start the MBA admission process, performing an audit on yourself is essential but an even better tool that would help you summarize all your achievements is the worksheet. Instead of creating several worksheets, create one personal audit worksheet. You can download the template here.

An applicant’s profile can be divided into seven dimensions: Employment, Volunteer, Educational, Extra-Curricular Activities, Language, Military Service & Awards.

1) Employment

This is probably the most important aspect of your profile that summarizes your skills, roles, responsibilities, accomplishments, and overall experience (in Years). Almost all MBA Essay questions ask about your experience in one of the work roles, and therefore it is essential to have a snapshot of your work experience.

Skills (General): Market Analysis, Customer Requirement Analysis, Crisis Management, Communication, Leadership, & Planning

Skills (For the Job): Programming in Java, QuickBooks, IBM DB2...

Categories : MBA Admission Tips

MBA Admission Plan Part 2Read the first part of our 12-Month MBA Admission Plan (Jan to July), before continuing.

August – GMAT Retake, Recommendation Letter Follow Up & Essays

For those applicants who are planning to re-take the GMAT during August last week, the first week of the month should be focused on introspection. This is for those applicants who had prepared well but due to various reasons didn’t get a competitive score. The introspection process should be honest. Don’t blame it on other test takers who were “typing loud” or on the “minor cold” that affected your mood.

Be brutal, and list 3-4 reasons for your poor performance. If it has to do with nerves, then you have to approach the retake process differently. The preparation should be focused on full-length tests in a similar test-taking environment. Some applicants might excel in small tests with 10-20 questions but get exhausted when presented with 3-4 hour tests. For such applicants, instead of focusing on fundamentals, efforts should be made to improve stamina.

For those test takers who had the misfortune...

Categories : MBA Admission Tips

12 Month MBA Admission PlanMBA Admissions is a 12-Month plan, and we have developed the plan based on the assumption that most top MBA programs have Round 1 Deadlines in September/October.

January – Top 10 List

Although most serious MBA research starts in March, starting early has its advantages. The research process will be more comprehensive, and you will get the chance to reconsider several schools based on the interaction with current students, MBA Alumni, and school representatives. You can apply to any number of schools but to fulfill the essay and recommendation letter requirements, consider 5-6 schools. However, when you start the research in January create a top 10 list without worrying too much about your chances. The selection process and methodology are covered in our book.

February – Pick 5 Schools & 2 Specialization

In January, you had created a top 10 list without thinking too much about specialization. Keep that list. But once you have the knowledge of top MBA programs based on...

Categories : MBA Admission Tips

First Impression Each Round MBA Admissions“We are happy with Windows XP. Don’t force us with Windows Vista.” The year was 2006 when early test users gave scathing remarks on Vista’s innumerable bugs, and what executives called “Punishment for depending on the Microsoft Ecosystem.” Apple capitalized the negative press with the “I am a PC; I am a Mac Ad” where an overweight person represented PC (Windows), and a healthier counterpart represented Mac in what was a series of “Why Mac was better than PC Ad.”

Despite fixing the bugs, the opinion about Vista remained negative. In a desperate attempt to prove the biases of users, and how early impression pretty much influences all your future impression, executives in Microsoft conducted a blind test on 120 subjects in San Francisco over a 3-day period. First, they were shown a video demo of Mojave – the new fake Microsoft Operating System (OS). Then they were allowed to play around with the operating system. The subjects who gave 4.4 out of 10 rating for Vista without using it now gave 8.5 for the Mojave operating system, which was actually Windows Vista OS.

What does it show?

The first impression leaves behind a permanent trail of prejudice in...

MBA for Failed EntrepreneursApplying for an MBA after your business has gone bankrupt does not have to be a weakness. Business schools appreciate innovation and entrepreneurship. The experience of starting and running your own company can be an interesting perspective you can bring to enrich the MBA program. Even the lessons learned from the failed venture can be worthwhile as well. There are some key questions on the minds of the admission boards when evaluating an entrepreneur whose business has failed.

First, they will evaluate the scope of the business (is this someone tinkering with a hobby or is this a real venture?) Then they will assess what you achieved (did you create a product that is being patented/raise funds from investors to expand the business or did the business not take off in the first place?) And finally, they will investigate why the business failed and the lessons you learned from the bankruptcy (are there holes in your skill set that you need to strengthen or did you make glaring mistakes that raise questions about your judgment?)

In fact, you can make a strong case for the need for...

Categories : MBA Admission Tips

MBA Admissions Stereotypes WhyIn a high-volume application evaluation like MBA Admissions, the battle to take the mind space of the reviewer requires attention-grabbing narratives, a confident but objective choice of words, and a clearly defined strategy. To break the stereotype, you need a much more forceful strategy. Like the public, the Admission team is equally vulnerable to the stereotypes created by TV shows, Cinemas, Newspaper, Magazines, Social Media, and News Channels. Even though the goals behind the stereotyping might be political, humor, or to take storytelling forward, the impact can be lasting.

Remember the Matthew McConaughey Di Caprio interaction in the Wolf of Wall Street, where the former teaches the latter about the rules of Stock Business, and reiterates, “Why the protégé should not care about the clients but give them the illusion of making money.” That one scene reinforces the long-held view, especially after the 2008 financial meltdown, that Wall Street brokers are Greedy.

Although it is an extreme generalization, when an MBA Admission reviewer notices stockbroker...

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