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Essay Topic #1: What particular experiences in your background or previous exposure (academic, professional, etc.) have prepared you or motivated you for pursuing this MBA program?

Essay Topic #2: State your career objectives or potential career path(s) you may be considering for post-MBA employment. Indicate any sectors, companies, roles, functions, regions and countries you are particularly interested in as part of your potential career path. Indicate your reasons for seeking admission to ENPC MBA program for which you are applying and state how these match with your career goals.

Essay Topic #3: Given the importance of teamwork, collaboration and network building in an MBA program, what are the most significant strengths or contributions you bring to the group and the program? What particular experiences have you had with team development?

All the following Programs have the same Essay Questions:

ENPC MBA in International Business - MBA in Technology & Entrepreneurship...

Categories : ENPC Business School

ENPC MBA in International Business - MBA in Technology & Entrepreneurship

Full Time or Part Time
1st Round:    December 31st
2nd Round:    February 28th
3rd Round:    April 25th
4th Round:    May 29st
Intake:       September 1st

ENPC Executive MBA

One week end per month - dual-degree with the Fox School of Business

1st Round:    April 30th
2nd Round:    September 30th
3rd Round:    December 31st
Intake:    January

ENPC Tri-Continent MBA
Full Time
1st Round: ...

Categories : ENPC Business School

History: A rich tradition of delivering education of the highest quality

ENPC Best European Business SchoolLocated in the heart of Paris, our School brings together individuals with widely differing experiences and interests who share one goal: the pursuit of excellence. Students and professionals attending the ENPC School of International Management come from a broad range of backgrounds, including media and publishing, banking and financial services, art and design, engineering and manufacturing, high-tech and energy, hospitality and tourism, education and training, retailing and consulting services, as well as government and public administration. The aim of the School is to take you beyond technical proficiency to mastering the mental frameworks and analytical tools for lasting individual development and professional success.

Since 1987, the ENPC School of International...

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