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Cass vs Lancaster MBA
K’s Economy has struggled for the past 2 to 3 years and with the recent Visa restriction, finding jobs that offer the best ROI has become quite challenging. Let us compare two schools – Cass Business School and Lancaster University Business School, and find out which MBA program is better for you.


Lancaster has historic ties with the British Monarchy, and is known for its cultural and educational centers. The presence of Lancaster University has transformed the City into a hub for higher education. Earlier, the City was known for its manufacturing industries especially textile Industry but from 1980s, the city’s economy became less dependent on industries and now is comprised of small businesses with 90% of them employing less than 10 employees. The only manufacturing industry that has maintained its presence felt is the aerospace industry. The city has embraced the service sector with hospitality, financial, retail, distribution and Business services dominating this sector.

Cass Business School on the other hand is located in London, one of the financial and commercial capitals of the world. Over 80% of...

The United Kingdom offers an extremely attractive market for MBA students. Some of the best Business Schools like London Business School, Cambridge's Judge Business School and Oxford's Said Business School are located here. London is the world's #2 largest financial hub and is a premier shipping and trade hub. UK has a strong Software and IT services market, which is worth £58 billion each year that include over 100,000+ software companies.

Although Visa restrictions have come into place for low-end contributors and graduates from 2nd tier B-Schools, international students planning to join premier MBA institutions can look forward to several benefits. Aston Business School for instance saw its MBA’s salary leap a massive 85% over the pre-MBA earnings. UK also lives up to its reputation as a global hub. London Business School's MBA class of 2011 had 89% International students. On completing the course, students were employed across 64 cities in 30+ countries. An MBA is also a stepping-stone to find employment in the UK itself. Among Cranfield's class of 2011, just 30% of the class relocated to Europe (Including...

MBA Loans in UKUK Government supports Management education with Career Development Loan (CDL), Adult Dependents’ Grant, Access to Learning Fund and Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs).

1) Career Development Loan (CDL)

The UK government’s Department for Education and Skills (DfES) facilitates the Career Development Loan (CDL) to fund MBA studies in the UK. This loan allows a maximum funding of £10,000 for up to two years of learning, plus up to one year's practical work experience if it is part of the course. The government pays interest while the course is on, and repayment usually starts one month after the program is completed.

CDLs are currently available through four banks: Clydesdale Bank, Barclays Bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Co-operative Bank.

No collateral is required.

Loan limits: £300–£10,000 in £50 Increments


18+ years of age

• Been living in the UK for a minimum of 3 years before the program begins •    The right to indefinite stay in UK

• Plan on working in the UK, EU or European Economic Area (EEA)...

MBA in UKThis is the second part of the series – Top 7 MBA in UK. If you have missed the first part, read Top 7 MBA in UK - Part 1 (LBS, Judge and Said)

4) Cranfield School of Management

The Cranfield School of Management is located in Cranfield, around 60 kms from London. It is also easily accessible from Oxford, Cambridge and Birmingham making it close to a wide network of industries and institutions. The Cranfield MBA is more than 40 years old and combines practical learning with leadership development. The class represents a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, representing 31 countries. 70% of the class comes from outside Europe. Among the graduating class of 2011, 64% changed country, 65% found employment in the UK, and 71% shifted sector. The average salary was £63,929 and the major recruiters were Accenture, IBM, Infosys, Jaguar Land Rover, Philips, Prime Minister's Office (GB), Royal Bank of Scotland, Saint-Gobain and Shanghai Shenhua Holding.

The MBA program stresses on case studies and promotes experiential learning, team-based assignments, and leadership development.  An executive...

Cass business school has recently started a Middle Eastern scholarship fund for the Executive MBA program at Dubai International Financial Centre. Ehsan Razavizadeh, Regional Director for Middle-East and North Africa region at Cass said: “The fund is in line with Sir John Cass’ philanthropic vision to support ambitious students who may be without financial means, and the scholarship will be funded by individuals and companies in the GCC region.  Cass is encouraging local business leaders to come together to support the opportunity to help nurture rising local business stars"

Cass is also offering other scholarship funds to EMBA students. The course offers a specialization in Islamic Finance and another scholarship courtesy of DIFC (Dubai international financial Centre) will be provided to students with a background in Islamic Finance. The students are expected to make a future contribution to the Islamic Finance industry.

Number of scholarships: 6-8
Amount: Partial funding of the EMBA programme


Cass Business School will also support EMBA students in Dubai with...

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