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Aston MBA Scholarship 2013-14Aston Business School is offering a wide range of MBA Scholarships for 2013-14 self-funded applicants. The amount ranges from £1,000 - £5,500.

Full-time ABS Scholarship

Amount: Up to £1,000


• Academic Ability
• Merit and Potential
• Career History

The Mindful Global Manager Scholarship

Amount: Up to £5,500


• Demonstrate Leadership skills and self-awareness
• Based on Powerpoint presentation
• Students with GMAT Score of 680 and above will automatically be considered for this scholarship

Requirement: Create a PowerPoint presentation showing

•  Applicant’s leadership attributes
•  How Aston MBA will enable leadership development
•  Understanding of strengths and weaknesses as a leader

Full-time ABS Merit Scholarship

Amount: Up to £5,500


  • Demonstrate Financial Need with a 2-slide PowerPoint presentation and show how Aston...

The United Kingdom offers an extremely attractive market for MBA students. Some of the best Business Schools like London Business School, Cambridge's Judge Business School and Oxford's Said Business School are located here. London is the world's #2 largest financial hub and is a premier shipping and trade hub. UK has a strong Software and IT services market, which is worth £58 billion each year that include over 100,000+ software companies.

Although Visa restrictions have come into place for low-end contributors and graduates from 2nd tier B-Schools, international students planning to join premier MBA institutions can look forward to several benefits. Aston Business School for instance saw its MBA’s salary leap a massive 85% over the pre-MBA earnings. UK also lives up to its reputation as a global hub. London Business School's MBA class of 2011 had 89% International students. On completing the course, students were employed across 64 cities in 30+ countries. An MBA is also a stepping-stone to find employment in the UK itself. Among Cranfield's class of 2011, just 30% of the class relocated to Europe (Including...

Aston MBA Admissions TeamF1GMAT: Aston Full-time MBA Program’s Mindful Global Manager module looks interesting. Can you tell us a little bit more about it?

Dr Brigitte Nicoulaud (Aston MBA): Of course, our Mindful Global Manager (MGM) is the personal development component of the Aston MBA.  

It has been created by the renowned business psychologist, Dr Uwe Napiersky (PhD), to help globally-minded leaders develop:

•    self-awareness
•    critical thinking
•    intercultural skills

Throughout the MGM module, our MBA candidates develop the tools and confidence to build their personal brand, make a real impact in the workplace, and measure their professional growth.

Developing self-awareness

We aim to shape our candidates into global managers who act with a deeper understanding of themselves, their organisations, and their communities; and contribute positively to the...

MBA in UKThis is the second part of the series – Top 7 MBA in UK. If you have missed the first part, read Top 7 MBA in UK - Part 1 (LBS, Judge and Said)

4) Cranfield School of Management

The Cranfield School of Management is located in Cranfield, around 60 kms from London. It is also easily accessible from Oxford, Cambridge and Birmingham making it close to a wide network of industries and institutions. The Cranfield MBA is more than 40 years old and combines practical learning with leadership development. The class represents a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, representing 31 countries. 70% of the class comes from outside Europe. Among the graduating class of 2011, 64% changed country, 65% found employment in the UK, and 71% shifted sector. The average salary was £63,929 and the major recruiters were Accenture, IBM, Infosys, Jaguar Land Rover, Philips, Prime Minister's Office (GB), Royal Bank of Scotland, Saint-Gobain and Shanghai Shenhua Holding.

The MBA program stresses on case studies and promotes experiential learning, team-based assignments, and leadership development.  An executive...

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For the full-time MBA program, the deadline is end of July.

Deadline: End of July

How to Apply: Create an account by clicking here

Entry Requirements

1) Undergraduate Degree

2) At least three years relevant post-graduation work experience when you join the program

3) Balanced GMAT Score

4) Official academic transcript

5) Two references – (1 from Academic and other from Current/Previous Employer)

6) TOEFL: 105 Internet-based (min score of 22 in any section) or
IELTS: Total Score of 7 with no less than 6 in any section.

Aston Business schoolAston Business School is providing MBA Refresher modules for executives who would like to refresh their knowledge with the latest tools, techniques and models. Participants can take the five modules or select the modules according to their need.

Programme dates

Module 1: Strategic Management: April 14th and 15th 2011
Objective: A hands-on module which combines the latest strategic theory with an emphasis on implementation

Module 2: Innovation and Entrepreneurship: May 19th and 20th 2011
Objective: To get a thorough understanding of the latest thinking on innovation and entrepreneurship, together with their own unique action plan for driving innovation through their own organisation.

Module 3: Business Performance, Planning and Control: June 16th and 17th 2011
Objective: To critically evaluate organisational performance at a variety of levels, using financial and non-financial measures

Date and Time
Thursday 7 April 2011 (6pm - 9pm)
Thursday 9 June 2011 (6pm - 9pm)

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