How to Answer Yale SOM MBA Commitment Essay (2020 Entering Class)

This is one of the most unusual questions we have seen in MBA Application. The first obvious question that comes to an applicant's mind - should I include a personal or a professional experience for this essay?

Essay prompt: Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made. (500 words)

Personal Commitment can vary from the relationship with a partner to pursuing a skill – music, stand-up, acting or pro-sports. If you have a substantial list of achievements to show, include a personal commitment to your skill, provided the recommendation letters, transcripts, and resume will help the admission team understand your career path. The trajectory and peak in your career should be obvious. If there is a hint of confusion on whether your pre-MBA journey is enough to achieve your post-MBA goals, use the essay to capture your professional experience.

Let us look at the MBA Application elements for Yale SOM. For 2019-20, the application includes a Video Essay, two recommendation letters, and one essay. The Video Essay is designed to test your ability to think on the feet. The recommendation letter validates what you have written and brings a perspective from your team lead or your supervisor.

The 500-word written essay becomes a snapshot of your personality. We recommend that you include a professional experience for this Essay.

Yale SOM MBA Essay Tip #1: Include Leadership Experience in your Commitment Essay

Yale SOM MBA is Leadership heavy and believes in the power of internal motivation and purpose in your work.

Year One

Yale SOM MBA Core CurriculumThe core of the Yale SOM full-time MBA program, unlike other top MBA programs is not divided into themes based on job function or industry but strategically looks at the foundation of management program through fundamental expertise – accounting, managing groups & teams, economics, negotiation, and probability.

Following the foundation courses, Yale SOM trains students on roles – Customer, Competitor, Investor, Employee, The Executive, Innovator, and from the perspective of the state and macro economy.

A defining characteristic of Leadership is an ability to think from the other person’s point of view and create incentives for each personality type. By assigning roles, candidates learn to think from multiple angles and understand the problems faced by each role.

Year Two

Yale SOM MBA ElectivesThe second year through 60+ elective courses is designed as a traditional MBA program with themes on real estate, big data, policy, non-profit management and Global Corporation, standing out as unique for the program.

Yale SOM MBA Essay Tip #2:  Include Patience and Discipline

Any worthwhile goals require patience and discipline. Applicants with a military background are trained to perform with rigor and focus. Discipline is expected. For other applicants, the commitment essay is a chance to showcase what it takes to perform at the highest level.

Although the essay is on commitment, include indirectly the responsibilities you are entrusted and how you hope to take on greater commitments with the MBA. A pattern of setting goals and persisting should be highlighted to indicate your motivation.

Commitment is an empty promise without a goal. Yale SOM attracts some of the best Employers in Finance, Consulting, Technology, Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Real Estate, and Consumer Packaged Goods.

They hope to attract candidates who are naturally good at goal setting and persisting through setbacks. Your essay is a recruitment tool, not just for an MBA, but also for Employers who want to bet on candidates with the right attitude towards work and goals.

Yale SOM MBA Essay Tip #3:  Match Values with your Commitment


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