Sample Ross MBA Goals and why right Essay

Approach: Pre-MBA career transition influencing post-MBA Goals

The third common theme for the Ross MBA goals essay is the mini transition that the applicant already had undergone within the organization. An MBA becomes the official ‘sign of approval’ for the complete transition.

Those who started their career in software development and later moved into product management or marketing, typically use this narrative arc. Even within this experience, the applicant’s impact in an extra-curricular is essential to highlight the development of the functional skills in a different domain with unique goals.

In this example, the applicant traces his interest in ‘selling’ to an accidental deal he closed while narrating the origins of the annotating feature for the flagship product – DotXYZ. The transition from software development to sales is the first half. The second half is about the contribution in a non-profit, leveraging technology with his storytelling skills.

The post-MBA goal to continue in Marketing is cited possible only with Ross MBA’s unique curriculum structure.

Sample Essay – Short-term Goals and why the goal is the right choice for you (Software Development to Sales to Marketing) (293 Words)

Q) Michigan Ross is a place where people from all backgrounds with different career goals can thrive. Please share your short-term career goal. Why is this career goal the right choice for you?  (300 words)

If anyone asks me if AI will take over humans, I would have the same puzzled look as most, but when a potential customer, asks about DotXYZ – our flagship document annotating product, I always start with the story of Johannes Gutenberg. My career didn’t start in Sales. I followed the trend of the mid-2010s when engineering was the foundation for pivoting into interesting techno-functional roles.

While joining a senior colleague during a product presentation, I noticed an executive in our booth, enamored with the annotation feature. I began a casual conversation on the behind the scene evolution of the feature. Starting as an internal tool to add notes for the travel desk, the feature found its way to our insurance client for documenting customer’s unique information. He liked my storytelling and....

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