Sample Ross MBA Goals Essay (Education to Consulting)

Approach: Limitations of Pre-MBA Experience

For career enhancers, drafting the short-term career goal might be tricky. Finding the nuanced limitations of the current role requires explaining the inciting incident for the motivation. It could be a mentor’s suggestion, an observation on the lack of traction without an MBA or a trend that requires the fast acquisition of skills in leadership or strategy. The permutations are many.

In this example, the applicant who is pursuing an Entrepreneurial career in offering training services for teachers in charter schools found the limitations. An interaction with an investor is cited as the inciting incident for the transition from a firm offering only training service to expanding into consulting for an educational services company. Ross MBA becomes pivotal support to realize this ambition.

Q) Michigan Ross is a place where people from all backgrounds with different career goals can thrive. Please share your short-term career goal. Why is this career goal the right choice for you?  (300 words)

Sample Essay – Short-term Goals and why the goal is the right choice for you (Education to Consulting) (299 Words)

I had a bad habit growing up – correcting someone much older than me when they pass misinformation. Later, I recognized that this tendency was my ticket as an educator. With 10M teachers globally under severe resource constraints, even worse than the US, the collective imagination of the world was going down despite big leaps in technology. To tackle the knowledge gap between the most effective and least effective teachers, I began <Z> Education services.

Our primary goal was to support the charter schools in <x> by developing a systematic way of approaching a concept and breaking it down into its fundamentals, markedly improving the quality of the teaching. When the review of our service came, we were..

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