New Venture Challenge: Booth Moments (Essay)

Booth Entrepreneurship has the largest number of participants compared to the 13 other concentrations offered in the full-time MBA program. The Entrepreneurial finance and private equity course provide financing goals from the Entrepreneur and the Venture Capitalist’s point of view.

After the Financing part is understood, students will learn to anticipate problems in new venture creation and learn to categorize businesses to qualitative models. Real cases, give entrepreneurial Booth MBA students the skills to balance resources (human and finance) with sales channels, and to position the start-up brand in a niche market.

Students will also develop execution plan in four function areas - sales, marketing, product development, and operations. Once the Finance, Strategy, and fundamentals of building a new venture are mastered, students will develop a Business Plan, and present them to leading Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists for feedback.
Finally, Booth MBAs will focus on improving shareholder value through innovation and commercializing technologies in sectors as broad as retail, healthcare, telecommunications, and consumer service. The courses and related activities are provided through the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and facilitate the application of Entrepreneurial concepts through conferences, competitions, and global collaborations.
The New Venture Challenge is the most popular competition in the Entrepreneurship Concentration. Students with a viable Business idea that has the potential to scale up to a commercial product are encouraged to take part in the competition.

Other opportunities for Entrepreneurial Booth MBA candidates include:

Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Conference
- a platform to exchange ideas and receive mentorship from experienced venture capitalists

Hyde Park Angels
- a group of Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitals, and former executives donates their time and money on promising start-ups

Park Angels - a group of current and former executives, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists who are interested in investing their time and money in high-potential start-ups.

Glencoe Capital Venture Capital Investment Competition
- a competition where the roles will be reversed and students will play the role of a venture capitalist, making investment decisions for the VC community

Midwest Alternative Energy Venture Forum - a multi-stakeholder platform for Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists and researchers interested in green technologies

The Hamer Small Business Initiative addresses the opportunities and challenges faced by small business owners in Chicago. The interesting part is that the finance and consulting professionals from Booth MBA will service the small business market that accounts for 99.7% of all Employers in the US.

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Chicago Booth MBA Essay Guide

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2019-20 Chicago Booth MBA Essay Guide

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3. Summarizes the Student Groups and how it can add value to your post-MBA journey

4. 200+ Pages of Essay Writing and Editing Tips

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