Chicago Booth Regatta: Booth Moments (Essay)

booth mba regatta AlumniRegatta or a series of rowing and sailing events, hosted by London Business School, brings out the competitive spirit among top MBA alumni. Chicago Booth Alumni were also part of the 12th Global MBA Trophy. Although the school ranked second to last in the competition, the moment captures the can-do spirit of the Alumni. Instead of writing about the one event, focus instead on the school’s MBA alumni.

Booth Alumni has one of the widest geographical reaches with 49,000 alumni spread across 115 countries. Booth Alumni also found their mark in Govt. – Former Governor of New Jersey, Secretary of Financial Services and the Treasury for Hong Kong, City Administrative Officers and other esteemed public service officers around the world.
In the non-profit sector, Booth Alumni have used their Management skills to widen the reach and improve the effectiveness of the American Red Cross, Doctors of the World, the Asian Development Bank, Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Great Lakes Protection Fund.

All these achievements mean nothing if students could not reach out to the Alumni for opportunities. Fortunately, 39.8% of full-time job offers were the result of the relationship between students and Employers during the summer internship. Many of the Employer contacts have been accumulated through Booth MBA Alumni.

The latest Employment report shows that 2.7% or 13 full-time job offers were through direct Alumni contact. Although the number is not that significant, alumni have considerable influence over the 6.5%, or 31 full-time job offers through resume referral service and booth job posting. Even the visits to the campus for the interview and the subsequent job offers (13.5% or 65), is influenced by the aggregate performance of Booth MBA Alumni in their respective companies.

If you want proof on how Booth has helped professionals make big leaps, look at the career paths of some of the celebrated Booth MBA Alumni.

1) Banks Baker, '05, Head of Publisher Solutions & Innovations, Asia Pacific, Google

If you want to see the change in career paths from someone who was part of the Booth class, 10 years ago, the story of Banks Baker is interesting. He was part of several start-ups during the build up to the 2001 IT bust. After the economic downturn of early 2001, in one of those self-reflective moments, Baker felt the need to do an audit of his skills and found himself lacking in understanding financial structures and accounting. Naturally, he went searching for top MBA programs in Finance and shortlisted Booth. With the goal of staying in the same industry but with a broader perspective on how Business operates, Banks joined Booth MBA.
After Booth MBA, Baker was given the opportunity to work as the Vice President of Marketing in a 60-year old company – quite the opposite experience of working in a start-up. If nimbleness is a trademark of start-ups, bureaucracy and complexity of the Business process are synonymous with mature companies. Baker had to reevaluate and build the processes, ground up. He did that with Booth’s approach of dividing complex problems into fundamental problem statements. In an environment where Baker had no experience, he had to use creative ways to solve the fundamental problems – restructuring Digital Infrastructure of over 150 Businesses under the brand.

While leading a highly complex project, Baker worked with publishers and small Businesses around the world and offered display advertising solutions through Google’s AdWords. As the reach of Internet, especially mobile application widens, Google is betting on Baker’s ability to engage with Businesses and grow the Advertising Business across a diverse and ever-changing digital space.

Booth Learning Experience Key Takeaway

• Dividing Complex Problems to fundamental problem statements

Download F1GMAT's Chicago Booth MBA Essay Guide to learn about two more notable alumni: CEO, Aurora Investment Management and Group Head of Market Insights for MasterCard Advisors.

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Download 2019-20 Chicago Booth MBA Essay Guide

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