Chicago Booth MBA Essay Tips 2017-18

Q) The following is a collection of shared Booth moments.

Choose the moment that best resonates with you and tell us why.

Booth MBA Essay Tips

Booth’s MBA Application Essay for 2017-18 has maintained the same format as last year with a pictorial series of 6 moments as the prompt.

If you pay close attention, the admission team is asking – what aspect of Chicago Booth MBA experience do you like the most

#1. Modern Art

#2. Teamwork and Individual Ambition   

#3. Adventure   

#4. Diversity

#5. Classroom Experience   

#6. Harper Centre   

Booth Brand

Most MBA Admission Consultants will talk about the value of Booth brand from a pure entry criteria and post-MBA jobs point of view. GMAT Score of the incoming class, GPA, the diversity (% international, %women) and post-MBA Finance jobs doesn’t cover the impact of the Booth brand completely.

If you want proof on how Booth has helped professionals make big leaps, you have to analyze the programs and the eco-system.

1) Experiential Learning and Labs

LEAD (Leadership Effectiveness and Development)

All first-year students are required to take the program. The incoming class is sent to Abbey Resort in Lake Geneva for a 3-day LEAD Outdoor experience. The program divides the class into cohorts of 60, which is again divided into squads of 6.

LEAD is the first instance where Booth MBA students get to know each other on a personal level.

The first lead class requires the squad to solve a case related to a Business or an organization. Each squad member is assigned a role and the discussions videotaped. After a solution is presented, the facilitators play back the video, monitor each person, and give extensive feedback on verbal and non-verbal cues.

With each session, students will consciously start to project their strengths, and work on negating the weaknesses, eventually learning to be their best self. Booth students push themselves physically through high rope exercises, mentally with problem-solving challenges and solidify their self-esteem through activities in confidence building.

After the outdoor retreat for three days, the class meets twice every week during the first three months. During the LEAD program, every student, who is willing to be vulnerable in front of her peers, will get concise and relevant feedback on their leadership style, and personality.

Complete Analysis in 2017-18 Chicago Booth MBA Essay Guide

Another experiential learning opportunity at Chicago Booth is through Lab Courses.

Clean Tech Lab: With Tesla Motors demonstrating the viability of clean tech cars, automobile manufacturers have started investing in clean tech, despite the $50/barrel oil price. The shift in strategy from fossil fuels to clean energy means companies need professionals who have hands-on experience in the technology sector. The lab offers students the opportunity to work in a research laboratory or one of the clean tech firms such as UChicago Tech, IIT, Argonne, or the Chicago Energy Initiative. Beyond acclimatizing with the technology, Booth MBA students will have to develop a marketing or operations strategy, and present a plan to commercialize the technology on a large scale.

With Marketing Lab Courses
, Booth MBA offers experiential learning through projects that require students to work with client sponsors on market research and new product development. With the market research specialization, students will learn to evaluate market potential, segment markets, fine-tune pricing and advertising, and design products that match the market opportunities. The new product development specialization gives students the exposure to best practices in product strategy, concept development, customer feedback, optimization, and launch.

Healthcare Management Analytics Lab:
Healthcare is one of the industries with the highest consulting engagements. MBAs interested in Healthcare and Consulting should leverage the opportunity to learn about the principles and decision models employed in clinical, operations and finance in the Healthcare industry.

With analytics widely adopted in the healthcare industry, students will learn to identify bottlenecks in healthcare delivery and develop processes to improve efficiency.


The above post is an excerpt from F1GMAT's Chicago Booth MBA Essay Guide.

"The images make the Booth essays much tougher to write. When I purchased F1GMAT's Booth Essay Guide, I was hoping to get some starting point. The essay tips connect wide range of Chicago Booth's history, culture, and courses to each pictorial prompt. That was what I wanted. A brilliant book. Oh..and there is an exhaustive set of Chapters on "How to write Essays" by using storytelling techniques." - Review (F1GMAT's Booth MBA Essay Guide)

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2019-20 Chicago Booth MBA Essay Guide

1. Demonstrates how to turn your story into an interesting narrative .

2. Offers Context and explains what makes Booth MBA unique: LEAD (Leadership Effectiveness and Development), Labs,     Student Clubs, Random Walks, Class Profile, Multiculturalism, Curriculum, New Venture Challenge, Professors,   International Experience, Chicago Booth Alumni, Post-MBA Opportunities & Booth’s Intellectual openness  

3. Summarizes the Student Groups and how it can add value to your post-MBA journey

4. 200+ Pages of Essay Writing and Editing Tips

5. Eight Sample Essays

Sample Goals Essay #1: Oil & Gas to Consulting (475 Words)

Sample Goals Essay #2: Social IMPACT to Marketing (Non-Profit) (472 Words)
Sample Goals Essay #3: Accounting to Entrepreneurship (Fashion)(495 Words)
Sample Goals Essay #4: Technology (Programming to Product Development) (493 Words)
Sample Leadership Experience & Choices in Life Essay #1 (492 Words)(Technologist - Father’s Restaurant Business and Leadership)
Sample Leadership Experience & Choices in Life Essay #2 (639 Words) (Education - Teach for America and Leadership)
Sample Leadership Experience & Choices in Life Essay #3 (496 Words)(Physician - Opioid Crisis and Healthcare Innovation)   

Sample Leadership Experience & Choices in Life Essay #4 (500 Words) (FinTech and App Revolution - Disrupting the Food Supply Chain)

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