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MBA Energy Management

UW College of BusinessIn 2013 fall, the inaugural Energy MBA Courses will commence at the University Of Wyoming College Of Business. The program is offered in collaboration between College of Business, Energy Industry Leaders, and the School of Energy Resources. There are two energy MBA tracks: an MBA with an energy concentration and an MBA in energy management.

MBA with an Energy Concentration
can be completed in 16-Months. Students will require to complete 9 hours of energy related courses during the final semester. They will also be part of the energy related summer project.

MBA in Energy Management can be completed in 21 Months, and require 24 additional credit hours, in addition to the core MBA curriculum. This concentration is more comprehensive with two semesters of energy management courses, and a summer project.

Students in Energy concentration
will learn about Energy Trading and Securities, Supply Chain Management, and Policies and Economics in Energy Industry. Whereas, students opting for the MBA in Energy Management track will be part of the same course, and also complete courses in Energy marketing, Energy Accounting, Energy Finance, Energy Policy and Regulation, and a project...

Best MBA Programs in Energy SectorIf you have missed our MBA Research Guide, you can download it here. Read Part 1: Top MBA in Energy: Sector Trends, Fastest Growing Niches and Top MBA Program

2) RGU MBA in Oil and Gas Management

Although most MBA program focus on renewable energy sources, Robert Gordon University Aberdeen’s MBA in Oil and Gas Management evaluates the existing Oil Exploration and development processes and looks at improving them.

Location Advantage:  From 1970s, Aberdeen transformed from an economy dependent on fishing, textiles and shipbuilding to one that prospered in high tech, electronic design and Oil & Gas. The switch has been responsible for the economic boom in the City. The School is just miles away from major Oil & Gas Companies including Shell, BP, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Raqa, Conoco Phillips and Total.

With RGU’s AMBA Accredited Full-time MBA, students will...

Energy Management as a sector has seen consistent growth even amidst the financial meltdown of 2008. The sector can be broadly categorized under Oil & Gas Management, Power Management and Energy & Clean Tech Management. If you want a detailed breakdown of Top MBA Programs and Trends in Management, download our MBA Research Guide. According to IEA Statistics, world’s 19.5% of Global Electricity generation is powered by renewable sources. The management of consumer demand, strategic planning, and transition from non-renewable to renewable resources requires management expertise that go beyond the traditional MBAs. A concentration or an MBA in Energy management will help companies find the right talent to manage this niche sector.

Who Should Opt for MBA in Energy Management?

Professionals with background in Energy sector are encouraged to pick one of the three paths: Oil & Gas Management, Power Management and Energy & Clean Tech Management. Some Business Schools integrate multiple functions into a single course,...

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