Tepper School's NEW 2-month FlexMBA Program: Applications Invited for 2013

The Tepper School, which has over 20 years of experience in distance learning MBA programs, has recently launched its new FlexMBA program. It blends online and onsite formats to offer high flexibility but offers the same rigor of the Full-time and Part-time MBA programs. The program is a unique mix of bi-monthly campus visits and self-paced learning with interactive lectures.   

The 32-month FlexMBA program gives students the chance to give their careers a jump-start without disrupting their earnings, or leaving their jobs. The format also allows professionals anywhere in North America to participate in the program. The program will admit two classes of 20-30 students each, and the weekend interactive sessions allow close bonding between peers, as well as with the professors. What's more, students will even interact with each other during the high-definition interactive video online classes. They are held in real time, once a week to facilitate interaction and peer learning. This hi-tech classroom will allow questions to the professor, discussions with classmates, group tasks, and annotation of each other’s work.

This long-distance interactive mode has two advantages. First students can apply what they have learned, immediately in the workplace. Second, this helps collaboration in the global workplace with companies that are spread across continents.

Access Weekends are on-site sessions
, where students spend 3 days on campus. This happens once every 7 weeks.  The FlexMBA class meet at one of the three Carnegie Mellon University sites — Silicon Valley, Pittsburgh or New York City. Friday is spent on final exams, evaluation of group projects and reviews. During Saturday and Sunday, two new classes will be included for the new semester. Students also interact with the Accelerate Leadership Center's coaches and the Career Opportunities Center staff.

The first year of the program involves 5 access weekends; the second year has one access week and 4 access weekends, while the third year has 4 access weekends. Both admissions as well as graduation requirements are identical to that of the Full-time and Part-time, MBA programs. Applications for the FlexMBA cohort of fall 2013 are now being accepted, and more information can be obtained at www.tepper.cmu.edu/flexmba.

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