Best GMAT Performance: Physics, Math and Engineering Undergraduates, Bottom Half: Hotel, Marketing & Education

GMAC has released the total mean GMAT score for the past five years (2008-12). Except for the year 2008-09, mean GMAT scores have shown consistent improvement. This can be attributed to the large number of online GMAT prep services that have sprung in the market, post the 2008-09 financial crises.  On an average, the total mean GMAT score has increased by 1.5 to 2 points every year, reaching 548.21 during the year 2011-12.

An interesting trend that can be noticed in the 2012 Profile of GMAT Candidates report is the performance of GMAT test takers from various undergraduate degrees. Let us for the sake of argument attribute GMAT scores to have the maximum priority in an MBA application. Here are the observations that we made from the report.

1) Test takers from Physics, Mathematics and Engineering, topped the 5 Year Mean GMAT score with 607.4, 603.4 and 592.8 respectively 

2) Marketing and Education undergraduates were at the bottom of the list with mean total GMAT Scores of 493.2 and 485.8.

3) Test takers from Statistics background showed the maximum growth in Mean GMAT score with mean varying from 486 to 510 in the past 5 years.

4) The group with the maximum negative growth was Art & History undergraduates with the score dipping by over 10 points from the highs of 571 during 2009-16 to 555 in 2011-12.

So where do you stand among your peers?

Mean GMAT Scores  - 5 Years

As a rule of thumb, if your score is 120-150 points above the mean of your undergraduate group, you have a competitive GMAT Score.

Undergraduate Degree5 Year Mean GMAT Score (2008-12)
Physics 607.4
Mathematics 603.4
Other Engineering/Computer Science 588.8
Philosophy 588.2
Computer Science 581.4
Actuarial Science580.4
Operations Management/Production575.4
Statistics 571
Chemistry 567.6
Biological Sciences562
Art History 558.6
Languages 557
Political Science554.4
Finance 553.6
Other Humanities 543.2
Other Science/Math541.4
Other Social Science/Law539
Information Systems Technology 535.4
Medicine/Nursing 527.4
International Business 526.8
Journalism 520
Accounting 517.6
Business Education516.2
Other Fine Arts 509.8
Other Business/Management/Economics505.4
Fine Arts503.2
Management 502.2
Agriculture 498
Hotel Administration 496.6
Other Major/Field of Study494
Marketing 493.2

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