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Entrepreneurship at StanfordAccording to 2014 Employment Report, 17% of the graduating MBA class at Stanford were starting a new Business. This is a surprisingly large number for any Business School in the world. Not for Stanford though.

Since the 1930s, Stanford entrepreneurs have founded companies that generated revenues of $2.7 trillion annually while creating 5.4 million jobs. 55% of the entrepreneurs chose Stanford because of its entrepreneurial environment.

Harvard MBA Admission Updates
25 MAR 2015: Decisions for Round 2 MBA candidates joining the Harvard MBA Class of 2017 have been released this noon at 12:00 Boston time.

Other updates about Deadlines, Interview Invites, Waitlist notification and more.

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Georgia Tech Evening MBAF1GMAT: Tell us a little bit about yourself

Sean(GA Tech Evening MBA): I am in the evening program at Georgia Tech and taking between 2 and 4 classes at night a semester.  During the day I work with Fortune 1000 companies to maximize their Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropic giving for an International non-profit based in Atlanta.  I am responsible for resource development for new partnerships.  I married the woman of my dreams in June 2011, during the program.

F1GMAT: What motivated you to do an MBA?

Sean(GA Tech Evening MBA): My father in Law did his MBA at night also.  His experience was a major precursor to my decision to pursue the MBA.  I wanted the opportunity to take my career to the next level.  A bachelor’s degree is necessary to obtain an entry level job these days, without an MBA it is difficult to advance further in this economy. The pursuit of an MBA is necessary for mid-level professionals to advance in the work force. 

GMAT Preparation Interleaving
Bob Bjork, who studies interleaving, demonstrated this with an experiment where he used art to demonstrate our ability to remember and connect the dots. One group of participants were shown a set of painting from the same artists in consecutive sessions with each session marking the transition from one artist to the other while for the other...

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Wharton MBA Admission Updates

First, take pride in your academic achievements: you are above the HBS Class median in GMAT by 10 points, in GPA by .12 points, and you are a top MBA Applicant if I assume that you are part of the big G or the big F when you say “Top IT Company.”

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GMAT RC Detail Question
GMAT Reading comprehension detail questions are the easiest to crack. The best strategies to follow are: Identify the question type, Identify the location and use Process of Elimination.

Read this passage, and try the 3-Step Strategy