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Although understanding the fundamentals in GMAT Quant and Verbal is important, it is also important to recognize that there are questions that will lead you to a deadlock. What should you do - Guess or Persist? Find out!

MBA Leadership Explicit Values
When MBA Applicants are asked to write about leadership, they start with how they allocated the tasks to the team, monitored, and completed them as per the schedule. Managers play a pivotal role in project management but when schools ask about leadership, they are not expecting your experiences as a Manager. There are three implicit questions hidden behind the ‘leadership’ question.

Leadership Development Harvard MBA

Leadership and Organizational Behavior (LEAD), Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development (FIELD) and leadership Courses in the MBA Program provides the Foundation for Leadership Development at Harvard MBA Program.

Learn More!

Number Properties GMAT
GMAT Number properties may sound scary, but they just constitute elementary mathematical principles.

You probably know most of these principles by memory; if not, you could easily execute a calculation to ascertain them.

The GMAT Quantitative section is all about saving time; making number theory second nature will definitely save you some valuable seconds.
Here is how!

GMAT Reading Comprehension Remembering Information
Skim the passage when the questions are about “the main idea,” “tone,” “passage structure,” and “author’s stand,” but without comprehending the author’s point of view, reading in record time becomes a wasteful exercise.

Mnemonics have helped Medical students’ remember complex biological names, but you don’t have to go that far. In a computer Adaptive test like the GMAT, word-by-word recall is not necessary. It is the ideas that count.

Find out how to Remember Information in GMAT Reading Comprehension

GMAT Personality Type
You might have started preparing for the GMAT. Before you start, identify your personality type. What happens during the GMAT prep process is that many test takers blindly follow a few top contributors in GMAT forums. This can be detrimental in reaching your goal – “Getting into a top Business School”.

There are 4 GMAT Test Taking Personalities - Lone Wolf, Test Fanatic, Silent Observer and Result Driven. Which one are you? Which is your GMAT Test taking personality?