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Today, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) has cult status among Indian B-school aspirants and has grown into an EQUIS-accredited school. Indian School of Business (ISB) in just a decade, is now nipping at the heels of IIMA for the title of India’s best B-school in most international rankings. Find out the difference.

Wharton MBA Curriculum Class Profile Salary

The Philadelphia campus hosts the 24-month Wharton Full-time MBA program with the latest class enrolling 850 students. Although not as popular as Harvard, Wharton ranks among the top five popular MBA programs in the world with the Class of 2016 receiving 6111 applications, enrolling only 859 students - a 14% acceptance rate.

Learn about Wharton MBA - Class Profile, Curriculum, Salary and Cost

MBA Essays Attention Grabbing Secrets
If you have seen Memento, you know the power of Chronology, to be more precise – the reverse chronology. What the peculiar narrative does to the audience is that it forces them to miss the loo break. Every scene, clue, or characters in the sequence create questions in our mind. Did the new character kill the wife? Is the guy who is helping the hero, the real villain?

Find out how to use Chronology, Vividness, and Active Verbs in MBA Application Essays

Business School Checklist
MBA Applicants dread October 1st Week and January 1st week. For Round 2 applicants, say goodbye to the winter break. You will obsessively rewrite the essays, and triple check the required documents, but it is worth the sacrifice. Even if you have all the soft copies of your certificates, transcript, and other awards, DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR ESSAYS, RESUME & RECOMMENDATION LETTER ON THE DEADLINE DATES.

Consider these 10 items before submitting your MBA application

GMAT Reading Comprehension FactsA common advice given to GMAT test takers is to ignore facts, and focus on the main idea and the intent of the author. Before you do that, understand the difference between relevant and irrelevant facts. The relevant ones come together to create the foundation for the main idea, therefore, instead of writing all of them, find patterns in facts and learn to discern the facts that convey a main idea from the ones that offer a context.

Find out how to separate relevant from irrelevant facts

MBA Recommendation Letter Capturing Weaknesses
If the supervisor is upset with your decision, he might not participate in any brainstorming or writing for your recommendation letter. But, for those recommenders who says that they don’t have the skills/time to write a good recommendation letter (a hint that they are not willing), give them a 10-minute questionnaire that addresses your strengths and weaknesses.

Capturing Real Weaknesses: MBA Application