As we had recommended in the Essay Writing process, in a 3-week schedule, 1 week should be dedicated for rewriting the essay. Applicants depend on consultants and editors to rewrite the essay, at least to kick start the process. Ideally, avoid borrowing phrases from consultants, but include your unique voice and rewrite the essay for these ten scenarios.

Ten Scenarios: MBA Application Essay Rewrite

The Economist MBA Ranking has become a punching bag for the experts seeking status quo and those applicants who don’t want to see volatility. We reviewed the ranking methodology from the time The Economist began ranking Full-time MBA programs. As we have warned earlier, ranking is a reflection of what the publication finds valuable for the MBA applicants, not an absolute truth about the Business School and the MBA programs.

The Economist 2016 Full-time MBA Ranking: Analysis

From the hundreds of essays we have edited, only a few had unique phrases and expressions. Most of them were a rehash of sample essays or modified memos with no personal touch. A few that tried, changed the essay to narrative filled with dialogues. Maintaining a unique voice is tough but with these six guidelines, translating your uniqueness to words will be much easier.

How to Manage the MBA Essay Writing Process

The Admission team knows that you can excel in core classes: finance, accounting, and statistics, but don’t rest on your laurels! Since Investment Banks are popular recruiters in Top Business Schools, applicants from Finance find a considerable representation. To improve your admission chances, you have to stand out from other Finance Professionals.

Finance Professionals: Don't make these Mistakes

Not all your life experiences can be turned into tales of trials & tribulations or a journey of the leader. Some events have no particular meaning. They were you doing work to get that paycheck. Don’t be fooled by the process of “Essay Writing” and spin any and every event as stories for your essay. The reviewer can see the spin from a mile away.

5 Common MBA Application Essay Errors

I noticed one stark difference between North American and Asian applicants. The Cultural notion of managing time and the impact of their contribution was hidden beneath project schedules and the microscopic responsibilities. From the smaller responsibility, the North American applicant was trying to find meaning while the Asian applicants were already familiar with the whole and the parts of the project.

American vs. Asian Culture: MBA Application Essay Narrative

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2. Research Based on Data. Not Rhetoric.

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