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Harvard MBA Admission Updates
100 to 150 applicants from Round 1 HBS Application will be placed in Waitlist. Candidates who are not shortlisted would be notified of the decision on October 15th and released from the application pool.

Other updates about Deadlines, Interview Invites, Waitlist notification and more.

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London MBA Admission Interview TipsFor the presentation, the AdCom wants to test your communication and persuasion skills. They also want to see how your process information and infer arguments. So select random topics and practice giving presentation on all aspects of the topic. Don’t repeat what you have already written in the essays. Prepare for at least 4-5 stories that you can present in the interview. Find out the remaining London MBA Admission Interview Tips.

First 10 GMAT Questions
A common belief is that the first ten questions “count” the most in each section of the GMAT, and that in light of this “fact,” you should spend more time on these early questions than you do on the rest of the test. Unfortunately, this belief is false, and its implied course of action could actually be detrimental to your score.

Some people continue to believe this legend, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

If you still think that the first questions count more than later ones, or if you’re still not sure what you think, then read on.

Top Strategy MBA
Careers in a strategy role involve
data collection about the industry and the competition, analysis of
data, and creating forecasting models
Expertise in strategy is vital in all business, especially for consultants. It is also of great benefit for careers in Marketing, Finance and Entrepreneurship.

Here are 5 MBA Programs that excel in offering courses in Strategy

GMAT Statistics
Even if you fear statistics by its reputation, it is one of the easiest sections in the GMAT because a standard set of questions is asked and anyone who understands the fundamentals that I shall describe will be able to ace the questions. Learn the GMAT Statistics Fundamentals.

MBA Research Sleep DeprivationWith a 24x7 connected world, the constant communication and pressure of work creates a situation where an average sleep is limited to 6 hours, 2 hours short of an ideal sleep cycle. Short-term sleep deprivation will impair your decision-making, especially selecting top MBA programs that require shortlisting a large list of schools, revising the list, and finally picking the top five. Sleep on it before picking the MBA Program