MBA Admission Telephonic Interview Tips An MBA admission interview can last anywhere between 15-45 minutes.The admission officers ask questions for three reasons – to measure your communication skill, to check whether the things you have written about yourselves truly represent you and to evaluate your motivation for doing an MBA.

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A multi-campus structure is a valuable networking and learning opportunity for executives seeking a degree in General Management. Unlike Chicago Booth Executive MBA program, TRIUM EMBA is jointly offered by London School of Economics, HEC Paris, and NYU Stern School of Business.

Let us compare the two programs on Class Profile, Curriculum, Locations and Schedules, Experiential Learning, Ranking, and Fees.

First promoted, in 1943, as Press Week, by Eleanor Lambert, the New York Fashion Week was an attempt to position New York as an alternative fashion capital to the dominant Haute Couture in Paris where high-end fashion was a symbol of exclusivity. Only Queens in the 17th Century France had access to custom design and fit, made with hours of detailing and delicate patterns.

After the Financial Crisis of 2008, MBA with Finance was not a popular option. The aspiring applicants were looked down upon as potential criminals. Hiring was frozen, and the job markets had a 5-year lull, before picking up again in 2014. The 2016 class representation shows the comeback with 36.9% selecting Financial Services. The Median Signing Bonus is the highest, and the total median salary for the group has crossed the $175,000 range.

The networking equipment, the personal computers, the microchips, and the new media explosion would not have happened if Stanford University were not financially struggling in 1950. It was not until Hewlett-Packard (HP) made the Stanford Industrial Park its headquarters in 1956 that competitors and prospective employees started taking the San Francisco and the San Jose area seriously.

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The total median salary for a Cornell 2-year MBA student is at an impressive $152,132 - higher than Columbia and Stern – two competitors in New York; mostly contributed by the large percentage of the class choosing Financial Services (32%) with a total mean salary of $165,434. As expected, consulting was the second popular industry (25%) and Technology at third (12%).

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