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FT MBA Ranking
Harvard is the school to beat in the Financial Times Global Business School Rankings for 2015. The School has taken the top spot for the sixth consecutive year, beating the rivals Wharton, Stanford, and London Business School. ESMT and Duke Fuqua: the big surprise winner in BusinessWeek MBA ranking is featured at 63rd and 21st positions respectively.

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Duke Fuqua MBA vs UNC MBA

The rivalry between UNC and Duke is not limited to College basketball; the competition as a favorite MBA destination is much fiercer. While the casual researcher favors UNC for the good-looking crowd, serious applicants should consider five factors: ranking, curriculum, location, class profile, and post-MBA jobs.

Find out who wins

Avoid Cliched MBA EssaysThe applicant had wonderfully weaved a story of failure and retribution with high points and low points marked carefully in the 500-word essay. One glaring problem stood out in the essay. The Boss, who was the opposing force in the essay, was described in just three words. The characterization felt one-dimensional in an otherwise masterful essay.

You can avoid creating clichéd Villain Characters in the essay with these three techniques

MBA Essay Personality Types
Who are you - Superman, Peter Parker, Rocky, or Frank Abagnale Jr.? What we learned reviewing hundreds of essays during Round 1 and Round 2 deadlines is that almost all applicants fall under four categories: Superman, Peter Parker, Rocky and Frank Abagnale Jr.

Who are you?

Today, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) has cult status among Indian B-school aspirants and has grown into an EQUIS-accredited school. Indian School of Business (ISB) in just a decade, is now nipping at the heels of IIMA for the title of India’s best B-school in most international rankings. Find out the difference.

Time Management MBA AdmissionsTime management takes center stage during MBA Admissions when you are managing work, relationship, GMAT Prep schedule and planning for the next stage (essays, recommendation letter).

We have prepared 5 Ideas for tweaking your behavior. Do remember, there is no one fit rule for all. You are free to choose and test ideas that are effective for you.

Learn about 5 Effective ways to Manage time for MBA Admissions