Goal Setting GMAT Preparation
Motivation is the key to sustain GMAT preparation for 3-months to 5 months. The standards that you set for goals influence motivation. Jessica M. Nicklin & Kevin J. Williams have covered the correlation between goal setting and motivation in their paper: Self-Regulation of Goals and Performance: Effects of Discrepancy Feedback, Regulatory Focus, and Self-Efficacy.

Find out how first diagnostic test influence preparation and goals

MBA Salary Growth Financial Crisis
Post MBA Salary remains a critical criterion for selecting Business Schools. We have analyzed the data from Financial Times Global MBA Ranking, and found some interesting trends on salary growth for top MBA programs before and after two financial crisis – IT Crash of 2001 and Financial Meltdown of 2008.

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Leadership Development HEC MBAAt HEC, Leadership is integrated throughout the program. Leadership development is offered as a specialization and involves top speakers, experiential learning, and the latest research & techniques that challenge all previous notions. Here are the various aspects that complete Leadership learning at one of France's top Business Schools.

MBA Leadership Application Trust
This is part of our Leadership series that emphasis qualities that should be highlighted for your MBA Application. Today we will focus on ‘Trust’, a key quality that allows you to influence your team members as a leader. Find out how to build trust.

Tuck MBA Report 2013
Tuck MBA students have retained the median salary at $115,000 with the lowest salary dropping further by $9,000 at $56,000 compared to last year’s trend and highest salary reaching $175,000 a jump of $6,000. What most MBA applicants have asked us about the trends in Tuck MBA Employment report is the demand for Finance and Consulting jobs.

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MBA Brochure Scholarships
Applicants get the first taste of the MBA program through Brochures – the condensed information about the program’s history, course structure, cost, funding, testimonials, uniqueness, and statistics. The decision to pursue the marketing team with clarifications and interjections happen after comparing the data in the brochure with inputs from well-meaning alumni and current students.

Can you look much closer and understand what these statistics mean? Here are our recommendations for finding scholarship information and evaluating your chances

GMAT Problem Solving Process of Elimination
In this article, we will see how to use process of elimination techniques for problem solving and spot opposites in answer choices. This technique can be used mostly in questions categorized under Number Properties, and Ratio & Proportions.

Let us look at an example to understand how GMAT Process of Elimination Opposite technique can be applied.

GMAT CR ParaphrasingParaphrasing an argument is a long debated topic. The bottom line is that you would have one minute and fifty seconds to solve each critical reasoning question. Is it wise to paraphrase the argument? It depends.  A 3 to 5 line argument might be stated in a complex way. The goal of paraphrasing should be to simplify the argument with concise statements. A detailed tutorial on paraphrasing and solving complex GMAT CR Question.

IE Business School and IESE have retained the top spot in all major ranking publications including The Economist, and the Financial Times. In spite of Spain's Shrinking Economy, IESE and IE Business School have maintained the top spot.

Find out what makes them stand out and their differences!

GMAT SC Whom vs Who
“Whom vs Who” is a commonly tested concept in GMAT Sentence correction. Some experts advice test takers to listen to the sentence while others advice to focus on the ‘subject’. This rule is partly correct, but in a sentence with multiple potential subjects, applying the rule consistently is a challenge.

Learn how to decode the ‘Whom vs Who’ problem with a simple formula

GMAT Pronoun Tutorials
Errors in pronouns—words like he, she, it, they, our, etc.—and antecedents—the words that the pronouns refer to—are among the most common errors in English Grammar.

Find out how to correctly use Pronouns in Sentence Correction

GMAT DS Process of Elimination
Once GMAT test takers have learned about the fundamental concepts tested in the exam, focus should be on saving time for each question. GMAT Data sufficiency follows a format where a question is followed by two statements, labeled as (1) and (2), and five answer choices. Process of Elimination techniques will allow you to complete the GMAT DS questions in less than one and half minutes. Learn more about GMAT Data Sufficiency POE Technique.

Personal Audit MBA Admission WorksheetBefore you start the MBA admission process, performing an audit on yourself is essential but an even better tool that would help you summarize all your achievements is the worksheet. Instead of creating several worksheets, create one personal audit worksheet.

An applicant’s profile can be divided into seven dimensions: Employment, Volunteer, Educational, Extra-Curricular Activities, Language, Military Service & Awards.

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