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GMAT Statistics
Even if you fear statistics by its reputation, it is one of the easiest sections in the GMAT because a standard set of questions is asked and anyone who understands the fundamentals that I shall describe will be able to ace the questions. Learn the GMAT Statistics Fundamentals.

MBA Application RoutineWhen was the last time you saw a movie and felt emotionally connected to the story? I bet the movie that you were impressed breaks away from the routine that we are all used to.

If we capture the same routine in our narrative, would it look interesting? 90% of writers cannot do it. How can you then include the routine or the obvious in MBA Application essays and expect to connect emotionally with the Admission Committee?

You can - Find out how!

Best MBA Job Markets
Post MBA Destination is an important criterion for many MBA Applicants, especially for applicants from emerging markets who look at Europe and US as potential job markets after MBA. We have shortlisted 14 MBA Destinations based on the number of Business Schools and mid to senior level Management positions available in these countries

To help MBA Aspirants pick the best MBA destination, we have created the Top 10 MBA Job Markets based on cost of living and purchasing power. Find out!

Leadership MBA Application EssaysF1GMAT:  How do you define leadership from an MBA admissions point of view?

Stacy Blackman: What is leadership?  If you are applying to an MBA program, you are going to need to figure out the answer to this question. Find out what AdCom is looking for!

Startup Visa for Canada
The latest program that the Canadian government has added to encourage Entrepreneurs is the ‘Startup Visa’ program. Canadian government owned Bank – BDC is inviting applications from Immigrant Entrepreneurs for Financing and consulting services

The selection process is rigorous, and BDC Venture Capital reviews over 1000 Business plans every year. Find out the criteria for selection.

MBA Admission Vocation
According to a Gallop poll, only 28% of the workforce is actively engaged, rest of them are going through the motion, collecting paychecks, and a small fraction – 19% are actively involved in destroying the organization.

An MBA is not for the 19%, but it is likely that you are part of the 53% who are doing their job for the money.

If you confess again that post-MBA, you are likely to be in the 53% group, perhaps an MBA is a bad investment