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Interested MBA Programs

Top MBA Deadlines
Applying on Round 1 shows an applicant’s commitment towards the program and demonstrates the discipline required to complete an intensive program like an MBA.

If you believe that applying on Round 1 is important, here are the Round 1 Deadlines for Top MBA Programs.

Top European MBA
UK, Spain, France, Switzerland, France, UK, Netherlands, Germany & Italy host the top 20 European MBA programs. With Spain, Greece, and Italy taking the biggest hit in the 2008 financial crisis, it is the brand value, recruiter relationship, and quality of the program that has pushed IE & IESE from Spain in the top 5 list, consistently for the past three years. For the first table, we have researched and listed the tuition fee and total costs for the MBA program in US Dollars.

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Full GMAT Practice Test
If GMAT practice test scores easily affect you, then the last day GMAT practice test can hamper your confidence. Most top GMAT Prep companies have recommended against taking a GMAT test the day before the actual test but GMAT test takers who have score over 750 have recommended taking a Full Practice GMAT test.

Find out which strategy suits you more

GMAT Performance
Successfully answering GMAT questions is a function of concentration. There are no magic pills to improve concentration, but most test takers have improved their performance by sitting through dense and boring passages, GMAT 800 problems, tricky GMAT Sentence correction questions, and confusing critical reasoning section.

1) Does external noise – both loud and routine, easily distract you?
2) Do random thoughts take your focus away from the text on the screen?
3) Does the timer in the GMAT test screen distract you?

Learn how to improve Performance by eliminating Distraction

Sofi MBA Student Loan
SoFi is another major loan provider that has entered the $1 trillion Student loan market in the US. Sofi depends on Business School Alumni to fund students. Alumni earn a handsome 5% return on their investment while students get loans at a much better rate than Federal Stafford loan for Graduates (5.41 percent), and the Federal Direct PLUS loan (6.41 percent).

Learn about SoFi Loan Program - Eligibility Criteria and Schools that support the program

Best MBA Job Markets
Post MBA Destination is an important criterion for many MBA Applicants, especially for applicants from emerging markets who look at Europe and US as potential job markets after MBA. We have shortlisted 14 MBA Destinations based on the number of Business Schools and mid to senior level Management positions available in these countries

To help MBA Aspirants pick the best MBA destination, we have created the Top 10 MBA Job Markets based on cost of living and purchasing power. Find out!