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MBA Application Learn from Steve Jobs
If you had seen the keynote address that Steve Jobs delivered during MacWorld Expo and other Apple launch events, you will notice four things in his communication: Emotional Connection, Focus, Minimum Jargons, and Creative Solutions. You can highlight these four traits in your essays. Learn how!

Cornell MBA Essay Tips
Cornell Johnson MBA Essays for 2013-14 have been released. For this year, the number of essays is two, with the second essay having three parts.

With the two essays, the AdCom wants to measure your creativity, uniqueness, motivation for MBA, and learn about your career goals.

Get Cornell MBA Essay Tips 2013-14

Tone Diction GMATAs you may know, diction refers to word choice. Usually, we use the term “diction” to describe an author’s tone or style - rarely does word choice have an effect on grammar. In some cases, though, it does. The GMAT Sentence Corrections will test you only on those occasions when word choice affects grammar, not when one word will be more effective than another.

Find out when!

Exaggeration MBA Application Essays
Most MBA AdCom members will have a resume, side by side with the essays, and they are verifying exaggerations, or dubious claims while reading your essays. The verification process is not limited to the information offered in the resume; student database, Wikipedia, job portals, blogs and Linkedin, offer copious amount of information about organizations, universities, companies, and job roles.

Here are 5 Common Exaggerations & Lies

MBA ROI using Net Present ValueMBA Aspirants should calculate the return on investment before choosing one program over the other. We advise against shortlisting schools purely based on ROI but when it comes to choosing your dream school and when you are stuck with two equally good schools , a term commonly used by Finance professionals comes into consideration – Net Present Value. Explanation with Detailed Examples on Calculating ROI based on Net Present Value.

Top MBA GMAT GPA The average GMAT scores of top 20 B-schools fall within the range of 700 to 730, with the highest GMAT median score at 730 for Stanford Graduate School of Business and Harvard Business School. The average GMAT scores for European, Asian and Australian Business schools tends to be between 600 and 670.

Find out Average GMAT and GPA - Top Business Schools