When you write about weakness in an essay, focus on real weakness, the consequences of the weakness and how you were able to realize and work towards turning your weakness into strength.

Do not mention weaknesses like "I am a perfectionist"

MBA Application Resume
What should my MBA application resume look like? With the launch of the 2014-2015 MBA admissions season, this is a critical question applicants around the world will be asking themselves over the next 6-8 months. The good news is the answer is simple: your resume should be a forward-thinking advertisement that markets your strengths. Learn how to craft an effective MBA Application Resume.

Women MBA Pay Gap
The number of Women MBAs in top Business Schools has steadily increased over the past 10 years, with schools accepting 30-40% women candidates in the past two years. However, a more disturbing finding is the rising pay gap between Men and Women professionals. The gap is exacerbated in a management position at both mid-level and senior positions. There are several reasons for this gap.

Find out the four reasons

Leadership Traits MBA Application
Leadership traits cannot be learned from manuals and textbooks. It consists of behavioral patterns and traits that are organically evolved in people. Some traits are inherited and others, acquired, but the important ones are acquired by overcoming challenges.

Do you possess these 7 leadership qualities?

Speed Reading GMAT RC
It was not until late 1950s, when Evelyn Wood coined the term speed reading. A researcher and a school teacher, Mrs. Wood was fascinated by the difference in reading speed of equally qualified professionals. In an act of desperately finishing a book, she used the sweeping motion of her hand to read chunks of sentences. This technique later became the basis for “Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Dynamics”.

Practice these speed reading techniques on easier to tougher reading comprehension passages before shortlisting the ones for your final GMAT exam

EQ More Important than IQ MBA Admissions
Students with high IQ tend to be generalists, and ignore sitting for long hours preparing for any exam, and therefore the grades might not reflect their abilities. GMAT tends to level this discrepancy as the questions are in a multiple-choice format, and the concepts tested require comparatively less rote learning. Studies have shown that 20% of life success is contributed by intelligence; rest is influenced by Emotional Intelligence.

Here is why Emotional Intelligence is important for MBA Admissions