Technology changed Massachusetts in the 1980s, decreasing unemployment of the state from 12 to 3%, increasing the personal income by 63% in a span of just seven years. Route 128 was the epicenter of the growth spurt with a select few companies - DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation), Lotus Development Corporation, Apollo Computer, Wang Laboratories, and Data General, leading the high-tech revolution. MIT's Engineers had a major role in the revival of the state.

Just beneath the required cover letter, the admission team has requested that you submit a resume in a 1-page format. You have to approach the limited word count by combining the resume and the cover letter in such a way that the bullet point achievements acts as titles and the cover letter description offers the context.

MBA ROI using Net Present ValueMBA Aspirants should calculate the return on investment before choosing one program over the other. We advise against shortlisting schools purely based on ROI but when it comes to choosing your dream school and when you are stuck with two equally good schools , a term commonly used by Finance professionals comes into consideration – Net Present Value. Explanation with Detailed Examples on Calculating ROI based on Net Present Value.

To get a good score in GMAT Sentence Correction, you don’t have to be a Grammar Expert. By focussing on few essential topics and rules of GMAT Grammar, you can improve your accuracy to 95%.

he five topics that are regularly tested in GMAT are Subject – Verb Agreement, Pronoun Agreement, Parallelism, Diction, and Misplaced Modifiers. Learn how to master them.

Stern MBA Essay 2016NYU Stern MBA Essay 2 (Tips): The resume covers your progress as a high achieving professional but the admission team values emotionally intelligent and impact-oriented Stern MBAs. The second question evaluates your personality from another dimension – creativity.

Here is how you create Stern MBA Personal Expression Essay

MBA Application Video TipsMBA Video Essay had some degree of success in the admission sphere over the past three years with the advent and growth of internet video as a popular viewing medium. Kellogg MBA Admissions team has just announced about a Video section in the application where students get 1-2 minutes to prepare for the question and 2-3 minutes to record their answer in video format.

We have compiled the Eight Best Practices for creating awesome MBA Application Video Essays.

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2. Research Based on Data. Not Rhetoric.

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5. Steps to calculate return on investment (No Fancy Tools Required, Just Basic Math)

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