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MBA ROI using Net Present ValueMBA Aspirants should calculate the return on investment before choosing one program over the other. We advise against shortlisting schools purely based on ROI but when it comes to choosing your dream school and when you are stuck with two equally good schools , a term commonly used by Finance professionals comes into consideration – Net Present Value. Explanation with Detailed Examples on Calculating ROI based on Net Present Value.

Harvard MBA Case Study Method Advantages

Before case study method, students have to brush up on case facts – competitors, pricing, limitations, and opportunities in the market, and threats from new entrants. The day before the case, smaller groups (5-6) from the learning team (group of 90 students) come together, reads the overview of the case, and engages in an open dialogue, discussing about the scenario from different perspectives.

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MBA Failure Essay
Questions about failure are another common set of questions seen in many B-School Applications? Apart from the obvious takeaway of "learning from the mistake/failure", what are some of the other aspects that the MBA Admissions team is trying to learn about the candidate?

Find out what Expert Essay Reviewers from F1GMAT have to say about Failure Essays.

Picking Backup MBA Programs
Most applicants have completed their GMAT preparation. They are ready to send their GMAT test scores to five Business Schools. One common mistake that we have seen applicants committing while selecting their top five schools is that they don’t put too much thought into selecting the last Business School in the list.

Here are 4 Reasons why picking a Backup program might be counterproductive

MBA in Luxury Managment
Last year alone, the worldwide luxury market is estimated to have grown at 10%, with revenues reaching $275 billion. It is the third consecutive year that the Luxury sector saw a double-digit growth.

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MBA Admission AcademicsDoes the entry criteria especially academics play a big part in getting into a top Business School? We have heard instances of MBA candidates getting into top B-Schools despite low GMAT or GPA.

What experiences encourages MBA Admissions team to look beyond Academics?

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