Today, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) has cult status among Indian B-school aspirants and has grown into an EQUIS-accredited school. Indian School of Business (ISB) in just a decade, is now nipping at the heels of IIMA for the title of India’s best B-school in most international rankings. Find out the difference.

GMAT Four Hour Concentration Tips

GMAT is a grueling exam that last three and half hours if you discount the 10-minute optional breaks between integrated reasoning and the Quant section (5 Minutes), and Quant and Verbal sections (5 Minutes). Develop a strategy to focus for four hours on the GMAT.

Here are some useful tips to maintain focus

MBA Healthcare Trends
The Affordable Care Act will redefine the $2.8 trillion US health sector.The Four Sectors (Technology, Marketing, Big Data & Patient Experience) offer several opportunities for Management professionals.

Find out the trends that have emerged in Healthcare sector

GMAT Critical Reasoning Slippery Slope
GMAT Critical reasoning assumption questions depend on arguments that involve Slippery Slope. This type of critical reasoning fallacy might not be mentioned in Official GMAT Guide, but the test creators often use this fallacy in various answer choices. It is easy to spot them if you pay attention to how the conclusions are reached.

Find out how to spot Slippery Slope in GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions

Social Media Profile Cleaning MBA Admissions
With the exponential growth of Social Media from 2009 onwards, AdCom has one additional data source to evaluate candidates.  MBA Aspirants using Facebook are conscious about their privacy and profile presentation. However, MBA aspirants are much more open about the data that they share through Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and Foursquare.

Find out how to clean up your profile in popular Social Media networks

MBA Program Selection Apply 12-10-10 Rule
Suzy Welch, Business Writer, for BusinessWeek has popularized the 10-10-10 rule. According to the rule, before making any tough decisions, ask three questions: How would you feel after 10 minutes, How would you feel after 10 months, and How would you feel after 10 years. We would like to modify the rule, by a touch, and apply it while selecting MBA programs: MIT vs Stanford, Wharton vs Harvard, Kellogg vs Booth, LBS vs Insead, IE vs IESE, and other close ones.

The 10 Minute impact of the rule seems a little stretched unless they are decisions like proposing to your partner, saying yes to non-refundable products, and other decisions where backtracking is not encouraged, or consequences are catastrophic.

Here is how you apply the 12-10-10 Rule

GMAT Reading Comprehension Remembering Information
Although we recommend that test takers go back to the passage for facts or questions related to “quotes,” memory serves the crucial role of understanding  the author’s point of view.

Skimming the passage is recommended when the questions are related to “the main idea,” “tone,” “passage structure”, and “author’s stand”. It helps you read the passage in record time, but without comprehending the author’s point of view, this exercise becomes part of a ritual that is inefficient.

The root cause of poor memory is unknown, but we have shortlisted reasons that can be easily compensated if you put the necessary effort.

Post MBA Strategy ConsultingMost MBA Aspirants have been brainwashed to opt for a career in consulting by Business Schools, and Alumni. The amazing learning opportunities and perks that the role offers are two factors that motivate MBAs to switch career from IT, Finance and Marketing to Consulting.

In this article, we will cover the job responsibilities of a Strategy Consultant, and the choice of working for bigger or smaller companies.

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GMAT Preparation 20 Minutes
You might argue that when you are in the zone, no distraction - external or internal would derail your GMAT preparation. For such lengthy span of attention, taking breaks would be the last thing on your mind. But for other daily GMAT Study sessions, 20 minutes sessions would be helpful, and produce the best results.

Find out why

Bocconi MBA vs MIP
In this first part of the Bocconi vs MIP MBA series; we will look at three key comparative factors: course structure, exchange programs, & ranking. In the second part, we will look at post-MBA statistics and class profile.

Compare Bocconi with MIP MBA

Goal Setting GMAT Preparation
Motivation is the key to sustain GMAT preparation for 3-months to 5 months. The standards that you set for goals influence motivation. Jessica M. Nicklin & Kevin J. Williams have covered the correlation between goal setting and motivation in their paper: Self-Regulation of Goals and Performance: Effects of Discrepancy Feedback, Regulatory Focus, and Self-Efficacy.

Find out how first diagnostic test influence preparation and goals

MBA Salary Growth Financial Crisis
Post MBA Salary remains a critical criterion for selecting Business Schools. We have analyzed the data from Financial Times Global MBA Ranking, and found some interesting trends on salary growth for top MBA programs before and after two financial crisis – IT Crash of 2001 and Financial Meltdown of 2008.

Learn more about this Interesting Trend

Leadership Development HEC MBAAt HEC, Leadership is integrated throughout the program. Leadership development is offered as a specialization and involves top speakers, experiential learning, and the latest research & techniques that challenge all previous notions. Here are the various aspects that complete Leadership learning at one of France's top Business Schools.