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MBA Interview Greatest Accomplishment

For someone from a consulting background, the greatest professional achievement is when the consultant brings organizational changes that generate substantial cash flow, gives the client a competitive edge, and sparks a cycle of innovation. For investment bankers, raising millions of funds through cold calling, and for a technologist - creating a stable, secure system that serves millions of users are examples of greatest accomplishments.

Here is how you answer the question

I would say that as a personal goal, maintaining a healthy lifestyle would top the priority list. This is not an easy goal as this involves exercising regularly, avoiding addictions of any kind and investing time in relationships (that I value). On a spiritual level, my goal would be to master practices that would help me in making decisions that are in accord with the values that I believe in - Honesty, Excellence and Collaboration.

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Chicago Booth MBA Admission Interview Tips

Chicago Booth MBA Admission Interview
will be granted on an invitation-only basis. The invitation is provided after evaluation of your application. The candidates will be invited to an interview during the mid-decision date with details on how to schedule an appointment.

The reason why the interviewer asks a lot about your projects and roles is to learn about your leadership capabilities. Focus on your leadership when you describe your roles. The interviewer doesn’t want to recruit another geek to Chicago booth. Read the remaining Booth MBA Admission Interview Tips

Kellogg MBA Admission Interview Tips
Kellogg requires all MBA Applicants to request for an Interview. Please bear in mind that requesting for an off-campus interview does not guarantee an invitation for the same. For on-campus Interview, expect a response within 2 Business days. For off-campus Interview, it can take up to eight weeks depending upon the demand and location.

Your candidacy is evaluated based on GMAT Score, Essays, Recommendation letter and Interview. Get tips on Kellogg MBA Admission Interview

Yale SOM MBA Essay Tips
Yale School of Management has continued downsizing the number of mandatory essay questions. For 2014-15, the number of required essays has come down from two to one. The word count has also reduced to 500 words from 750. In this article, we cover tips and strategies to answer the Yale SOM MBA Application Essay. The question specifically asks about your impact in multiple contexts.

Here is how you approach the Yale MBA Essay

GeorgeTown MBA Misconception
Katelyn Rosa Stephenson, Assistant Dean, Georgetown MBA Admissions shares details of merit & need based scholarships offered to Full-time MBA students, demographic snapshot of the latest class, entry criteria, & defining characteristics of a Georgetown MBA student. The AdCom is looking for a candidate who will make us proud not just as a student, also as a professional and eventually as an alumnus. In other words, we are looking to build lifelong relationships.

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