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kellogg essays analysis

Kellogg School of Management has two essays for all Full-time MBA applicants. One essay measures the applicant’s leadership & teamwork skills while the second measures the ability for career progression and growth.

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MBA Research Utility Value
We falsely put hope in our intuitions, or in plain English “fuzzy logic reached through biases, our limited life experiences, and exposure to Business School’s marketing.” Life-changing decisions can falter with this limiting method.

Instead of relying on intuition, let us go systematically through the attributes that are important to you.

Q) Vegan Diet proponents have often claimed that low-carb, high-fat diets integral in a non-vegetarian diet is dangerous, and therefore, they have a superior and balanced diet. In fact, vegan diets lack important nutrients, responsible for brain function and blood formation.

Which of the following statements support the conclusion of the argument?

Q) What assumption does the author make when he states, “renewable energy propagandists conveniently forget that it is the naturally occurring heat emitted from our body that is causing the increase”

a) CO2 is the primary contributor of greenhouse gas

b) The Major contributor of Global Warming is Water Vapour

c) Global Temperature recorded from 1880 is enough to understand Global Warming

d) Renewable Energy Propagandists are responsible for the theory of 'Global Warming'

e) U.S Greenhouse gas emissions is responsible for Global Warming

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A US $50 will be charged for rescheduling before seven calendar days of the exam. $80 will be refunded to your account on cancelling the exam, 7 calendar days before the test date. No refunds will be provided on cancelling the exam, within 7 days from the exam.

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Harvard MBA Case Study Method Advantages

Before case study method, students have to brush up on case facts – competitors, pricing, limitations, and opportunities in the market, and threats from new entrants. The day before the case, smaller groups (5-6) from the learning team (group of 90 students) come together, reads the overview of the case, and engages in an open dialogue, discussing about the scenario from different perspectives.

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