Authority MBA Admissions Tips
Authority sparks images of God like figures dictating commands, and the obedient followers taking every word as the truth. For MBA Admissions team, this is not the definition of respecting authority. They are looking for your response to truth.

Lack of respect for authority can make you a great Entrepreneur, but Business Schools are conventional educational institutions with clearly defined authorities – professors, faculty members and school representatives.

Here is why Respecting Authority is Important in MBA Admissions

Show Dont Tell MBA Application Essays
“I was always good with numbers” - a promising MBA Aspirant wrote for The University of Chicago Booth School of Business MBA Application Essay. Agreed – the word limit has halved by 50%, and the numbers of essays have come down by 75% but that does not mean you communicate your strengths in 4-7 words.

Here is how you follow the “Show Don’t Tell” Approach

MBA Essays Conflict Management
Writing about conflicts is a balancing act. Your MBA application essays can turn quickly into a whining competition. It can even turn preachy with character flaws highlighted in the first paragraph, and conflicts portrayed in black and white terms.

Here is how can you offer a balanced narrative

When you reflect on the events that changed your life, the sequence of events seems fuzzy and the triggering point unclear but you will not forget the expression of your co-worker, boss, or team member during a crisis. Here are some tips to use the ‘W’ pattern for the sequence of events without letting it seem obvious that you followed this structure.

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MBA Application Essays Creativity
When AdCom wants to learn about an applicant’s ability to lead, communicate, and work with teams from diverse backgrounds, they are looking for events or evidence of creativity, and resourcefulness. The word ‘Creativity’ flashes us with images of brilliance and ‘out of the box’ thinking but AdCom is not expecting inventors but applicants who can excel with limited resources.

Learn How to include instances of resourcefulness and creativity in MBA Application Essays

Persuasive MBA Application Essays
With the word limit going down for most MBA Application essays, applicants have to be judicious with the use of words. The acceptance rate of top schools is in the 5-8% range, and applicants cannot rely on the general advice that experts offer, and stand out from the competition. They have to find strategies to be more persuasive. We have compiled a list of five steps that would make the essays more persuasive:

Like -> Understand -> Agree -> Remember -> Enthusiasm

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