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FT Global MBA Ranking Review
No matter what experts say about FT Global MBA Ranking, the publication gives a global perspective on Top MBA programs in the world. US News MBA Ranking gives a myopic view about Management Education with US as the central focus. Agreed, US hosts most top MBA programs but there is a world outside the US – a much economical, faster and cost efficient way to upgrade your skills and associate yourself with a worthwhile brand.

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MBA Essay Personality Types
Who are you - Superman, Peter Parker, Rocky, or Frank Abagnale Jr.? What we learned reviewing hundreds of essays during Round 1 and Round 2 deadlines is that almost all applicants fall under four categories: Superman, Peter Parker, Rocky and Frank Abagnale Jr.

Who are you?

GMAT vs GPA MBA Admissions
GMAT score is a common, objective benchmark that leaves no room for ambiguity when comparing two candidates from different schools, regions, or majors. The same cannot be said for GPA.

Some schools might follow a bell-curve whereas other schools might have a grading system that is top-heavy. Some schools might use a 4.0 scale whereas others might have a 100-point scale

Find out how GMAT and GPA are evaluated by Business Schools

MBA Admission Interview Experience
MBA Admission Interviews are never evaluated in isolation. It is part validation and part discovery. The Adcom is primarily validating the personality that is conveyed through the essays.

They want to make sure that the essays are not the imagination of an MBA Admissions consultant or an expert editor, who has carefully constructed the essays to represent the candidate’s profile in the best possible light.

Here is how you can authentically Interact with the Interviewer

One GMAT Reading Comprehension question type that you will rarely encounter is the style or tone/attitude question. By style, the test creators are not asking you to compare the style of the prose to the works of some of the renowned authors. It’s another term used to describe the tone/attitude of the author.

Post Management Degree Best Purchasing Power 2015
90% of the alumni were satisfied with their increased earning potential, and 79% of them believe that their salary is competitive. The interesting data that gives a much holistic view of the value of a Management degree is the Alumni Salary relative to GDP per capita of a household.

2015 Best Post-MBA Location – By Purchasing Power (Revealed)