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GMAT Critical reasoning can be mastered if you understand some of the common pitfalls in our logical deduction. The most common mistakes are made in Syllogism
. Learn how GMAT Creators use Syllogism to Create Wrong Answer Choices.

MIT vs Stanford MBA
MIT Sloan and Stanford GSB are two of the top B-schools in the world. Both are next door to exceptional undergraduate programs that regularly usher in radical new technologies. Students with a tech background and an entrepreneurial attitude are naturally drawn to the schools.

We have picked five factors for your consideration before picking one over the other

MBA DiversityDiversity is not a differentiating factor anymore. It is the norm with schools setting targets on bridging the gender gap every year. Getting the right mix is not restricted to nationality, gender, or minority groups in each host country, but also includes candidates with different undergraduate degrees, pre-MBA experience, and post-MBA goals.

Why Diversity? Here is why..

MBA Admissions Personal BrandingEvery interaction with your personal brand, either online or offline are touch points that you have to manage carefully. What works for big brands also works for personal brands. You don’t have to be impersonal while interacting with followers in Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, but remember that your messages are getting archived, for someone in the future to read, and evaluate. Cleaning up social media profiles is just taking care of one touch point.

Manage these eight touch points

Unless you are working in Oil & Gas or Mining where human, political, environment and market dynamics along with innovation in technology determine the future of the industry, don’t take an MBA based on the ‘carrot’ that with an MBA, you can climb the middle manager ladder.

The average GMAT Score in top Business Schools has jumped from 610 in the early 90s to 690 in mid-2000.

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2. Research Based on Data. Not Rhetoric.

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4. Latest trends in Post-MBA Salary

5. Steps to calculate return on investment (No Fancy Tools Required, Just Basic Math)

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