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MBA Tour how to ask Questions
MBA Tour sessions will generally be divided into three sections: Business School presentation, Q&A with Admissions Officer (and Alumni) & Networking. Asking questions is a critical aspect of MBA Tours. Here are the four Best practices about preparing and asking questions during an MBA Tour.

MBA Application Resume
What should my MBA application resume look like? With the launch of the 2014-2015 MBA admissions season, this is a critical question applicants around the world will be asking themselves over the next 6-8 months. The good news is the answer is simple: your resume should be a forward-thinking advertisement that markets your strengths. Learn how to craft an effective MBA Application Resume.

Personal Audit MBA Admission WorksheetBefore you start the MBA admission process, performing an audit on yourself is essential but an even better tool that would help you summarize all your achievements is the worksheet. Instead of creating several worksheets, create one personal audit worksheet.

An applicant’s profile can be divided into seven dimensions: Employment, Volunteer, Educational, Extra-Curricular Activities, Language, Military Service & Awards.

Download the Sample Personal Audit Template File and learn how to develop one

USC Marshall MBA Essay Tips
USC Marshall School of Business has published the essay questions for Full-time MBA program starting in Fall 2015. This year, the number of required essays has come down to one, with an optional essay and an essay for re-applicants.

Get USC Marshall MBA Essay Tips 2014-15

When you write about weakness in an essay, focus on real weakness, the consequences of the weakness and how you were able to realize and work towards turning your weakness into strength.

Do not mention weaknesses like "I am a perfectionist"

Ross MBA Essay TipsRoss MBA Essays for fall 2015 has been released. The number of questions has come down from three mandatory questions that include three sub-questions to two questions and one optional essay.

Here are the exclusive tips for F1GMAT's readers