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GMAT Critical Reasoning Slippery Slope
GMAT Critical reasoning assumption questions depend on arguments that involve Slippery Slope. This type of critical reasoning fallacy might not be mentioned in Official GMAT Guide, but the test creators often use this fallacy in various answer choices. It is easy to spot them if you pay attention to how the conclusions are reached.

Find out how to spot Slippery Slope in GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions

Time Management MBA AdmissionsTime management takes center stage during MBA Admissions when you are managing work, relationship, GMAT Prep schedule and planning for the next stage (essays, recommendation letter).

We have prepared 5 Ideas for tweaking your behavior. Do remember, there is no one fit rule for all. You are free to choose and test ideas that are effective for you.

Learn about 5 Effective ways to Manage time for MBA Admissions

Business School Checklist
MBA Applicants dread October 1st Week and January 1st week. For Round 2 applicants, say goodbye to the winter break. You will obsessively rewrite the essays, and triple check the required documents, but it is worth the sacrifice. Even if you have all the soft copies of your certificates, transcript, and other awards, DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR ESSAYS, RESUME & RECOMMENDATION LETTER ON THE DEADLINE DATES.

Consider these 10 items before submitting your MBA application

ISB PGP Placement
Placement for the Class of 2014 has shown a positive trend, after a small slump in 2013. The stabilization of the economy, and student’s willingness to consider sectors beyond the traditional – consulting, banking and IT, has influenced this trend.

Here is the detailed analysis

ISB PGP Job Trends
ISB (Indian School of Business) has published the placement report for 2013. We have seen some interesting placement trends over the years.
1.07 offers per student in 2013 against 1.09 offers per student in 2012. Although the number of offers has increased by 29%, the offer per student has dropped this year.

Here is the summary of the ISB PGP Placement report

MBA Essay Storytelling
An MBA essay will fail to connect with the reviewer if you don’t define your goal in the first paragraph. It can be achieving deadlines under extreme circumstances, learning new skills, or achieving a noble goal. Unfortunately, noble goals are hard to find in a routine project, be it Finance, IT, Marketing or Consulting. Only candidates working in non-profit have an inherent advantage.

Learn how to Define Goals with Storytelling