By job function, the largest percentage of the class (37.5%) was in Finance with the total median salary at $165,000. Consulting was the second most popular job function, taking in the highest salary - $170,000. Finance job function has other bonus and performance based incentives, which on adding up to the total salary is 30-50% higher than what consulting candidates are receiving.

Harvard University by a big margin contributes the most for the state economy. In 2016, the student community, all of 34,202, that include undergraduates, professional, graduates and extension school participants, had a direct or indirect impact on the economy.

True to its reputation, NYU Stern attracted the most offers in the Financial Services industry (35.3%) with Investment Banking (28.2%) the most popular sub-group in the industry. Consulting was the second most popular industry (28.5%) while for the third position it is a close race between Consumer Packaged Goods and Technology/Telecommunication, both attracting 8-9% of the class.

MBA Research Utility Value
We falsely put hope in our intuitions, or in plain English “fuzzy logic reached through biases, our limited life experiences, and exposure to Business School’s marketing.” Life-changing decisions can falter with this limiting method.

Instead of relying on intuition, let us go systematically through the attributes that are important to you.

MBA Reasearch Ask Tough Questions
When you are making $150,000 to $200,000 decisions, last thing that should influence you are irrational thoughts. If you have gone through student blogs, 90% of them will be about the ‘awesome experience’, ‘the amazing professors’, and ‘the great opportunity’ that lie ahead for all MBAs.

Some message boards are filled with a few sour grapes who bash the Business School on every given opportunity, just because they did not fully understand the value of the MBA program, and overestimated the return on investment.

The truth is somewhere in the middle

The focus on experiential learning has paid off for UNC MBA with the median base salary at a respectable $110,000 taking the total salary to $132,500. Financial Services, Technology, and Consulting were the three popular industries bringing in salaries in the $133,000 to $155,000 range.

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