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Tuck School of Business in partnership with Switzerland’s leading Business School IMD (International Institute for Management Development) will launch a new 4-week leadership development program during the spring of 2015. The program is targeted for experienced Managers with more than 10 years of experience, transitioning into Business leadership roles.

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Admission Interviewer Motivations
Business Schools might have obsessively evaluated your motivation to do an MBA, but don’t forget schools, and admissions team have motivations too. Selecting the best candidate is a goal not the motivation behind the evaluation. When an MBA Admission Interviewer - an Alumnus, takes time away from their schedule to meet you and discuss your plans, she is not getting paid by the hour as a consultant. For MBA Admission team, the interaction is much more focused. They cannot give excuses like “I was busy last week”. It’s their job.

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Chicago Booth MBA Admission Updates
Oct 24th 2014:  Chicago Booth AdCom has started sending the interview invites from mid-october, Find out the latest updates about MBA Application, Interview Invites, Waitlist and Admitted Status for Chicago Booth MBA Admissions Class of 2017.

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MBA Admissions Personal BrandingEvery interaction with your personal brand, either online or offline are touch points that you have to manage carefully. What works for big brands also works for personal brands. You don’t have to be impersonal while interacting with followers in Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, but remember that your messages are getting archived, for someone in the future to read, and evaluate. Cleaning up social media profiles is just taking care of one touch point.

Manage these eight touch points

MBA Interview Greatest Accomplishment

For someone from a consulting background, the greatest professional achievement is when the consultant brings organizational changes that generate substantial cash flow, gives the client a competitive edge, and sparks a cycle of innovation. For investment bankers, raising millions of funds through cold calling, and for a technologist - creating a stable, secure system that serves millions of users are examples of greatest accomplishments.

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I would say that as a personal goal, maintaining a healthy lifestyle would top the priority list. This is not an easy goal as this involves exercising regularly, avoiding addictions of any kind and investing time in relationships (that I value). On a spiritual level, my goal would be to master practices that would help me in making decisions that are in accord with the values that I believe in - Honesty, Excellence and Collaboration.

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