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GMAT 700 Not Enough
“A 28-year-old software engineer from India with a 710 GMAT will be thrown into the reject pile”

When you are not in the 700+ range, you still have a chance to get into a top Business School if the Verbal and Quant Scores are balanced.

Find out why!

Walk me through your Resume MBA InterviewAfter the initial pleasantries, 90% of the MBA Admission interviewer will start with this question – “Walk me through your resume.” A safe way to start the interview is to list your background chronologically from school, college, work, and MBA plan.

The risk-taking candidate will focus on one attribute that defines him; something that the interviewer can learn.

Tips to answer the "Walk me through the Resume Question"

Before answering this question, you should know the other commonly asked MBA Admission Interview Questions. Based on the distribution of questions – professional or personal, you should plan for this question. We recommend that you include a personal account; something inspiring that led you to develop your principal personality trait. It can be persistence, communication, or leadership.

Find out how to answer the Most Difficult Obstacle Question

MBA Application Storytelling Emotional Connection
Harvard Business School hosts one of the most popular MBA programs in the world. On an average, every year, they get over 9000 applications and corresponding essays. No matter how strong the AdCom Essay review team is, one Essay Reviewer is likely to read 100s of essays.

No matter how good you are with GMAT, GPA, and Diversity of experience, the essays still matter.

So what do you mean by Emotional connection in an essay? Find out!

MBA Application Storytelling The Hero
Storytelling as an art form is not limited to movies, news, radio, TV, and sales pitch but plays an important role in MBA Application Essays. With the word limit going down by 50%, applicants might think that story telling as a writing style might not be effective for the current admission season.

Find out how to use the following five Simple steps to make the Essay more interesting

Harvard Full-time MBA is a 24-month program with the latest class enrolling 913 students in the Boston Campus. The full-time MBA is a residential program with a focus on hands-on experience through the Case Study Method and FIELD projects

Learn more about Harvard MBA