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Cambridge MBA at Judge Business School offers 24 scholarships on merit, nationality, gender, sector, and entrepreneurship that also includes two scholarships – ‘Cambridge MBA Trust’, and ‘Gates Cambridge’ that supports all Cambridge University students for their post-graduate courses. The amount awarded ranges from £1,000 to £80,000 with the most popular remuneration set at £10,000.

Oxford MBA at Said Business School offers 13 scholarships on merit, nationality, gender, sector, leadership potential, social entrepreneurship and a separate scholarship program for the 1+1 MBA.

Most of the scholarships offered at Oxford MBA is to cover the tuition fee with the living expense covered in certain scholarships, ranging in amount from £8,000 to £29,106

People and Change Management, has remained more or less the same at 16% while the customer base in France is mostly seeking help from Consultants in the Operational/Functional consulting sphere, growing from 37% in 06-08 to 56% in 2017.

Even though before the 70s crisis, France was looking at Nuclear Energy as an alternative to Oil & Gas, the event accelerated the adoption of Nuclear Energy as the primary source despite the majority of the Uranium exported from Canada and Niger.

France's Management Consulting industry is on a four-year winning streak with double-digit growth in revenue (11.2%) for the year 2017-18. Strategy - the favorite for most MBA candidates, was the most popular niche serving clients in Financial Services, Public Administration, Energy, and Industry, with Financial Services growing its market share from 30 to 32%.

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