Show Dont Tell MBA Application Essays
“I was always good with numbers” - a promising MBA Aspirant wrote for The University of Chicago Booth School of Business MBA Application Essay. Agreed – the word limit has halved by 50%, and the numbers of essays have come down by 75% but that does not mean you communicate your strengths in 4-7 words.

Here is how you follow the “Show Don’t Tell” Approach

Mastering GMAT Reading Comprehension
Staying still and reading 600 to 1000 word passages seem a daunting task for most. In regular reading, we skim the content, look for titles & sub-titles, and try to pick the gist of the passage. This process cannot be followed in GMAT Reading comprehension passages where answering the question require paying close attention to keywords, tone of the author, and other details embedded in the passage.

Even though GMAT RC requires test takers to pay close attention, reading every word and forcing yourself through the passage is a sign of a poor reader. Instead, read the passage for the message and not the word. If the passage has a question specific to a passage or the “word” used in the passage, you can always go back to the text and figure it out.

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Low GMAT Change Business School Target List

While starting the GMAT test, applicants are expected to pick five schools to send the GMAT scores. However, no one is stopping applicants from changing their target B-School. It is true that you have to pay $50 to send the scores to each additional school. It is little costly but do not be too rigid with your plans.

The research for Business School is a continuous process and should change with your GMAT score and interaction with Business School representatives. Here is Why!

Top MBA in Operations ManagementOperation Management careers can be at various levels, including strategic, tactical and operational. Nearly every type of organization and sector requires strong Operations Management, especially the service, manufacturing and retail industries.

Possible roles include Sales or Marketing Operational Manager, Operational Manager of a particular section or department, overall Operations Manager, Business Analyst, Senior Associate, and Operations Consultant. Find out the Top 5 MBA in Operations Management.

MBA Comparison
We are not designed to notice gradual changes. Each of us has an attention threshold, and small changes go unnoticed. Only when a change is considerable does our brain signals that the stimulus is worth noticing. When Business Schools makes small changes in the number of scholarships or report changes in the percentage placement within 3-months of graduation, the change is negligible.

MBA Research: Here is how you should do Side by Side Comparison

I would say that as a personal goal, maintaining a healthy lifestyle would top the priority list. This is not an easy goal as this involves exercising regularly, avoiding addictions of any kind and investing time in relationships (that I value). On a spiritual level, my goal would be to master practices that would help me in making decisions that are in accord with the values that I believe in - Honesty, Excellence and Collaboration.

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