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European MBA Career Switching

Devaluation of Euro will make top European MBA program affordable for International students, but the latest GMAC report shows the growing disparity between job offers received by domestic and international students. Unfortunately, the disparity in percentage job offers during the course is common across MBA programs in Europe.

Find out why European MBA is not good for Career Switchers

Wharton MBA Essay Tips
To write how Wharton MBA can help you achieve your professional and personal goals, it is important that you do a thorough research about Wharton School.  You should learn about the curriculum, professors, students club, alumni, entrepreneurial activities and other student initiatives, and gather a complete picture of the program.

Wharton MBA Essay Tips

For this MBA essay, you have to list your short-term and long-term goals. You might also have to do a thorough research on your target Business School to answer these questions.

Why MBA - Harvard Business School?

Establish a clear strategy before you approach any set of MBA essays. For HBS, this is especially important because you can choose amongst several questions in order to illustrate your candidacy.  It’s a great idea to brainstorm to uncover your strongest stories so that you can best demonstrate important leadership, management, academic and personal qualities. Harvard is interested in knowing how you work as a person, how you think, and what kind of leader you are. Community involvement and a broad international perspective are certainly valued, as you can see by the topics. Most importantly, specific and concise examples are the best way to demonstrate who you are. Without specifics, a claim to be a leader is empty. Also make sure to answer the question completely, but do not add extra information if it is not relevant.

Find out how to answer the Why MBA Essay

There is a reason HBS MBA Admission team is forcing a context on MBA Applicants – 50% of the final grade depends on your class participation. An ideal participation in a 90-member class is one where you comment every two classes. Before you join the program, professors will study your name, achievements, socio-economic background, and even evaluate your potential.

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MBA Application Essays Narrative
When the Admission team is reading your essays, they are not expecting writers who can take them to a world far far away. What is the point anyways? Post-MBA, your job would be to cut the fluff, and focus on the problem. Memos, reports, and emails expect you to stay as far away from narrative and backstories. Then why do MBA Admission teams expect applicants to write interesting narratives?

Here are the three reasons why MBA Admission team expects you to write interesting Narrative

Mastering GMAT Reading Comprehension
Staying still and reading 600 to 1000 word passages seem a daunting task for most. In regular reading, we skim the content, look for titles & sub-titles, and try to pick the gist of the passage. This process cannot be followed in GMAT Reading comprehension passages where answering the question require paying close attention to keywords, tone of the author, and other details embedded in the passage.

Even though GMAT RC requires test takers to pay close attention, reading every word and forcing yourself through the passage is a sign of a poor reader. Instead, read the passage for the message and not the word. If the passage has a question specific to a passage or the “word” used in the passage, you can always go back to the text and figure it out.

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