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Before answering this question, you should know the other commonly asked MBA Admission Interview Questions. Based on the distribution of questions – professional or personal, you should plan for this question. We recommend that you include a personal account; something inspiring that led you to develop your principal personality trait. It can be persistence, communication, or leadership.

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MBA Research Utility Value
We falsely put hope in our intuitions, or in plain English “fuzzy logic reached through biases, our limited life experiences, and exposure to Business School’s marketing.” Life-changing decisions can falter with this limiting method.

Instead of relying on intuition, let us go systematically through the attributes that are important to you.

MBA Salary Growth
MBA Return on investment depends a lot on the return on the brand. Business School reputation among recruiters, student’s previous work experience, and the practical learning experience gained during the program are three primary contributors towards an increase in salary. Business Schools in United States had dominated the best ROI list in early 2000, primarily driven by the IT boom, but recent data from FT charts shows an interesting trend.

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GMAT RC Improvement
In GMAT Verbal section, you have to answer 41 questions in 75 minutes, which means, you will get 1 minute and 82 seconds to answer each question. On an average, you will get 12-14 reading comprehension questions in GMAT. If you are planning to cross the 700 mark, focus on 100% accuracy in GMAT RC. Here are some exercises that will improve your reading comprehension.

Zappos move to “Holacracy” – a self-governing, flat organization structure where there are no Managers has been reported with suspicion, for one the motivation to climb the ladder is removed from the career path. When productivity becomes the only metric to measure performance, the workforce might feel disoriented. Over 200+ Employees resigned from Zappos. They didn’t find any motivation to work in an organization where there was no transition in Job Titles.

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Post MBA Strategy Consulting
In this article, we will cover the good, bad and the worst experiences of being a Strategy Consultant. We will also cover the essential qualities of successful consultants in Strategy.

Consultants have to work in a number of industries, and switch between them quite frequently. The learning experiences are satisfying, and the consultant develops a bird’s eye view of all the major industries. Read More!