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MBA Failure Essay
Questions about failure are another common set of questions seen in many B-School Applications? Apart from the obvious takeaway of "learning from the mistake/failure", what are some of the other aspects that the MBA Admissions team is trying to learn about the candidate?

Find out what Expert Essay Reviewers from F1GMAT have to say about Failure Essays.

MBA Essay Word Limit
World limits for your MBA essays is a topic that is quite confusing. Here are some pointers that might be useful for  you. Keep your essays 10% higher or lower than the word limit provided. But be very careful not to fall short by 10% in more than two essays. Do not try to manipulate with line and paragraph spacing, margins, indentation or alignment.

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Career Switchers Down 2015 MBA Application Trends
Business Schools are not going to back down from their search for diversity in nationality, gender, and profile. Whether your profile captures experience diversity depends on how you spin your story and position your personal brand, but regions and nationalities are reserved by the school based on a hidden quota system for each application cycle. The report is your first data point.

F1GMAT has summarized the Post-MBA Goals Trend

GMAT CR Bold Faced
The structure of an argument in GMAT Critical reasoning comes in two forms: Bold Faced and Summary. In Bold Faced question type, the parts of the arguments that the test taker should focus are marked in Bold Font, while for the Summary, the test creators will ask how the argument is structured.

How to answer: Finding Structure of a GMAT Critical Reasoning Question

Today, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) has cult status among Indian B-school aspirants and has grown into an EQUIS-accredited school. Indian School of Business (ISB) in just a decade, is now nipping at the heels of IIMA for the title of India’s best B-school in most international rankings. Find out the difference.

Wharton MBA Curriculum Class Profile Salary

The Philadelphia campus hosts the 24-month Wharton Full-time MBA program with the latest class enrolling 850 students. Although not as popular as Harvard, Wharton ranks among the top five popular MBA programs in the world with the Class of 2016 receiving 6111 applications, enrolling only 859 students - a 14% acceptance rate.

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