HEC Paris MBAHEC Paris boasts of more Alumni in CEO position than any other Business Schools in Europe. The 16-month MBA program provides students with the opportunity to interact with stakeholders and participants from different background. 89% of 2013 graduating class found work within 3 months of graduation, with Amazon, McKinsey and L’Oréal among the top MBA recruiters.

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GMAT Preposition vs Phrasal Verbs

GMAT Sentence correction tests the use of a preposition at the end of the sentence. From our school days, we are taught that this is a violation of Basic English grammar. But a common mistake that we make while spotting prepositions at the end of the sentence is our inability to differentiate between proposition & a phrasal verb.

Preposition as the name suggests is pre-position. It comes before a noun or a pronoun and connects to another word. However, there are exceptions where preposition comes after a noun or a pronoun.

Let us look at a list of some of the common Prepositions & find out the difference between a preposition and a ‘Phrasal Verb’

MBA Waitlist Reaons
Getting waitlisted after one year of MBA Application process can be disheartening but understanding why you were waitlisted can help you take corrective actions.  Here are the top 5 reasons why you were waitlisted!

MBA Career Service Centre Effectiveness
When you are doing your Business School research, it is important to understand the role that career service team plays in coaching, mentoring, and networking with the right companies, and alumni network. The competence of the career service team should be one factor that MBA aspirants should measure in order to calculate return on investment. Learn about the 4 Factors that influence Career Service team's effectiveness.

McKinsey MBA Employer
McKinsey and Co. is regarded as “the first modern, pure management and strategy consulting company”, and has since maintained its position as a pioneer in the field of management consultancy. The consulting company was started by James O. McKinsey in 1926 and began operations out of Chicago.

The company has seen a growth in revenue of 7.1% between the years 2011-12 and currently employs about 17,000 professionals within 55 countries.

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GMAT Problem Solving Process of EliminationIf you have started solving a few GMAT PS questions, you might have realized that solving some of the toughest GMAT 800 questions does not require even solving them in a traditional manner.

Process of Elimination is an often-neglected technique when it comes to solving time consuming and tricky GMAT Problem solving questions.

In this article, we will cover how to classify answer choices into groups, and guess the probable range of the answer based on the facts provided in the question

Emotional Intelligence MBA Admission
With the new Business School Admission season starting, and the early deadlines, and essays announced, MBA applicants are wondering what Business Schools are trying to measure with questions about  strengths, weakness, failure, success, conflict, leadership and teamwork.

One answer – Emotional Intelligence

Creating a Personal Brand First Step MBA Admissions
“What you want to do with your life?” This was a question that we were asked in 2006 by my ex-boss, who also happens to lead a workshop – “Perspective”, a three day program to unearth our purpose in life. Yes - ”Life”. The audience was brutal.

There are no right answers but here is your first step

MBA Application Resume
What should my MBA application resume look like? With the launch of the 2013-2014 MBA admissions season, this is a critical question applicants around the world will be asking themselves over the next 6-8 months. The good news is the answer is simple: your resume should be a forward-thinking advertisement that markets your strengths. Learn how to craft an effective MBA Application Resume.

MBA Career Plan 3 Step ProcessWhen Business School & MBA research start, aspirants will analyze the curriculum, and evaluate the effectiveness of the program to fulfill their post-MBA goals. Customizing the learning experience through electives, and experiential learning often happens during the second half of the program. With $80,000 to $120,000 investment in an MBA every year, it is important to understand how much control the student has in customizing the curriculum.

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Mastering GMAT Reading Comprehension
Staying still and reading 600 to 1000 word passages seem a daunting task for most. In regular reading, we skim the content, look for titles & sub-titles, and try to pick the gist of the passage. This process cannot be followed in GMAT Reading comprehension passages where answering the question require paying close attention to keywords, tone of the author, and other details embedded in the passage.

Even though GMAT RC requires test takers to pay close attention, reading every word and forcing yourself through the passage is a sign of a poor reader. Instead, read the passage for the message and not the word. If the passage has a question specific to a passage or the “word” used in the passage, you can always go back to the text and figure it out.

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Today, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) has cult status among Indian B-school aspirants and has grown into an EQUIS-accredited school. Indian School of Business (ISB) in just a decade, is now nipping at the heels of IIMA for the title of India’s best B-school in most international rankings. Find out the difference.

GMAT Four Hour Concentration Tips

GMAT is a grueling exam that last three and half hours if you discount the 10-minute optional breaks between integrated reasoning and the Quant section (5 Minutes), and Quant and Verbal sections (5 Minutes). Develop a strategy to focus for four hours on the GMAT.

Here are some useful tips to maintain focus