Top MBA in General Management
Most CEOs tend to have majored in one of the General Management disciplines. It opens up an entire range of industries and verticals as careers options, offering possibilities of career flexibility and sector switching.

For MBA aspirants looking to reach the top with a wide choice of career paths, here are F1GMAT’s pick for the top five General Management MBA programs

Top MBA Marketing Part 1
To make a mark in marketing, you need a mix of logic and creativity. The marketing message should create an irresistible emotional appeal with the audience. Marketing managers should develop the persuasion framework to sell and present the messages creatively. At the same time, managers should pay close attention to metrics like the audience response rate, engagement and sales.

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Management consulting is a coveted career choice for many MBA aspirants and even experienced professionals. A consulting career can be very rewarding in terms of the sheer responsibility that the job entails, travel and networking opportunities, and the paycheck. Find out the Top 5 MBA for a Management Consulting Career.

Insead vs LBS MBA
First Part of the Series - Insead MBA vs London Business School MBA Program. Also include living cost comparison between London, Paris, Abu Dhabi and Singapore.

Compare over 9 Factors and find out which school is better for you

As a mean to measure loyalty, Reichheld, Bain & Company, and Satmetrix introduced Net Promoter® (NPS) score, a scale from 0 to 10 that measures an Alumni’s likelihood of recommending the Management program. A score of 9 to 10 means highlight likely, 0 to 6, least likely and 7-8 neutral. A 45+ score mean, the Alumni highly recommend the program.

MBA Satisfaction Score

Business School Research
Business School research should be the most important activity in your MBA Application process. If you get this process right, then all you efforts in GMAT Preparation, MBA Application Essays, Interview, and Recommendation Letter will fall into place. Find out the 9 key selection criteria.

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2. Research Based on Data. Not Rhetoric.

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