Retake gmat

The famous - GMAT retake debate. I have a different perspective on retaking the GMAT.

Work Load

Firstly, check your current and anticipated workload. If a normal day of work involves working 12-14 hours per day then forget about retaking the exam, focus on the essays and recommendation letter. Maybe you can handle 14 hours of work and 3 hours of GMAT preparation. Do you want to sleep less and be moody all the time? The bottom line is – the more stressed out you are more the chance that you will not be able to give 100% for your preparation. So take on realistic goals. Read how to prepare for the GMAT while working

GMAT Score

What if I got a 610 or 620, how will I get into Harvard or other top Business School?

My Answer - Very low probability.  Your chance of getting into a top business school with 610 is as low as 5%.  I have broken many hearts with that statement. That is the truth. If you ask the school representative, they will always encourage you to apply and give you accounts of people who have made it with 610. Candidates getting into top business school with a low GMAT score is an exception and not a rule.

Let us be real here - even with a GMAT score of 710 and a GPA of 3.5, chances of you getting into Harvard business school is 50%. Normally if you are in the 610s, then you might realistically improve to 680 or max 700 with 2 months of intense preparation. However, on an average after 650, people improve by 20-30 points. If you scored a 500 in your GMAT, then you can improve your score by more than 100 points.

Low GMAT Score - Solution

Veritas Prep is offering in-person tutoring. They will develop a personalized study plan to suit your strengths and weaknesses. The tutor will meet on your schedule and in a location that works well for you. Private Tutoring engagements yield the greatest score improvements. Veritas Prep instructors are available in over 90 cities around the world.

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I have seen 100s of queries where students ask the following question

“I scored 680 on my GMAT. Will I get into a top business school?"

My Answer:  Is getting into the top business school your goal or do you need a business school that could help you in developing key business skills. Find out the average score of the top business school you are targeting. Has your score fallen short of the average by more than 50 points? ; If it has, then retaking your GMAT test would not be a bad idea. Get Expert help.

"I scored 760
on my GMAT. Will I get into Harvard?"

My Answer: Either someone is kidding here or he is totally focusing on the GMAT score and I must admit that once you prepare for your GMAT test, it is addictive. You always want to improve your score, and with 700 + score, what differentiates you from the other 700+ candidates are the community work and the leadership initiatives that you have taken. It is more important to work on your personal brand. Stacy Blackman has written an excellent E-Book
Designing Your Business School Brand. Give it a Try.

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“I scored 690 on my GMAT. I want to cross the 700 barrier. I know I can do it”

My Answer: The typical test junkie...his focus is again solely on the game of test-taking. Do not forget that your goal is to get into a business school where you would fit in. If your dream school's median score is 730, then this is a valid worry.


I am not discouraging you from retaking the GMAT test. For situations where the aspirant was ill on test day or could not complete the preparation (Due to work pressure and other family commitments), retaking the GMAT test would be a good strategy.  Take a 1-week break and create a new preparation plan. Now stick to the plan and just do it. 

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