Why MBA - This is one of the most important question for you. This question is mandatory for all MBA application essays. Now let us forget the essay for a moment and check the following statements.

Find out where you fit in.

Statement 1:  With an MBA, I want to climb the corporate ladder at a greater pace. (An MBA would have guaranteed my promotion). If you have valid evidence that an MBA would have given you the promotion then your motivation is - Career advancement

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Statement 2: I am not satisfied with my current role. I want to move to a completely different domain.

Warning: Understand the daily activities and entry criteria of your dream role.

Things to do:

1) Contact people who are working in your dream role. For example if you want to move from IT to consulting. Ask people in consulting whether they have seen people making that transition.  

2) Contact the alumni (who have made the transition from one domain to another) of your target school and check:

a) Whether they have a similar profile as yours

b) Whether language was a barrier when they were making the transition (Very important for international students)

I contacted an alumnus (from a French Business school) and asked her about the challenges that she had to face while searching for a job in a different domain. Her lack of fluency in French was a huge barrier for getting a job in France. After completing the course, she had to return to UK. This is true for people who are targeting MBA in Europe (other than UK). Language is a barrier. Nevertheless, there are companies that recruit international students even if language is a barrier to entry. Make sure that those companies recruit from your target school.

c) What are the daily activities that your dream role is required to do?  

Your dream role might look attractive for an outsider but get to know about the real work that you have to do. Will you be motivated to do those tasks?

d) The state of the economy

During a boom time, getting a job would be much easier and companies would be willing to take MBAs with little experience.

Check you EGO when you are moving from one domain to another. The experience that you have gained in one domain might be of little value in another domain. You might be treated as a newbie. When you are sure that a domain transition is achievable with your target school then your motivation is - Career change

Statement 3: I want to start my own business but I have no prior experience or very little management skill.

This is a tricky one. There are arguments both for and against this statement. A school of thought advises us “Not to waste 60-100 k and 1 years/2 years on a Business School. Learn on the job and take private courses in accounting and business strategy"

The other thought process is that "An MBA can improve our management skills and provide us with networking opportunities (which can help us with early funding)". This might be true.

If you are convinced that an MBA would provide you with the essential skills to excel in a business start-up then your motivation is - Starting a new business.

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