How to answer the Columbia Business School good fit for you Essay?

Columbia MBA Essay 2: Why do you feel Columbia Business School is a good fit for you? (250 words)

The approach that we are suggesting is based on profiles of clients who received admission to the Columbia MBA program. The most obvious way to answer the essay is to write 3-4 unique selling points of the program and say that you would be a good fit based on your post-MBA job function/industry and the goals. But since in the goals’ essay, we have mentioned at least 2-3 values from Columbia MBA, the fit essay should capture one unique advantage of the program. The uniqueness should be obvious. It can’t be general statements about experiential learning, global immersion programs, or curriculum - three areas that are quoted the most.

We would suggest that you reverse the question and answer it.

Why do you feel that you would be a good fit for Columbia Business School?

This is for two reasons.

Experience: Columbia Business School doesn’t accept one type of candidate. The entry criteria are stringent, but that doesn’t mean the admission team is not seeking diversity within the highly academic candidate pool. The experience becomes the uniqueness through which the academic and experienced profiles are separated. Narrating an event that is tied closely to your biggest achievement and connecting it to one of the unique advantages of the Columbia MBA program is a template that works for the ‘fit’ essay.

The Quality: It could be the confidence with which the applicant summarizes their career or the clear post-MBA goal, there is always that quality of attentive listening, creative thinking, high-energy and persistence that is on display during the initial interaction that gives us the confidence that the candidate has the ‘quality’ to cross the numerous roadblocks for Columbia Business School. Translating the quality into a narrative is a challenge, but by reading out loud the ‘thoughts’ that you had while solving a problem, you could share the unique approach that made the achievement possible.

#1. New York City

The Country Mouse vs. City mouse story might have been a familiar bedtime story for you as a kid. The City Mouse, while during a visit to his cousin in the country found the simple cuisine on which they thrived to be appalling. To show the good life, the city mouse takes the cousin to an exquisite restaurant and feeds him the finest cheese. The Chef, seeing a couple of mice, quickly chases them away. Each indulgent meal in the city is followed by a threat to their life. Tired of the city life, the country mouse concludes, "I'd rather gnaw a bean than be gnawed by continual fear.”

If you haven’t worked in a city like NYC, your life could very well be like the country mouse, unable to focus on the daily learning tasks. The admission team is skeptical of candidates with no international experience or experience working in a ‘chaotic’ environment.  

A project experience in NYC or a city similar to NYC (Hong Kong, Mumbai, London, Chicago, Toronto, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore) would immediately address the admission team’s doubts about your ability to adapt.

Even better would be a narrative that captures the value NYC offers to find new deals, build partnership through random events or the ease of access to ‘influencers.’

Columbia Business school team have shared several accounts of how they met a Finance Minister/International policymaker/sportsperson in a fund-raising event or a casual dinner and invited them for a speaker series. Such casual conversations have translated to visits. You won’t find such interactions in a ‘college’ town were access to influencers is not commonplace.

Columbia Business School has this unique networking advantage.

Your history of leveraging events for networking would immediately convey ‘fit’ and hint that you would use similar opportunities at Columbia Business School for organizing events, finding internship opportunity or converting a casual conversation to an interview.

Sample Columbia Good Fit Essay 1: Value from NYC (237 Words)   

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