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MBA Accounting

MBA in Accounting Part 2If you have missed the first part of the Series - Top 4 MBA in Accounting, Click Here to Read: Top 4 MBA in Accounting: MBA vs Masters, Career Options, Job Responsibilities & Titles

2) University of Texas--Austin (McCombs)

The McCombs School of Business offers a Full-time MBA program with a concentration in Accounting. The concentration is offered by the renowned McCombs Department of Accounting. The program covers in details: Corporate financial reporting, making and analyzing corporate financial statements and financial reporting. It has 2 areas of focus - Investment Banking and Corporations.

The core curriculum
is the same as that of the general MBA program, covering Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Statistics, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Managerial Economics and Strategic Management. The flexible core has the option of a Responsibility and Integrity Requirement. The subjects offered as part of the concentration include Financial Accounting Standards and Analysis, Strategic Controls, Advanced...

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MBA in AccountingAccounting is invaluable for any business. The performance of a company, the stock prices and strategic plans for the company depends on the company’s financial health. Accounting help executives summarize the health of a company with key metrics like Cash Flow, Assets, Liabilities and Equity.  There are 2 major types of accounting: Financial Accounting & Cost accounting. Financial accounting keeps a track on assets, debts, income & expenses. It includes the balance sheet and income statements. Cost Accounting relates to manufacturing or production costs, and helps Business to set optimum prices for its products and services.

As far as professionals are concerned, it is essential to have a basic knowledge of Accounting that would help them read and understand financial statements, and evaluate the accuracy of a company's account statements. The core curriculum in MBA programs covers the basic principles of Accounting.

Why is MBA in Accounting so important?

Specialized and niche accounting skills are must for an advanced understanding of the Financials of a company. Accountants use their skills to manage an organization's checkbook and orders, auditors analyze...

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