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IESE vs IE - Spain's Economy 2001 to 2017Spain’s Economy has gone through five years of slowdown after the 2009 crisis that shrunk the GDP by 3.6%. However, for the past 3 years, Spain saw a revival of a sort. Unlike the US, the collapse was triggered by traditional banks. They overindulged in approving loans, anticipating a real-estate boom. When the reality did not match, the unemployment in Spain rose to 25% at one point, and the youth unemployment set a disastrous 50% levels. The bubble burst, but luckily Germany’s economy had offset the imbalance. Since the interest rates were set for the entire region (Euro), Spain couldn’t justify paying loans for a higher rate.

The government took painful austerity measures by reducing public sector wages, and hiking VAT rates from 18 to 21%. Luck had a big part too. Greece one of the popular tourist destinations lost their share of tourists to Spain due to inflation. The government's steps to broaden the tax revenue, first through a cut in personal (52 to 45%) and corporate (30 to 25%) taxes was a bigger contributing factor. Instead of regulations limiting enterprises, the government allowed companies to set up recruiting policies. The terms of employment offered the flexibility for companies to limit the...

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If IE Business School is one of your top picks and you are not able to score 700+ in GMAT (median GMAT score for IE - 680), try the IE admission test. It tests your analytical, logical, verbal and numerical skills. The test also includes a personality test to create a psychological profile of each candidate. Candidates are allowed to use a calculator for the numerical skills section. Sources reveal that a basic GMAT preparation is more than enough to score well in IE Admission test.

Test Duration: 75 minutes
Test Fees: €120 (Admission application Fees)

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IE MBA EntrepreneurshipWhen you consider the Top Entrepreneurial MBA Programs in Europe, IE Business School is consistently featured among them. The Entrepreneurial eco-system and curriculum have helped MBA students transform Business Ideas to new ventures, and raise capital for their initiative.


The IE International MBA program is divided into Pre-Program, Core Period, Change Module, and IMBA+ Period. Entrepreneurship is part of the Core Period with the Entrepreneurship Management Course. During the final IE IMBA+ Elective Period, Entrepreneurial students can select electives from over 80+ courses in English.

The Entrepreneurial Management focus involves courses and activities in Corporate Venturing, Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital, Hands-on Rapid Innovation Accelerator, Knowledge Incubator and Venture Lab Accelerator. Students can also choose relevant courses from Operations Management, Accounting, HR, Marketing, and Strategy, to supplement Entrepreneurship.

Venture Lab

MBA Students get the chance to launch new Businesses with Venture Lab. The lab is developed by the International...

IE vs IESEIf you have missed the first part of the series, Click Here to Read IESE vs IE MBA Program - Which is Better?

6) Entrepreneurship

Although both IESE and IE programs emphasis on Entrepreneurship as an integral part of the learning process, IE Business School has a comparatively larger eco-system for nurturing Entrepreneurs.

IESE introduces Entrepreneurship during the first year core course with Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Management.  During the second year, a set of electives can be chosen to select Entrepreneurship as a concentration. In addition to a dedicated Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, IESE has started an Investment Fund, FINFAVES, and have brought together a group of Angel Investors in Madrid and Barcelona to support funding for start-up and second-stage Businesses. Although 3% of the latest class opted for Entrepreneurship as a career choice, the school claims that after 10 years of graduation, nearly a third of MBA...

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IE Business School has announced a new scholarship for Chinese Women. The scholarship is being funded by IE Foundation.

Number of Awards: 3

Amount: Up to 30% of tuition fees for the Global MBA, International MBA or International Executive MBA.

1. Women candidate(Chinese Citizen)
2. Awarded admissions to IE Business School(Global MBA, International MBA or International Executive MBA)

Application deadline: Unless otherwise stated, applications will be submitted always before the day in which the course starts and preferably as soon as admission to IE chosen program and intake has been received.


1. Essay Application Documents:

- A general essay, where the candidates must explain why you require assistance from IE Financial Aid.  
- Up to three specific essays indicating the reason why the applicants are the most competitive candidate for the scholarships they
are applying for.
2. Three last payslips or copy of the last income declaration from the person paying for the program....

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IE Business School offers a rolling admissions process. There are no submission deadlines for any particular intake.  It is recommended that you submit your application one year prior to the program commencement.

To Apply online: Use IE's online application

Time between Online submission and Initial feedback: 3 weeks

Final Decision: 3 weeks after the interview has taken place

Re-Application Criteria: If your profile is rejected, you can reapply only after 2 years

Interview Objective: Examines the data provided in the application in greater detail and evaluates whether your profile will meet the demands of the program and add value within the class discussion and group work.

For International Applicants: Phone Interview

For Local Applicants: Interview will be conducted in Madrid

Get the complete list of...

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IE Business School was created in 1973 as a private initiative designed to offer postgraduate training programmes in the field of business administration and senior management. The last three decades have seen marked changes in the environment, circumstances, and different economic cycles, but IE Business School is still recognised for its entrepreneurial spirit and its commitment to innovation.

Courses Offered

International MBA

The International MBA lasts 13 months, and is held on IE’s central-Madrid campus. With an intake in Spring and Fall, its five teaching periods cover subject matter that becomes progressively more detailed and challenging. The International MBA offers 2 dual degree programs either in international affairs at the Fletcher School at Tufts, or Logistics and Supply Chain Management at either...

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