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F1GMAT: Tell us a little bit about yourself? Was Babson College always your first choice?

Naveen Babson MBANaveen: I completed my Bachelors in Engineering (IT) from Mumbai University and started working in the software industry. My career experience before school has been working in software operations and sales for banks and startups in India, Japan and the Middle East. My last position was working as a project manager with a New Delhi based startup where I was the owner of the mobile and consulting businesses and also worked in pre-sales.

Babson was always one of my top choices for business school. I wanted to get an education that would be helpful towards my long term ambition of starting, managing and scaling my own businesses. I was very impressed by the diverse business interests and achievements of Babson students who have gone on to start businesses in a wide variety of fields (healthcare, web technology, operations, education, real estate etc.) I also received positive feedback from my former clients (one of them is a professor at Stanford University) about the program and quality of alumni, which gave me a lot of confidence in my...

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Babson MBA EntrepreneurF1GMAT: Babson MBA is known for its entrepreneurship. Do you really think you need an MBA to be an entrepreneur? Can an entrepreneur learn entrepreneurship on the job rather than spending 2 years in a program like Babson MBA?

Naveen: My short answer to the question is: No, you don't need an MBA to become an entrepreneur. And if you have a burning desire to start something along with the money to do it, do it now. The money you save by not attending Babson can be immediately invested into your business.

My longer answer would be to consider the Babson MBA and compare it with going to engineering school to become an engineer or to film school to learn filmmaking. Can you learn the without attending these courses? Of course, you can. A great engineer will be a great engineer no matter what his education; so with a filmmaker. But engineering school or film school definitely hone your talent and help you grasp a variety of technical skills in a short course. These skills that you learn will help you a lot in later life and career.

Similar to this model, consider the Babson MBA and its teachings.


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Babson College MBA scholarship can be broadly classified into two categories: Need Based Scholarship & Merit Based Scholarship & Fellowship.

Merit Based Scholarship & Fellowship

Scholarships & Fellowships are merit-based. The award amount ranges from $10,000 per year to full tuition fee. The list includes Olin MBA Fellows, Babson MBA Fellows, Babson MBA Diversity Fellows, Price Babson MBA Fellows, President's MBA Scholars, Dean's MBA Scholars, Forte Foundation Fellows, Funed Scholars, Olin MBA Scholars, Hamilton MBA Scholars, MBA Women's Leadership Awards, MBA Yellow Ribbon Scholarships, Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program, Babson MBA Scholars, and Babson and City Year's Give a Year Partnership.

Scholarship/Fellowship       Amount         

Olin MBA Fellows                              $75k-85k per year (Two-year program)
Criteria: Potential academic and professional contribution towards Babson College

Babson MBA Fellows                         $72k per year...

Categories : Babson College, MBA in USA

F1GMAT: Although the entry criteria for Babson MBA are not as stringent as other top schools, what kind of candidates are Babson MBA looking for?

Naveen: The Babson MBA is a one of the smallest programs in the US with an annual graduation number of roughly around 150 - 165 candidates (including One Year MBA). It is also not selective to the extent of top 10 schools and average GMAT scores are almost 80-100 points below top schools. Key reasons (from my personal experience at Babson) are that students are more street-smart as compared to book-smart and largely come from business family or self-owned business backgrounds where business skills are emphasized more than academic skills. Having said that, many of my classmates and peers have come in from the industry (PE, investment banking, consulting, IT, healthcare, motor racing, advertising, marketing, retail, accounting, sales, wealth management and many more professions).

As I mentioned earlier, the class is highly international. Most of my classmates are well travelled, either through their interests or careers. Theres also a strong emphasis on people who demonstrate actionable success rather...

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The MBA Application deadlines for Babson MBA One-Year and Two-Year programs have been announced.

For One-Year MBA program (May Intake) , the deadlines are:

Round 1:  November 1    Decision: December 15
Round 2: January 15       Decision: February 15
Round 3: February 15    Decision: March 15

For Two-Year MBA program (Sep Intake) , the deadlines are

Round 1: November 1    Decision: December 15
Round 2: January 15     Decision: February 15
Round 3: February 15    Decision: March 15
April 1: Rolling

Fast Track MBA program (Mar Intake) , the deadlines are

Round 1: November 1       Decision: November 15
Round 2: December 15     Decision: January 15
Round 3: January 15        Decision: February 15

Fast Track MBA program (Sep Intake) , the deadlines are

Babson introduced entrepreneurship as a distinct discipline almost half a century ago. It is an intrinsic part of the Babson culture. As a result, among the class of 2012, 17% started their own business, while 7% went back to their family business. This is an extremely high rate of entrepreneurial commitment at a Business School, even beating Stanford's 16%. At Babson, Entrepreneurship is not just a distinctive discipline; it is integrated across the curriculum so that it forms a fundamental skill for all Babson graduates. Students can pick from 80+ entrepreneurship courses.

Entrepreneurial Thought and Action is the registered trademark that represents Babson's famed entrepreneurial philosophy. It involves an interdisciplinary approach to formulate sustainable, practical solutions from pertinent issues across the globe. Babson considers this philosophy as the primary solution to help create sustainable economic and social assets. Students develop an entrepreneurial mindset to help anyone, anywhere, at any level and transform ideas into reality - in a creative, analytical and ethical manner. Students are imbibed with the instincts of identifying problems to deliver opportunities.

Here is how Babson's Entrepreneurial Thought and...

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